Sterility, Austria and the warriors of Reason: Links 1 on November 18, 2021

1. Major breakout at nursing home with all residents and staff vaccinated except 2, and 8 died

2. Virologist Dr. Byram Bridle explains why highly vaxxed countries seem to have the biggest problems with Covid at this time

Related: Cancer vaccines create more cancer.

3. “One nurse reported EIGHT stillbirths in one day

4. Austria’s leader utters stern warning to the unvaxxed

5. About those Chinese fishing fleets

Good comment:

Ken Kruger
Winston’s assessment is spot on. I am a retired United States naval aviator who flew many maritime patrol missions in the South China Sea as well as the waters north and east of the Philippines and south of Japan. It was appalling to see horizon-to-horizon CCP fishing boats, factory ships, and various support vessels who were literally scooping up cubic miles of ocean of all sea life large enough to be entrapped by their drift nets. This is not me talking, naval intelligence was my source for why they were there. And it was I who saw it for my own eyes in the front seat of a P-3 Orion. Interestingly, this was occurring 30-40 years ago flying missions while deployed to Cubi Pt, Philippines, Okinawa, and Misawa, Japan. Note: Greenpeace and the UN? Nowhere to be found back then. Probably even true today. And speaking of which, where is Greta to address the horrible pollution coming from China’s bituminous and the other dirtiest coals used to fire their electrical generating plants?


Thank you M., Kristine the Machine, Johnny U., PC., EB., Yogi, Nietzsche and MANY more who are keeping the embers of reason lit so that someday it might become a mighty fire again.

Interesting video from a Canadian who dared speak a little truth in the capitol of lies.


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