Sunday morning melange of items: Links 1, October 24, 2021

1. Diners have rude outburst at medical workers quietly protesting the vaxx mandates in Oz, then it gets violent at Avi Yemeni.

I don’t know, but I think the original outburst was in Yiddish

2. This is good. According to The Green Infidel:

During recent England-Hungary football match in Wembley Stadium, London, Hungary fans displayed a banner against taking the knee… (As England players always now take the knee).

So then, British police came into the stands to take the banner, which they deemed to be “racist”.

And then, the Hungarian and Polish fans chased the police back into the tunnel…

So… Having a banner asking people not to take a knee at a soccer game, a symbol of contempt, typically for the nation hosting the game, is now a crime worthy of getting police involved. This is so far into communist anti-freedom of political speech that any attempt at deflection should sound like a Monty Python sketch.


3. German police halt armed far-right vigilantes on Polish border

(This needs an accurate title. How about: ‘German police stop group of concerned citizens actually applying German and EU immigration laws from doing so’. That would be the truth once we understand that the “far right” slur means anyone in the way of total communist policies.)

German police say they have stopped more than 50 far-right vigilantes armed with pepper spray, a bayonet, a machete and batons who were trying to patrol the Polish border to stop migrants entering the country.

The vigilantes were following a call by the Third Way, a far-right party with suspected links to neo-Nazi groups, for its members to stop illegal crossings near the town of Guben.

Police seized the weapons and made the suspects leave the area late on Saturday and in the early hours of Sunday, a spokesperson said. They had travelled to the Polish border from across Germany.

Dozens of people held a vigil in Guben on Saturday to show their opposition to the planned far-right patrols.

(Funny how they forgot the word, ‘illegal’ in front of migrants. And everyone who attempts to stop communist policies is a Nazi at this point. So hard to take that seriously. Well anyone except actual Nazis. National socialists seem to get a pass when it comes to ‘civil liberties groups’ these days.)

4. A picture of courage in this basketball player.

Anyone who reads this site knows its no friend of Islam. But it isn’t reflexive. We do not like Islam because of what Islam teaches its followers to do, believe and destroy. It isn’t the word we don’t like, its the teachings and resultant actions. So it stands to reason we don’t like any other ideology that does these same actions to others. Even Muslims arbitrarily. So we support this man in his courageous stand against the communist Chinese and their treatment of the Uyghur people. It is every bit as barbaric and inhumane as how Muslims treat the unbeliever given the chance. This particular man, being a pro basketball player, also stands to lose personally for his stance, as China seems to have a great deal more control over Western cultural events than we are comfortable with.

5. So vaccine passports is a safe and solid idea where your personal medical data will never be leaked to the general public or anything.

Thank you all who watched this site and the world for glitches in the matrix this weekend.

And glitches there are. What is with the killing of a woman with blanks by Alec Baldwin? And not at close range enough for any wadding or blast to cause injury or death? And who was she married to exactly? Oh right it was an actual bullet. That helps explain it in part.

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  1. When was the LAST Time Muslim Enes Kanter CONDEMNED Islamic Terrorist Attacks, Child Marriage, Acid Attacks, Gang Rape, Honor KILLINGS, Beheadings, Female Genital Mutilation, Animal Abuse, Truck Jihad, Stabbing and Shooting Sprees, CRICKETS!

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