Tucker Carlson for October 19, 2021

Opening is on the use of adjectives by the left press to force events to move the culture leftwards. An important and insufficiently understood Marxist/Pomo tactic

A word about the people watching the woman be raped on a train.

We all know what would happen if someone tried to be a hero. Feminists would complain that it was toxic masculinity. Some other form of communists would say it was racist to stop a black man from raping a women, white or not we don’t know. The rescuer would be arrested for assault and battery and probably placed in a cell next to people who walked into the Capitol building on January 6 after being waved in by police.

There is a moral and legal inversion in the West now. And people even if they don’t understand that conciously, understand it well enough to know not to try and help any crime victims because they know for a fact it won’t go well for them even if they succeed unscathed.

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  1. Anyone who stood there and did nothing are a disgrace to humanity period. I have witnessed cowardice in great numbers of late, but this is a total failure, a horror story beyond belief.

    • I feel your anger in perfect resolution.

      But in fairness, there is simply no upside in risking your own life for someone else. You WILL be the bad guy. The system WILL destroy you.

      I cannot say how I would be in that position till I am. I know how I imagine myself to act. But I would for sure think twice before acting knowing that the other person is likely more skilled at violence than me, and I would lose the fight, not save the girl, and probably be arrested for any number of crimes they can make up.

      Note that BLM NEVER went after any actual racist cops. They ONLY went after cops who behaved in a perfectly rational manner defending themselves or someone else. The extremely rare white cop that shot a black person with zero real provocation or against an innocent person, BLM is nowhere to be seen.

      The idea was to create this kind of moral inversion. That is why I think no one acted. None of them knew this so consciously. But they all just knew it.

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