Tibetans protest China for doing to them what Australia is starting to do to itself: Links 2, October 5, 2021

1. SHORT video of a Free Tibet demo in front of the Chinese embassy in Ottawa Canada

2. More state thugs doing what they do to peaceful protestors who want choice

3. Clare Lopez answers questions about ISIS-K, the new slimmer breakfast terrorist group. Details and related article also by Clare Lopez at RAIR.

4. A really well written story about how groups representing Freedom of speech… well just don’t buy the hype. PEN should change its name to WHITEOUT

This is by Alex Berenson.

5. Double Vaccinated Emmy Winner Dies of Covid-19 Two Weeks After Attending Award Ceremony with Unmasked Celebrities

Bridgerton’ Emmy winner Marc Elliot Pilcher, 53, died of Covid-19 on Sunday two weeks after attending the 73rd Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.

Pilcher was “double vaccinated” and had no underlying conditions. “It is with the deepest of hearts we confirm that Marc Elliot Pilcher, Academy Award Nominee and Emmy Award winning hair and makeup designer/stylist, passed away after a battle with Covid-19 on Sunday 3rd October 2021,” his family told Variety in a statement via Curtis Brown.

(For some reason, this Gateway Pundit article makes it all about masks. Masks do nothing. Its about the Vaxx.)

Thank you all who contributed to this collective effort towards understanding, liberty and truth.


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6 Replies to “Tibetans protest China for doing to them what Australia is starting to do to itself: Links 2, October 5, 2021”

  1. AUSTRALIA: the more I see, I can’t possibly cringe more, but I do. The Gestapo targets people randomly. The Gestapo doesn’t know if they’re not vaxxed, one-jab, or twice-jabbed. They just attack at random. And that should worry the double-jabbed.

  2. 5. “…Marc Elliot Pilcher, Academy Award Nominee and Emmy Award winning hair and makeup designer/stylist, passed away after a battle with Covid-19 on Sunday 3rd October 2021,”

    Thris was a tragedy that did not need to happen:

    “The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony has been branded a “super spreader event,” after celebrities were seen mingling without masks.”

    “With the pandemic lingering, this year’s event was held in a tent on the roof of downtown Los Angeles’ L.A. Live venue, with the styling and décor allowing for a glitzy setting.”

    “”What are we doing? They said this was outdoors—it’s not. They lied to us! We’re in a hermetically sealed tent right now. I would not have come to this!”

    “Why is there a roof?” Rogen added. “It’s more important that we have three chandeliers than that we make sure we don’t kill Eugene Levy tonight! That is what has been decided”.”

  3. 1/ “Free Tibet” isn’t about religion or race or human rights.
    Look at the map:

    By controlling the Tibetan Plateau, China controls the watersheds of *18 rivers* of South and Southeast Asia. That’s why all those little non-Han Chinese countries matter.[*] Kashmir is part of that system as well.

    There’s no way China’s gonna Free Tibet! Skirmishes with India at the LAC are a propaganda ritual both countries use when they want to distract attention from domestic problems.

    China’s the hydro-hegemon of the world: it’s pace of dam building is unparalleled. THAT’S the existential threat to India, forget about nukes.

    The best analyst of the water dimension of geostrategy is Brahma Chellaney. See:

    • My folder: Maps/Maps-Explain-the-World/Water-Wars

      Tigres-Euphrates: Kurds are indigenous to the watersheds. Filthy Turk won’t tolerate Kurdish control of Anatolia’s water.

      Ethiopia [by means of China] is building a humongous dam upstream on the Nile. 85% of the water to Egypt downstream, “existential threat” to millions of Egyptians.
      Map: https://cdn.jns.org/uploads/2021/03/VH7np7J.png

      Ethiopia’s dam over the Nile risks war with Egypt

      • I just heard the dumbest “argument”. One of those Mainstream Junkies heard on the Radio (BBC) that according to the Scientists of the UN, by 2030 the Worlds Population will have to live for “1 month” without Water because of “Global Warming”.
        Do you know, the Ice is melting into the Oceans and that Water is now being lost.
        When I pointed out that Water-shortages only will occur when there’s a massive ICE build-up because the Sweet Water is trapped in ICE, melting Ice is going to give you an abundance of Water, because Water evaporates from the Oceans Surface, builds up into clouds, then it rains. The answer I got was mindboggling, these people are smarter than you and I don’t want to hear any of your conspiracy theories about that. HOW FUCKING STUPID AND BRAINWASHED DO YOU HAVE TO BE not to know basic science?
        But what can you expect from someone that went for the Mengele Juice?
        Also according to him, there are NO Side-effects, it’s all a conspiracy. There I flipped and told him that my Cousin is dead, one of my oldest friends is dead and my mom is in a wheelchair – and all because of the Jab.
        And those people didn’t Kill or disable themselves for the sake of a “Conspiracy Theory”, and how come since you took the Johnson&Johnson you’re short of breath and can’t walk 50 meters without having to stop at least twice?
        Just a fluke?

    • I agree. It would be very difficult to destroy a water dam, certainly not from above. China understood water a long time ago, back in the early 1970s when they were tendering for the Three-Gorges Dam.

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