Goal posts moved in UK -You’re not vaccinated now without a booster: Links 1 for November 17, 2021

1. “Because evil can never be dead enough”

2. Boris Johnson Announces Only People With Boosters Will Be Deemed “Fully Vaccinated”..

The government approved definition of “fully vaccinated” will now require the citizens to take booster shots in order to remain compliant.

3. Check out this search engine. Go to this link: https://plumb.one and type “Died suddenly”. Duckduckgo gives interesting and different results as well.

4. FBI Whistleblower Claims DOJ Used Counterterrorism Tools Against Parents: Republicans

An unnamed whistleblower disclosed documents suggesting that the FBI is using its counterterrorism resources to investigate parents or individuals who threaten school board members, teachers, or other staff, according to a letter sent by the House Judiciary GOP dated Tuesday.

The GOP letter included copies of the documents allegedly sourced from the FBI whistleblower that included an email sent by Carlton L. Peeples, who serves in the bureau’s Inspection Division, saying that the Counterterrorism and Criminal Division “created a threat tag, EDUOFFICIALS, to track instances of related threats.”

“We ask that your offices apply the threat tag to investigations and assessments of threats specifically directed against school board administrators, board members, teachers, and staff,” the email reads. The email was signed by Counterterrorism Division Assistant Director Timothy Langan and then-Criminal Division assistant director Calvin Shivers.

5. RFK Jr. said in Milan: Resist, Resist, Resist, Resist 

From Diana West.net

Here is a picture (above) of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as he is about to give a historic address in Milan, Italy, one of many Italian cities where anti-“green pass” demonstrators have thronged the streets and central plazas, protesting to reclaim their freedom, week after week, all through this fall.

News media have failed to cover any of the above, which is actually solid evidence of the importance of these events. But why do I call Kennedy’s speech historic?

For its scope, wisdom and passion, this address, which I’ve transcribed below, is certainly memorable. Kennedy, unique among national American figures, sizes up the pandemic response for what it is: a coordinated assault on liberal democracy all over the world, which has nothing to do with public health, but which, in the USA, gutted our Bill of Rights and thus robbed us of our constitutionally protected liberties. He easily dispatches with the C19 clot shot by using Pfizer’s own research data, which tell us that for every one life Pfizer claims to have saved with its “vaccine,” four lives were lost to heart attacks. (This data, Kennedy says, is to be found in a table of Pfizer research filed with the FDA.) 

But it is Kennedy’s courage in giving this speech that is epic.

Most Americans with unanswered questions about the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy (1963) and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy (1968) will be transfixed, rocked and not a little chilled to hear Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew and son of the assassinated Kennedys, calling out the CIA for “writing the script” on the pandemic response, which, unlike the barely lethal disease known as covid, is the real driver of “the global coup d’etat against liberal democracies across the planet.”  […]

Thank you all who contributed to this effort. You know who you are. And in many ways. Thank you.

More to come today. There are interesting things happening. For example, there is a court case today in Ontario where a top vaccine scientist is trying to stop the vaccine mandates for firing people at 1:00 PM. The outcome of this will be interesting. Either in that justice will be served, or in that pretzel logic way where they find for a narrative all know isn’t true or isn’t science and make up absurdities to cover for it. Scientism. The bread and butter of leftism.

No idea when we get a verdict but the case starts being heard today at 1:00.


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