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3 Replies to “Odd coincidence but trains in two of the most aggressive nascent leftist areas seem to have major rail problems”

  1. It’s the way to go. Together, the battle can be won.

    I’m reading stuff about the Dem’s stuffed Bill that would require non-vaxx citizens to identify themselves by wearing a mask. That would be a mandate.

    And Teresa Tam not giving details but tearing apart our youth and the parents:

    ” Children 11 and younger the highest proportion of COVID cases in Canada for first time

    “The age group represents more than 20 per cent of daily cases, but just 12 per cent of the population, said chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam”


    • A few years back, Islamic State issued a list of suggestions re crippling our economies and spreading terror. Train derailment was among their play toys.

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