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11 Replies to “Ryan Cole MD Covid vaccines and autopsies”

    • Sorry, none of those ‘fact checks’ are true. Some of the therapies work at the DNA level and others aren’t supposed to, but may anyway. How after all, would you get a cell to produce a specific protein without working at the genetic level? The only issue here is the definition of altering DNA but it HAS to alter its function to work.

      Thats just for openers.

  1. autopsy results could be explained by asymptomatic infection.

    These results might suggest that the first vaccination induces immunogenicity but not sterile immunity.

    [complete = sterile]
    Sterilizing immunity differs from effective immunity in that the latter can prevent illness but still lead to asymptomatic infection.

  2. Conflict of interest from critics- possibly crusaders for CRT- local conflict or imported from out of state?
    Filed complaint against Dr Cole.

    Sept 2021 – complaint rejected

    Cole has been criticized by the Idaho 97 for some of the public statements he has made regarding the Covid-19 shots. The group responded to the ISBOM’s letter with the following statement on Twitter,

    The Board of Medicine says it is incapable of policing the conduct of doctors in Idaho outside of the doctor/patient relationship. We assert Idaho has a duty to police this conduct when it affects public health. This doesn’t cut it. #idpol

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