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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. Israel October 14, 2021 (scroll bar on left)
    Google Translate
    MK Ofer Kasif : This is not typical of a politician, but I admit that it is difficult for me to form a position on the issue, and I hear different opinions from top experts. I do know that the lower the transparency, the more conspiracy theories flourish. I call on the Minister of Health and the government to fully disclose the protocols of the Corona Cabinet and the agreements with the Pfizer company. In schools, they will build an educational program together with the school administration and parents,
    translated here:
    And I am not comfortable with the fact that I am not sure whether the Ministry of Health will investigate this case and look for a connection. This is what I think we need to be promising parents, that these cases will be investigated, and that the statistics they get will be real and accurate, and to let parents decide for themselves. We should not be forcing parents to vaccinate their children, when we don’t yet have the full data

  2. “The Progressively Growing Self-Destruction of the West and Its Acceleration by the Covid Epidemic”
    Václav Klaus – English Pages – May 28, 2021

    “Václav Klaus: Progressively Growing Self-Destruction of the West and Its Acceleration by Covid”
    Institut Václava Klause – June 11, 2021

    Václav Klaus speech @ Collegium Intermarium University in Warsaw: The Progressively Growing Self-Destruction of the West and Its Acceleration by the Covid Epidemic
    Warsaw, May 28th, 2021 – Full text link in description box.

  3. Realpolitik should guide Israeli-Russian relations

    When Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets Russian President Putin for the first time, he must avoid American liberal clichés.

    When Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time (Oct. 22 in Sochi), he must break free of some of his American baggage and approach Putin in realpolitik fashion.

  4. OCTOBER 20 – CTV – Health Canada reports increase in calls to poison control centres over ivermectin usage


    TORONTO — Health Canada is reminding Canadians that ivermectin should not be used to treat or prevent COVID-19, after poison control centres saw an increase in reports about the anti-parasitic drug over the summer months.

    In an update to a warning on its site, Health Canada said ivermectin has been authorized for human use as a prescription drug to treat parasitic worm infections. It has not been authorized for use against COVID-19.

    “There is no evidence that ivermectin works to prevent or treat COVID-19, and it is not authorized for this use,” Health Canada said.

    “Health Canada has not received any drug submission or applications for clinical trials for ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19.”

    It added that prescription drugs should only be taken under the advice and supervision of a health-care professional.

    Health Canada first issued a warning against taking ivermectin to treat COVID-19 in August after receiving reports that people were using veterinary ivermectin to treat and prevent COVID.

    Veterinary ivermectin is approved for use in animals to prevent certain heartworm diseases and other parasites, but it can be dangerous for humans, especially if taken in high doses, Health Canada said.

    Side effects of taking veterinary ivermectin can include vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure, allergic reactions, and death in serious cases, said Health Canada.

    “Canadians should never consume health products intended for animals because of potential serious health risks, including seizures, coma and even death.”

    Scientists have been warning against taking ivermectin for COVID-19 since as early as January 2021.

    • ctv – Enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificate goes into effect in Ontario

      Ontario’s new enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificate, which includes a QR code, went into effect Friday for non-essential businesses.

    • CBC – Doctors urging flu shots to prevent further health-care strain

      Canadians are being urged to get flu shots as soon as possible because doctors expect the flu season to be much worse than last year, when there were very few cases.

      They want to avoid further strain on the health-care system already struggling with COVID-19.

    • British Columbians may need two vaccine cards for travel

      People in B.C. may need two separate vaccine cards in order to travel. The Canada-wide version needed for international travel requires more information than the provincial one provides.

    • CBC – Don’t expect EI if you lose your job for not being vaccinated, minister says

      Employment minister says those who lose job because of vax status likely not eligible for EI

      Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough says it’s likely that people who lose their jobs for not complying with employer COVID-19 vaccine policies will not be eligible for employment insurance (EI).

      “It’s a condition of employment that hasn’t been met,” Qualtrough said in an interview with CBC’s Power & Politics. “And the employer choosing to terminate someone for that reason would make that person ineligible for EI.

      “I can tell you that’s the advice I’m getting, and that’s the advice I’ll move forward with.”

      Qualtrough said this rule does not apply in situations where someone has a medical exemption or a “valid reason” for not being vaccinated.

      Employment and Social Development Canada’s website says EI is available to “all individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own (for example, due to shortage of work, seasonal or mass lay-offs) and are available for and able to work, but can’t find a job.”

      For most people, EI pays 55 per cent of their average weekly earnings up to a maximum of $595 per week.

      Qualtrough’s comments come as a number of workplaces are requiring that employees be vaccinated. Parliament’s governing body recently announced a policy of mandatory vaccination for members of Parliament who do not have a medical exemption. The Toronto Police Service also announced today that officers who aren’t vaccinated will be placed on unpaid leave.

      Qualtrough cautioned that this is not yet a firm public policy decision — the government is still in caretaker mode following the recent federal election and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not unveiled a new cabinet yet. He’ll do that on October 26.

      “We’ll have to wait and see what the prime minister does next Tuesday with his cabinet,” she said.

      Paul Champ, an employment lawyer in Ottawa, disagrees with Qualtrough’s position on EI and vaccines.

      “I think it’s very arguable about whether employees terminated for not getting the vaccine requirement is just cause for termination,” he said in an interview.

      “I think it’s reasonable that some employers may and will terminate employees for not being vaccinated — I don’t take issue with that — but it’s different to say that it’s just cause, meaning you pay them nothing.”

      Employees terminated for just cause are not eligible for severance or EI.

      Champ said the bigger issue is that the minister commented on the question before the Employment Insurance Commission and the Social Security Tribunal — which determine who is entitled to EI — made a decision.

      Champ said he always has the same advice to clients.

      “My first piece of advice to clients is, ‘Get vaccinated,'” he said.

      But it may be a stretch, he said, to suggest an employer can order an employee to be vaccinated.

      “That interferes with bodily integrity and at least my opinion — and I think the consensus among most employment lawyers right now — is that it’s not just cause for an employee to refuse that, at least in most circumstances,” he said.

      Employers may be able to accommodate employees who can’t or won’t get vaccinated, Champ said. Some employees can continue to work from home, and others may be able to submit to frequent COVID-19 testing as a substitute.

      Going forward, there’s a way employers who are hiring can make the issue a lot simpler, he said.

      “Employers could, when they’re making hiring decisions right now, make having a vaccine a requirement of employment,” he said. “An employee’s accepting a job knowing that — that’s a job requirement.”

    • CDC: Definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ may change

      The director of the C.D.C said Friday there may be a need to “update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future” as more people receive a booster shot.

    • CBC – Death toll rises to 12 as COVID-19 outbreak continues in B.C. care home

      More than 100 people diagnosed with disease since outbreak started

      Twelve residents have died as a result of a COVID-19 outbreak affecting nearly every resident at a care home in Burnaby, B.C., officials say.

      Fraser Health confirmed the number of deaths at Willingdon Care Centre in an email to CBC News on Sunday.

      “Our condolences go out to those who’ve lost loved ones at Willingdon Care Centre, and throughout the pandemic,” the email read.

      The authority said more than 100 people have contracted the disease since the outbreak was declared on Sept. 28. Eighty cases are among residents and 21 are among staff, the email said.

      The centre has capacity for 95 beds, meaning the outbreak has reached the vast majority of residents if the centre has been at full capacity.

      Fraser Health said residents’ movement inside the facility has been restricted and social visits are no longer allowed as officials work to contain the outbreak. Staff and residents are being screened twice a day for symptoms, while “cleaning and infection control measures have been further enhanced.”

      B.C. announced 667 new cases of COVID-19 and 13 more deaths on Friday, the most deaths in one day since Feb. 3. There are 19 active outbreaks in assisted living, long-term and acute care, including Willingdon.

      vancouver sun – COVID-19: Deadly outbreak at Burnaby care home shows booster shots needed sooner

      An increasingly deadly COVID-19 outbreak at a Burnaby long-term care home has a home care providers group asking why booster shots were not rolled out faster in B.C.

      The B.C. government has reported 10 deaths so far at the 95-bed Willingdon Care Centre, but a letter purportedly sent to family and friends and posted on social media this week said there had been 12 deaths. The letter stated as many as 82 residents and 30 staff had tested positive for COVID-19. Fraser Health’s official numbers as of Friday were 78 cases among residents and 22 cases among staff.

      B.C. is more than a month behind Alberta and Ontario in offering booster shots to fully vaccinated residents of care homes

      On Friday, the province reported 11 deaths in the Fraser Health area, saying it included deaths at Willingdon. But it is not clear when those deaths actually happened — as opposed to when they were reported — and whether there are more deaths yet to be reported from the Burnaby facility.

      B.C. Care Providers Association CEO Terry Lake said the family-owned facility was well run and had avoided an outbreak in the first three COVID-19 waves beginning in early 2020.

      “If the residents there had had their … booster when Alberta and Ontario were giving out their boosters, it’s highly probable this would not have happened,” Lake said Friday. “We’re heartsick because we’ve been asking the Ministry of Health authorities since the first of September about … boosters.”

      The B.C. government took until the end of September to announce a third COVID-19 shot for vulnerable populations, after the National Advisory Committee on Immunization finally endorsed a third shot to restore protection that may have waned over time.

      But several provinces approved booster shots for residents in long-term care homes far earlier, including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Other jurisdictions, including in the U.S., had done the same.

      In Alberta, third jabs started in care homes on Sept. 1, a month before B.C. made its decision.

      Alberta health officials said Friday that 62 per cent of all seniors in group care settings have received a third dose. In Ontario, provincial health officials said Friday third doses have been provided to 96 per cent of long-term care residents starting in late August.

      Lake said he understands booster shots began rolling out in Fraser Health this week and that just Thursday had residents at Willingdon Care Centre been offered a third dose. The outbreak started more than two weeks ago.

      “Even if it took a long time to finally make the decision, we should have been ready to go,” he said. “We’re two weeks into it. And we’re hardly underway.”

      When staff at the care home asked Thursday if they could receive 40 doses that were not used, they were refused, said Lake.

      Fraser Health would not answer questions about the booster shot rollout on Friday, but said by email that everyone working at Willingdon has been fully vaccinated as of Oct. 12, and the vast majority of residents had also had two COVID shots.

      In an earlier briefing this week, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the province’s health officer, noted the Delta variant of the virus, first detected in India, can spread very quickly in communal settings.

      According to information collected by the B.C. seniors advocate, the Willingdon care home only has 10 private rooms, which means there are several people in most rooms, which would make it more difficult to isolate infected residents.

      COVID-19 outbreaks have jumped significantly in long-term care homes since mid-August.

      There have been nearly 50 outbreaks since that time, with more than 500 residents and 200 staff infected and at least 80 deaths, according to information from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

      By mid-July, outbreaks had reached zero.

      Dr. Brian Conway, president and medical director of the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Centre, believes that eventually everyone will need a booster.

      For select populations, such as in long-term care, where people are more vulnerable and the vaccine is waning because second doses were given six months ago or more, they need boosters sooner, he said.

      “Whether we should have done it last month or last week. Well, we need to do it now,” said Conway.

      And nobody should be allowed in long-term are homes until at least two weeks after they are fully vaccinated, added Conway.

      There are still too many people who are unvaccinated, said Conway, and there is transmission to individuals where the vaccine effectiveness has waned or there was not a great response to begin with because they were older.


    • No more social distancing for faithful in Mecca

      Social distancing rules have also been canceled in Mecca for those wishing to perform the small “Umrah” pilgrimage, which can be taken at any time of the year and used to draw millions from across the world before the pandemic.

      However, those wishing to enter the Grand Holy Mosque to perform the pilgrimage must wear a face mask, have both doses of one of the approved vaccines in Saudi, and obtain approval through a government app before going

      Social distancing rules have also been removed from public places, public transport, restaurants, and cinemas.

  5. A man explained to me today if you have a dog that bites, you take it to training school and teach it not to bite. If you have unvaccinated people, the government should be sending them to training school and teaching them to do what they are told.

    A woman explained to me the unvaccinated are just horrible people who do not care about anyone but themselves.

    I bought a bottle of wine, had a few drinks and still can not make any sense of what they told me.

    • A man explained to me today if you have a dog that bites, you take it to training school and teach it to not bite. If you have unbitten people, the government should be sending them to training school and teaching them about dogs that bite.

      A woman explained to me that unbitten are just horrible people who do not care about anyone but themselves.

      I bought a bottle of wine, had a few drinks and still can not make any sense of what they just told me about islam.

    • A man explained to me today if you have a dog that steals, you take it to training school and teach it not to steal. If you have wealthy people, the government should be sending them to training school and teaching them about dogs that steal.

      A woman explained to me that the wealthy are just horrible people who do not care about anyone but themselves.

      I bought a bottle of wine, had a few drinks and still can not make any sense of what they just told me about socialism.

    • A man explained to me today if you have a dog that spreads disease, you take it to training school and teach it to not screw. If you have disease-free people, the government should be sending them to training school and teaching them about dogs that screw.

      A woman explained to me that the disease-free are just horrible people who do not care about anyone but themselves.

      I bought a bottle of wine, had a few drinks and still can not make any sense of what they just told me about Pridiversity.

  6. 22 Oct 2021 Man arrested by police investigating Manchester Arena terrorist attack
    Police detain 24-year-old man at Manchester airport in connection with the 2017 attacks
    Detectives investigating the Manchester Arena terrorist attack in 2017 have arrested a 24-year-old man.
    The suspect was detained on Friday at Manchester airport on suspicion of engaging in the preparation of acts of terrorism/assisting others in acts of preparation under section 5 of the Terrorism Act (2006), Greater Manchester police said.
    The man, who is from the Fallowfield area of Manchester, was arrested shortly after arriving back in the UK and remains in custody for questioning.
    The arrest is in relation to the bombing at the arena on the night of 22 May 2017 after an Ariana Grande concert in which 22 people were killed.
    Simon Barraclough, the senior investigating officer for the investigation, said: “Greater Manchester police remains firmly committed to establishing the truth surrounding the circumstances of the terror attack at the Manchester Arena – whether that is by supporting the ongoing public inquiry or by continuing to pursue leads with regards to the criminal investigation.
    “Over four years have passed since the atrocity took place but we are unwavering in our dedication to follow each line of inquiry available so that we can provide all those affected by the events at the arena with the answers they rightly deserve.”
    In August 2020, Hashem Abedi was jailed for at least 55 years for helping his older sibling Salman, who detonated the bomb at the arena, to plan the atrocity.
    Mr Justice Jeremy Baker told the Old Bailey at the time that Abedi would spend at least 55 years in prison before he could be considered for parole, adding he “may never be released”.
    Manchester-born Abedi, who had travelled to Libya before the bombing, was arrested shortly after the attack and extradited to Britain to face trial.
    Because he was under the age of 21 at the time of the murders, the law forbids the imposition of a whole life order, a life sentence with no minimum term.

    OCT 19 2021 Manchester Arena bomber’s brother Ismail Abedi flees the country after trying to avoid providing evidence for investigation | UK News
    The older brother of the Manchester Arena bomber has fled the country as he tries to avoid giving evidence to the investigation.
    A friend of the bomber was also arrested as he tried to leave Britain on Monday after claiming he was suffering from depression and should be granted anonymity.
    Salman Abdi blew himself up at Manchester Arena in May 2017 killed 22 people and another brother, Hashem, are serving life sentences for helping build the bomb.
    Salman Abedi killed 22 innocent people
    Ismail Abedi, their older brother, had asked the inquiry to make a commitment that he would not be prosecuted by any means he had to tell the hearing, but it was rejected.
    As the investigation begins to look at Salman Abedis ‘radicalization, Paul Greaney QC told the investigation that their legal team had done “everything they could to obtain evidence” from Abedis’ family.
    However, his father, Ramadan, and mother, Samia, are in Libya and have refused to cooperate with the investigation or provide statements or evidence “of any kind,” Greaney said.
    Ismail Abedi usually lives in the UK, but it was “very regrettable that he also refused to make a statement or co-operate with the investigation in any meaningful way”.
    A Section 21 notice has been delivered demanding that he appear for the inquiry on Thursday, but Mr Greaney added: “We understand that he is not currently in the country and there is no indication of when he will return. .
    “Ismail Abedi clearly has important evidence to provide the request, and we urge him to contact the request, either directly or indirectly through legal representatives,” he added.
    “As he probably must understand, the public, if he does not, can infer that he has something to hide, and so can you.”
    Flowers and cards were left at the arena after the bombing that killed 22 people
    Sir John Saunders, chairman of the inquiry, urged people not to make public statements that could deter him from attending.
    Another friend, Ahmed Taghdi, was arrested as he tried to leave the country on Monday.
    The 29-year-old, who helped buy and store a car used to clear the bomb factory in north Manchester, refuses to give evidence, saying he suffers from depression and should be given anonymity for his own protection.
    He was an employee of an imprisoned ISIS recruiter named Abdalraouf Abdallah, who also refuses to answer questions from the query on the grounds that he may offend himself.
    Taghdi had also been served with a section 21 notice, and the inquiry had been given a compulsory notice to secure his appearance at the high court on Friday.
    Following his arrest, Taghdi claimed he was planning to return on Wednesday and he had a return ticket to that date, the inquiry was told.
    Family members have said Ismail Abedi contacted his parents and made them take his younger brothers back to Libya as he was worried they had dropped out of college.
    However, the investigation has also heard that he had extremist material on his mobile phone when he was stopped returning to the UK in 2015.
    After the attack, a disk drive was found in his apartment in Manchester, containing images of burnt corpses and one depicting the black flag adopted by ISIS and the words: “I promise allegiance.”
    Ismail was also linked to forensic evidence for an object later found in the Nissan Micra, which his brothers used to transport and store the chemicals that made the bomb.
    In addition to his family, the study intends to call friends and staff and investigate Abedi’s use of the Internet and social media and his participation in school, college, university and mosques.
    Abedi’s younger brother, Hashem Abedi, was convicted of aiding and abetting the preparation and planning of the attack, and the investigation has obtained a written statement from him.
    In it, he confesses his role in the bombing and states his motives, the investigation has heard.
    “You will no doubt take this into account when considering Salman Abedi’s motivation and radicalization,” Greaney said.
    “Some of the cases can be verified by other evidence,” he added.
    “The declaration is a self-serving document similar to Islamic State propaganda and must be treated with some caution.
    “In light of what he says, you can conclude that the arena attack was at least influenced by the distorted ideology of the so-called Islamic State.”
    ‘There is no justice’ father of 8-year-old victim
    The study will also look at whether Abedi should have been referred to the government’s Strategy Prevent Deradicalization.
    It will examine how the policy worked in 2017, what issues may have been, and what has been done since to improve the system.
    Without naming the suspect in the murder of Sir David Amess, who was referred to Prevent, Sir John said the strategy “was very much in focus for public attention”
    He said there was another study on how it works and whether it could be improved, and he did not want to “step on the toes in this study”.
    The query continues.

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