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3 Replies to “Tucker Carlson show for October 14, 2021”

  1. Dear Americans, your southern border is wide open allowing thousands of illegal aliens to flood in.

    But your northern border is also wide open, too, allowing millions of Canada Geese, aka Dystopian Ducks, to breeze in completely unattended. These ducks have no papers and God knows what diseases. Oh, they’re just ducks, you may say, they do no harm.

    Don’t be so naive, friends.

    These ducks are politically charged, fully-woke, Marxist missiles. Shoot them down like the turkeys they are before they land! Truly, if you had your boots on Dear Leader’s ground you would understand the toxic cradle of thoughts from which these weaponized CCP cruise-chickens were launched.

    But, then, I hear you have your own problems.

    Diana West is struggling. Yes, it’s true, and so am I for the same reason.

    Diana West has been on the commie beat for years, writing fantastic stuff that made her exceptional. She has stuck with the infiltration of communist agents into American society as far back as she could go. I truly admire her for this.

    For my own modest and amateur part, I have tried to apprise VTB readers of the Keynesian poison drip-feeding our economies. I received my hard-knocks diploma on the subject from my financial advisor in the 2008 financial disaster. He waved gay good-bye at my expense, thereby leaving me to my own autodidactic devices to fix my own proverbial, financial broken starter motor on the proverbial roadside of my busted financial hotrod. Fact is, nobody else was talking about money here, save for Richard once in a while. I saw great urgency and danger in the financing of the welfare state and leftist ideologies via money printing, not to mention the inverted thinking that debt is money.

    Diana West, professional, and me the amateur, were both on their motor boats trying to zoom ahead of the respective problems they saw. We’ve all done this. Vlad and Eeyore specialize in the twin tyrannies of communism and Islam. We all try to see ahead.

    And not for a single second do I place myself on the same plain of accomplishment as Diana, no way.

    The problem is that when a motor boat cuts its engine the wake comes rushing. That’s where I am, and I see Diana West there, too.

    For me, the economic issues that I concerned myself with for so long have finally arrived, or are very close to it. I mean, when Tucker Carlson talks economics like he is, hey, my motor is cut and the wake is surging. It feels like everyone has caught up and finally sees it all. –Not much more to say from here on in. It’s a weird place to be and this is how I sort the chaos I see. Those who don’t see don’t really matter. They’re just pylons in the way of fixing things.

    Diana West’s is in the same boat but her own. She’s gone from being a journalist who wrote about tyranny and communist dissidents, to being a dissident journalist, herself. She has to be feeling, at least a little, that her motor boat’s wake has arrived. For this matter it may be a joke about the Dystopian CCP ducks, or it may not be.

    Unless our next phase is counter-revolution, the phase after pandemic is takes on a climate sunset. Remember, wind and solar are but derivatives of oil. This professional analyst know his stuff:


  2. The presidential executive order appears to me, unlettered as I am in the law, to breach standing American law. Is the president declaring martial law with this order? Why is there no discernible push-back from any in the law profession? Or are we just not hearing about it?

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