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8 Replies to “Natural immunity Vs Vaxx in Rhode Island official claims Vs official stats”

  1. Why are all news media lying again about all the nursing shortages

    Hundreds of nurses and hospital staff quitting so they won’t be forced to take the shit shot

    Budget cuts got rid of many in Alberta

    Beds cut

    Lies liars about the fake results of a fake variant

    Test pcr levels jacked up again,

    No education about TREATMENTs

    Or how to jack up immune system with zinc d c quercetin coq10

    More tyranny and fascism

    A corrupt gov calls election only 2 years into 4 year mandate
    And the entire country jus bends over and takes it up the ass

    • Nurse here. There is enough shortage of RNs that triple pay is offered for extra shifts in addition to time and a half.
      There is a staffed bed shortage.
      Don’t let Covid fear kill you when you don’t take care of your diabetes, hypertension etc and avoid standard medical care.

      • Can you elucidate on this please?

        “Don’t let Covid fear kill you when you don’t take care of your diabetes, hypertension etc and avoid standard medical care.”

        Do you mean, don’t forget to do the basics for fear of Covid? Make sure you do the normal maintenance and routines or…?

    • CBC – Quebec to offer nurses bonuses of up to $18K to end staffing crisis

      Province hopes its plan, which will cost $1B, will attract 4,300 nurses back to public system

      National Post – Quebec offers bonuses up to $18,000 to keep nurses from leaving struggling health-care system

      Premier Francois Legault told reporters today he is launching a ‘mini revolution’ in the health network following months of pandemic-induced stresses




      the star – Quebec: compulsory vaccination remains, and establishments must prepare to replace them.

      QUEBEC – Christian Dubé keeps the hard line: employees of the public and private health and social services sectors will be suspended without pay on Oct. 15 if they are not fully immunized.

      […]Dubé gives establishments a month to prepare for the departure of unvaccinated employees when the entire sector is already greatly weakened by the labour shortage.

      […]Suspending these employees without pay remains “the least worst solution,” according to François Legault. “Me, if I were a patient in a hospital, I would not accept an unvaccinated nurse near me,” he said on Thursday.

      On the issue, Dominique Anglade, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, said: “The premier sent his message. It has long been said that these people need to be vaccinated. They need to be vaccinated before they can return to work. That’s all.”

      […]“An indefinite unpaid leave of absence looks like constructive dismissal,” said Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, leader of the Parti Québécois. “Firing 20,000 people with the current state of service breakdowns [in the health sector] is madness. We can’t afford that



  2. Where are the mandates for invermectin and hydroxy/azthr
    Treatments that work

    If anyone gets ill
    Save yourself at home

    NEVER go to hospitals

    The fear filled lost souls line up to die on ventilators

    Most MOST of the doctors are fucking brain dead idiots PERIOD

    • Ivermectin trial Phase 2:

      “In the context of COVID-19 pandemic, a report on ivermectin suppression of SARS-CoV-2 viral replication in cell cultures has been published, and the use of this medication seems to be potentially useful for the therapy. IVM safety profile and IVM wide spectrum enables to move forward with the investigation in patients infected by SARS-CoV-2 as a proof-of-concept of its possible use in the management of patients with COVID-19, given the current pandemic situation.”

      “In a large randomized controlled platform trial of hospitalized patients in the United Kingdom (RECOVERY), hydroxychloroquine did not decrease 28-day mortality when compared to the usual standard of care. Patients who were randomized to receive hydroxychloroquine had a longer median hospital stay than those who received the standard of care. In addition, among patients who were not on invasive mechanical ventilation at the time of randomization, those who received hydroxychloroquine were more likely to subsequently require intubation or die during hospitalization than those who received the standard of care.”

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