From Alex Berenson’s Substack: Lithuania is the newest victim of Covid measures scam

The above his my title, not his. Alex is more subtle and derived from the original than mine.

Direct link to article here.

Bedrock bottom line:

75% of adults are fully vaccinated (whatever that meant at the time, probably 2 shots each)

And the result?

This appears to be consistent with Ireland, Israel, Scotland, The Seychelles, Singapore and all the most vaccinated places in the world that then experienced such major outbreaks they had to lock down again. In Israel’s case, they asked the EU and US NOT to let their citizens into their territories unless they had a 3rd shot.

Please read the article at Alex’s substack. This is a free post and all can see it in its entirety.

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One Reply to “From Alex Berenson’s Substack: Lithuania is the newest victim of Covid measures scam”

  1. As always, thanks for your amazing work that you do on a daily basis. The world needs more heroes like Vlad, Sundance, Kane and the rest.

    In my family including adult children, spouse, in laws, grand kids, etc. I am the only person not injected. In my network of about 100 people there are 5 of us who have not gotten the shot.

    My adult son who is actually an electrical engineer by trade, a very smart guy in other respects, has gotten 3 shots so far with no signs of stopping. For many months he has been bugging the hell out of me to get injected and I have refused.

    I have gone from “I might consider it” (at the beginning) to “no f****g way!”

    Based on what I see in those around me who have been injected, I think that the shot also does brain damage as well as all the other ill effects. There is no other explanation for this crazy behavior.

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