More government stats suggest less vaxx means less Covid, Did Canada drop the ultimatum? Links 2, November 4, 2021

1. Jordan Peterson on Trudeau the actor

Youtube wants to make sure they know who watches this, so here it is below for anon watching:

2. SOS from Australia and announcement for protest

In ET that would be noon today at your local Australian consulate or embassy.

3. I do not know who this is, if this is Canada, Ontario or BC. Its stunning that there is so little context to this video. But if anyone knows it, please post it in the comments as its clearly important. For many people, critically important.

4. Alex Berenson’s Substack reports that while Ireland, which is majorly ‘vaccinated’ has worsening hospitalization rates for the vaccinated, Alabama, which has only 44% vaccinated, hospitalizations DOWN 85% since September.

5. A couple of clips showing the vice tightening on Fauci and the other criminals behind VAXXSCAM

In this one, the head of the CDC and Fauci are put in a position where they feel they have to lie about natural immunity.

The second time the CDC director speaks she tells a bold faced lie out of the gate. Current data suggests that the mRNA shots may actually reduce your natural immunity had you recovered from Covid. But all scientists and doctors in the field will tell you that natural immunity has always been known to be much better in terms of being broad, and persistent than vaccine induced immunity, even for well understood proper vaccines as opposed to these experimental gene therapy shots.

Rand Paul helps Fauci to understand that he changed the material on his website to cover his ass on his funding of Gain of Function research.

Thank you M., V11., Radu, EB., Thorsten, Mad W., ET., FAM., and a LOT of other dedicated and caring people who are trying their best to penetrate the fog of information-warfare and try to get the best information to the most people for their own best interest.



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