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One Reply to “Chinese expat and Mao survivor warns the west: What you are seeing is Cultural Revolution like China”

  1. Out of curiosity, I used Google translate to obtain this phrase in traditional Chinese: “Cultural Revolution” “Four Olds”
    Here are two articles, which I easily found:
    2020 – He Qinglian’s Column: Removing the History of the “Four Olds” and Banned Books in the United States-While the American Cultural Revolution is underway (2) https://www.upmedia.mg/news_info.php?SerialNo=89727

    2017 – Investigation Report on the American Cultural Revolution https://blog.creaders.net/u/3027/201708/299469.html
    1. Large-scale fighting
    [2.] have the courage to break the four olds (statues)
    3. Emphasize class composition, carry forward the “birth theory”, and birth decides everything: “Whites and Asians belong to the “Black Five” with a bad birth composition, and don’t want to get involved in any good things.”
    4. Workers, peasants and soldiers go to university: “In the vigorous American proletarian cultural revolution: a young Muslim revolutionary named “Ziad Ahmed”, because he wrote “Black Lives Matter” a hundred times on the test paper, he was actually accepted by a top university. Admitted!”
    [5]. catch traitors (Civil War statues regardless of slave-owner status)


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