Data points on jackbootism and a thought or two on the governor of NY: Links 3, September 30, 2021

1. Commentary on the attitudes towards those who reject the mRNA shots

2. United Airlines Set to Terminate 593 Workers for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine

United Airlines is set to terminate 593 of its employees who have chosen to not comply with the company’s vaccine mandate, it confirmed to The Epoch Times on Sept. 29.

The company was the first U.S. carrier to mandate vaccines for all domestic employees, having announced its mandate in August. Employees were required to be vaccinated by Sept. 27 or they would be terminated by Oct. 2. Those who refused the vaccine would be terminated outright.

In a memo sent to employees on Sept. 28 and obtained by The Epoch Times, United Airlines Chief Executive Scott Kirby and President Brett Hart said the company would start the process of firing the employees who refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

I really cannot post any story about United Airlines without posting a video that I think in hindsight was peak internet. This was the moment sometime on or before 2009, when it looked like the average shmoe could use the internet to actually get some justice for themselves against powerful corporations or bureaucracies. As we see, this was true. So they wrecked it to make sure that could never, ever, happen again.

3. Covid 19 death stats before and after mass vaxx programs

4. In case anyone needs more proof that these events, especially in Australia, are totalitarian political events and not health or disease related, watch how the police attempt to intimidate Avi Yemeni by arbitrarily arresting his security

5. Speech by DR. Larry Palevsky, NYC medical freedom rally, September 23, 2021

A word about the unelected Governor of NY State who spoke from a Church Pulpit mocking the rubes about the vaccine.
There was one thing she said of all the arrogant and insulting things she said which stood out for me.

Thank you each and every one who has contributed not to just this site, but to any site, or try to send important material to help someone else wake up from what increasingly becomes evident is a totalitarian transformation of our societies. and yes, while its under the guise of public health, all tyrants had an excuse. None of them just said, “we are going to create a totalitarian state for the sole purpose of controlling or killing you all.” They always had enough of a reason to get enough of the population to go along. No different now.

She said: “I need you to be my apostles”. This was an order of magnitude greater arrogance than the rest of her bling oriented, mocking the faith of the congregation, hyperbole. In that statement she was making herself God.

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9 Replies to “Data points on jackbootism and a thought or two on the governor of NY: Links 3, September 30, 2021”

  1. 5.

    May 2019:
    “I’m referring to the 2011 antivax opus, The Greater Good. As I noted at the time, in this quackumentary, Dr. Palevsky spent much of his screen time promoting a litany of anti-vaccine pseudoscience, including the “toxins” gambit, conspiracy mongering about pharmaceutical companies, and claims that vaccines aren’t adequately tested. Late in the movie, he’s even shown speaking to the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) and using the most brain dead of anti-vaccine gambits, claiming that because mortality from various infectious diseases was falling before vaccines for those diseases were introduced it must mean that vaccines are useless”

    • Hang on wasn’ts 2011 the Sars pandemic when the vaccine caused lifelong incurable narcolepsy in adolescents and had to be withdrawn? I think there were also 53 deaths?

      • This was MEASLES, not Sars.
        Safe, effective, permanent immunity.

        Anti-vaxxers – enemy propaganda – deployed against an unsophisticated minority population resulted in PERMANENT disabillity of their children.

        Enormous harm to the community that persists today. Incited jew-haters screetching Unclean! Plague-bearers!

        Jew-hating De Blasio, Cuomo, and the NYT used that episode to blame COVID spread on the haredim. Manifestly false, but blood libel just won’t die.

    • I see excessive reliance to “Global Research, Canada”.

      You should be aware that the editor/owner, Prof Michel Chossudovsky, is a Russian agent with an explicitly anti-Western agenda. This is propaganda crafted by the masters. It’s so evolved, CBC and our MSM are chimp change.

      And a very narrow roster of experts singing in unison can seem like confirmation bias. More voices will be useful

        • This guy is a no-goodniki.
          Trust me, trust my far more savvy Russian friends.

          He’s a double-counter agent so folded over, he’s a kinky pretzel. Clever as the Devil.

          There are ALWAYS bits of truth in info weapons to snag consumers of media. ALWAYS amplified, distorted, and sensationalized to make sharing irresistible.

          Which is why his “global research covid-edition” features are the most frequent posts here. Fear-porn coming from both directions is driving people CRAZY.

      • CBC – University of Ottawa professor’s website under scrutiny for Kremlin-aligned disinformation

        Michel Chossudovsky is a University of Ottawa professor emeritus whose website has a Facebook following of more than 275,000. But ahead of the U.S. election, his website has come under renewed scrutiny as a source of Russian-aligned disinformation.

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