Trust, truth and common cause is replaced by arbitrary control and lies: Links 1, October 20, 2021

1. In and Out burger in SF closed down for 2 weeks for failing to do the COMINTERN’s segregation for them.

This has some language by the way. Like the last post, please remember operation LOCKSTEP, where the same basic strategy is applied everywhere. I spoke with a restaurant owner in Ottawa Canada who told me that the government sent in undercover agents to his restaurant who sat near the door and listened to every word spoken and then closed down his place for two weeks when it was discovered he did not stop the unclean from patronizing his business.

Its doubly insulting in SF where the streets are awash with human faeces and disease is rampant and every kind of crime is legal. Didn’t Tucker discuss a broad daylight rape on a train by an illegal in front of people last night? But serve a burger to an unvaxxed and you are shuttered for two weeks.

How is it that Newsome got back in?

2. Rebel News on the loss of credibility the public feels towards doctors.

3. Forcing Fauci Sauce on an innocent. I hope he knows where those people live.

4. Government propagandists, 7 News in Australia explains some of the new totalitarian rules for the unclean

5. Ontario plans to put the Fauci sauce into five year olds.

(It won’t just be approved by the NEWSPEAK named, “Health Canada”. It will be mandatory even if not by that name. This afternoon we will publish more testimony from a RI court showing that there are no hospitalizations of any children in that age range.)

Thank you all who are willing to wear the asbestos goggles needed to see and comprehend the horror this site exposes daily.

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  1. 2. The credibility of the Medical Establishment….

    The movie “The Big Short” looked at the subprime mortgage lending scam, that banks were lying about these ‘assets’ and caused the stock market crash in 2008.

    “The Con” showed institutions inflated covid deaths and denied access to cheap medicine still defraud people:
    “In a nutshell, they wildly inflated home values and talked naïve homeowners into refinancing with a principal of twice the actual value, keeping payments low at first with balloon payments. Within a few years, the homeowners could no longer afford the payment and the bank foreclosed – in many cases selling the property to a new victim.”

    • Not only this, but subprime mortgages were bundled together and sold as Triple A investments. Then, the same bundle was rehypothecated and sold again many times over.

      • And the Harvard Endowment took a bigger hit than that of Mount Auburn Cemetery.

        It’s hard to understand why so many managers of major investment funds didn’t see it coming. More than a haircut: scalped.

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