When the enemy makes you an exit, its a tunnel leading back to the entrance: Links 1, October 28, 2021

1. The approval of the mRNA shots for little children from 5 to 11 is based on an emergency use authoriazation. Meaning no actual testing or other safeguards are in place. BUT, there IS NO emergency as children that age suffer less from Covid than they do from the flu.

Now listen to a man at the FDA hearings using the George Soros logic to justify injecting kids with a new tech. Soros justified the largest suffering he inflicted on people with, “If I didn’t do it, someone else would have”. I find the reasoning below to be arguably somewhat worse actually.

2. Please read the whole thread at Twitter. Its a very important document. But it is also proof of the thing which is perhaps the more important point, and as usual, is one level of abstraction above what our attention is directed at. The takeaway is that no one should ever look at an exit from an irrational and authoritarian government mandate as being anything other than a fake EXIT sign over a hose pipe at the bottom of a rat trap leading back to the entrance at the top. And this is why the ONLY acceptable reason to not take the shot is YOU DO NOT WANT IT and you have a fundamental right to not take it. So fundamental that fighting people who try to force it on you is de-facto self defence. So when they list exemptions for a policy they have no right to mandate, and is based on lies, you know each of those exemptions are exactly a fake exit on a rat trap. Just a means by which to negate the excuse you chose that they provided. And was never meant to let you out. Just find a reason to make sure you have no way out. Religious exemption? We don’t accept your religion allows that. Medical? We can anti-coagulate you so clots are not a problem. Etc. etc.

Click the bluebird to get to the thread or here. Its important and proof based on the old fashioned notion of truth meaning solid evidence of a proposition, that the exemptions were mere traps.

3. Reeducation camps for bureaucrats who do not understand the revolutionary position on mandatory injection of people. 

From ABC: Fair Work Commission deputy president barred from hearing vaccine matters until training is completed

A Fair Work Commission (FWC) deputy president who railed against vaccine mandates will be barred from hearing workplace vaccination matters and will be excluded from full bench work until she completes training.

Deputy president Lyndall Dean last month likened vaccination mandates to “medical apartheid and segregation” and said the concept is “the antithesis of our democratic way of life and everything we value”.

She made the remarks in a dissenting judgment in an unfair dismissal case involving a woman who was fired from her job at a nursing home for refusing to get a flu shot.

On Wednesday, it was revealed Ms Dean had also expressed support for a social media post that argued public-health measures implemented during the pandemic are akin to “Chinese-style totalitarian social control”. […]

Mr Furlong said the President wrote to Ms Dean directing her to “attend training on responsibilities and standards of professional conduct expected of a member of the commission”.

“She will be excluded from all and any further full bench work at least until she’s completed that training,” Mr Furlong told Senate estimates.

“And she has disqualified herself on the grounds of bias from adjudicating disputes relating to workplace vaccinations in future.”

(Yes the truth and liberal democracy can have a biasing effect against authoritarian measures, this is true.)

4. Israeli Physicians & Scientists Warn FDA: Vaccine Data is Flawed

An independent group of Israeli lawyers, researchers, scientists, and physicians have sent an urgent letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in advance of the Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021, Advisory Committee Meeting to discuss Pfizer-BioNTech’s request to amend the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine” to include children 5 through 11 years of age. Called “Professional Ethics Front,” the nonprofit organization is deeply concerned with the integrity, quality, reliability, and legality of all Israel data associated with COVID-19 vaccination that is being used regarding the safety and efficacy of Pfizer’s “vaccine.”

The experts outline the many failures that led them to “this unfortunate, albeit inevitable” conclusion and emphasize their desire to expand further and clarify these critical missteps to the FDA. They have references and additional information for each failure described in their letter. They explain: [click through for explanation]

5. Trudeau’s doppelganger pushes Trudeau’s agenda and makes it look like a Conservative Party plan.

Thank you all who manage to keep morale high enough to continue to look into what is taking place in Canada, the US and the rest of the West. The lights grow dim. Not many options left to get back to individual liberty.

Feds quickly bringing back Internet censorship bill

Bill C-10 proposed that YouTube videos intended for private viewing be regulated as public broadcasts by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.

The Liberals are moving swiftly to bring back a controversial Internet censorship bill, says Blacklock’s Reporter.

“We promised to bring in some bills very quickly,” said new Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez on Tuesday.

“C-10 is one of them. Why? Because it is fundamental.”

Bill C-10 proposed that YouTube videos intended for private viewing be regulated as public broadcasts by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission.

CRTC compliance orders carry $15 million fines.

The bill lapsed in the Senate communications committee August 15, though Rodriguez had called its passage “an absolute priority” for cabinet.

“We made many promises to table important bills in the first 100 days and that includes the broadcasting bill,” said Rodriguez.

“We need that bill. We have to modernize it.”

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    • Yes – that’s exactly right.At the first death or severe adverse event among their own, they would withdraw authorization and approval for the vaccines immediately.They simply don’t care how many people die from or suffer permanent disability from the jab ,because it doesn’t affect them.

  1. As the DeathInjections are forced upon children, the Coviet Union agitprop machine is now aggressively trying to acclimate the public to the lying notion that children have naturally and frequently been having strokes all along.


    hat tip INRI

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