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12 Replies to “Car plows people at Wisconsin march, 20 people injured”

    • I was thinking Black Muslim.
      It’s Wisconsin, the site of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. And the media have been pushing the BLM card. Because it’s a Christian parade, they used a Muslim among their ranks.

  1. In Wisconsin is a larger camp almost like a small city , of Afghan “refugees “ recently imported by Biden&CO. Lots of crime it’s going on already, so wouldn’t be surprised if one of this savages recently imported to Wisconsin go trough this people, this style is very common like in Christmas market in Berlin Germany 2016 , or Bastille day in French Riviera few years ago , kill as much infidels as possible!!, Christmas is coming, killing spring starts..

  2. 2014, the “Runover Intifada”:

    Palestinian driver rams Jerusalem station killing baby
    Arabic Billboard in Nazareth Calls for Running Over Israelis
    Israel ‘on brink of third intifada’ after new car attack

  3. Palestinian Driver Hits Soldiers in Gush Etzion

    Arab driver runs over IDF soldiers in the second hit-and-run attack in 8 hours. Three soldiers injured

    Palestinian Incitement on the Rise: 6 Killed in Less than a Month

    The latest wave of terrorism is sweeping the streets of Israel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. Hamas has been ever present during the rapid increase in violence over the last three weeks that has resulted in the death of six individuals….

    “Car Intifada”

    On October 22, a Palestinian ran over a group of people with his vehicle, killing a child and a young girl from Ecuador. On November 5, just under three weeks later, a similar incident occurred in Jerusalem, killing two Israelis who were waiting for the light rail.

    Hamas not only took responsibility for the attack on November 5, but also encouraged the Palestinian population to start a “car intifada” – a violent uprising using vehicles. They have used their social media accounts to liken vehicles to the missiles launched during Operation Protective Edge and to terrorise the Israeli population. They used cartoons and images to encourage Palestinians to use their vehicles as weapons and to run over as many Israelis as possible.

    [dead link to source, 2014 IDF Blog]

  4. NOVEMBER 9, 2014
    Arabic Billboard in Nazareth Calls for Running Over Israelis

    A large billboard in Israel’s largest Arab city, Nazareth, is using a play on words in Arabic between ISIS – “Daesh,” and running down with a vehicle – “daes,” to promote vehicular terror attacks against Israelis, Israel’s Walla News reported Sunday.

    The billboard – not some private poster hanging on a porch, but rather a professional billboard erected, amazingly enough, close to the city’s police station – can be understood as saying “ISIS/Overrunning Nazareth.”
    The billboard comes in the wake of several such lethal attacks in the last weeks, which have killed an infant, a young woman, a young man, border policemen, and wounded scores of others.

    As well, such calls have flooded both Palestinian official and private social media, with scores of graphic images and photos flooding Facebook and Twitter posts, blogs, and newspapers and magazines, urging drivers to use their vehicles to ram down Israelis in a “car intifada.”
    In the latest example of the Palestinian call for killing Jews and Israelis, lyrics of a just released “pop song,” say: “Run over the two month old baby – that is how we get them…

    “For Al-Aqsa we will run over settlers. Run over settlers. Make the road become a trap, Allah will help you. The whole Arab nation calls you – bless you Akari Ibrahim (The terrorists behind the attack last Wednesday), run over run over!”



  5. The Truth About ‘Intifadas’

    …Intifada means “shaking off,” as when a dog shakes off excess water or dust, or a person or a camel has a tremor or shivers with fever. “Intifada” was coined as a political term in 1978 by two militant Palestinian Arab mayors who wanted to “shake-off” the Egyptian-Israeli peace process….

    Intifada is no “spontaneous uprising”.
    Revolution isn’t because “Black Lives Matter”.



    It appears as though Darrell Edwards Brooks has multiple arrest records, including Domestic Abuse, Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Reckless Endangerment, Bail Jumping, and Sexual Assault.

    + PICS

    An address check from the criminal report cross checked on google maps shows a red SUV parked in front of the residence.

    The vehicle used in the attack today is also being described by witnesses and police as a red SUV.

    + PIC



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