Some events are more likely to spread Covid than others: Links 3, September 29, 2021

1. This looks like good Covid hygiene practices in New York. I wonder if anyone gets fired, arrested, or otherwise intimidated by police seeing as how NY is one of the most draconian spots for Covid measures outside Oz. Or is that kind of commie thuggery reserved just for Christians and Jews?

Sept. 29, 2021:

2. Interesting website for Canadians. On finding medical help for those with an allergy to irrational authoritarianism.

3. Speaking of authoritarian, and in particular, of the Hegelian/Marxist variety, Youtube now bans all mRNA shot skeptical videos and accounts under the very communist rubric of “misinformation”. I wonder if people were to troll around in Youtube for a bit, how much medical misinformation they could find that is sanctioned.

Google-owned YouTube banned prominent anti-vaccine accounts in an effort to strengthen its policies on misinformation around vaccines, the company said in a blog post Wednesday. It will also ban misinformation on all vaccines that are confirmed to be safe by the World Health Organization and local health authorities.

Social media companies have said sincethe beginning of the pandemic that they’re trying to stop the spread of coronavirus misinformation. But falsehoods have continued to run rampant as companies struggle to police the constant flood of posts and uploads to their platforms.

As part of the crackdown, a YouTube spokesperson confirmed it removed pages associated with high-profile misinformation spreaders like Joseph Mercola, Erin Elizabeth, Sherri Tenpenny and the Children’s Health Defense Fund, which is associated with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

These videos seem ok though…

FYI I am NOT saying these videos are bunk or snake oil. But there is no question whatsoever that in terms of Western medicine, this stuff lags far far behind HCQ or Ivermectin for treating Covid which does have a ton of studies supporting it, while this stuff is at best anecdotal if even that.

4. Sky News: On keeping the Jews unvaccinated out of all indoor spaces

(I would wager that there has NEVER been an outbreak at a gym or pool. There could be soon though, as the vaccinated seem to have a much compromised immune system and likely can get it in odd places. Israeli, Australian Singapore ratios provide evidence for this. But you can bet your bottom dollar at no time ever will they say no vaccinated people may access these services even once its known that they are wrong about the vaccines. Also listen as she moves the goal posts to 93% of the population!)

5.  23 fully vaxxed people have died from September 5 to 18th in Ontario. And remember, the definition THEY use for vaxxed means more than 2 weeks after the second dose. When it seems that most vaxx deaths happen sooner than that, which is the point I guess. But anyone who dies of blood clots and heart problems like a 13 year old athletic girl for instance, will probably be labelled a Covid death if its within 14 days of the second shot. More criminal statistical abuse.

(Breakthrough”. As we have said before, unicorns are now so common there is a bounty on them.)

Meanwhile, in Oz if. you walk your dog…

And no. This is not about just giving his name. In a free country you do not have to show ID to police for walking your dog if you are an adult.

Thank you M., Richard, Kalloi, Johnny U., KAF and MANY more. Thank you.

And Canada works on Digi Coin




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  1. – QUEBEC PROVINCE: There is a serious shortage of doctors. People can wait up to three years to get a family doctor and now this… –

    * Vaccination: up to 3% of Quebec physicians in the process of being suspended *

    This is what the College of Physicians said in a letter to its members, in which the organization indicates that 97% of its members have received their two doses of vaccine.

    The College of Physicians has approximately 22,300 members. A non-vaccination rate of 3% therefore means that a little more than 600 doctors will no longer be able to practice their profession from October 15, the deadline imposed by the Legault government for the vaccination of health personnel.

    Physicians resistant to vaccination who have still not received the slightest dose will certainly no longer be able to practice from mid-October, considering that it takes at least 21 days between inoculation of two doses.

    Professionals who hoped to be able to continue working while avoiding contact with patients, for example by doing telemedicine or laboratory examinations, may also forget this idea, the College said.

    “For all those who will see their right to practice suspended on October 15, it is now your ethical responsibility to ensure that your patients and their files are taken care of from that date until this date. that the suspension of your right to practice is lifted, ”we added.

  2. 1.)

    Isn’t this Video against the new YouTube Guidelines about Covid?
    Because this shows clearly that there’s no such thing in certain Groups.
    Or is this more in the Line of a Recruiting Video?
    You know like, “Join Islam or Antifa and you’re immune from ALL Sickness”

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