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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. COVID-19 and the Death of Science

    Victor Davis Hanson

    The scientific method used to govern much of popular American thinking.

    In empirical fashion, scientists advised us to examine evidence and data, and then by induction come to rational hypotheses. The enemies of “science” were politics, superstition, bias, and deduction.

    Yet, we are now returning to our version of medieval alchemy and astrology in rejecting a millennium of the scientific method.

    Take the superstitions that now surround COVID-19.

    We now know from data that a prior case of COVID-19 offers immunity as robust as vaccination. Why, then, are President Joe Biden’s proposed vaccination mandates ignoring that scientific fact? Dr. Anthony Fauci, when asked, seemed at a loss for words.

    Is this yet another of the scientific community’s Platonic “noble lies,” as when Fauci assured the public last year that there was no need for masks? He later claimed he had lied so that medical professionals would not run out of needed supplies.

    Fauci also threw out mythical percentages needed for herd immunity, apparently in an attempt to persuade the public that it will never be safe until every American is protected from COVID-19 by vaccination only.

    And why was it that hard for the scientific community to postulate a likely origin of COVID-19? Some of the very scientists engaged in gain-of-function research oversaw an investigation with Chinese authorities. They confirmed the predetermined conclusion that the virus likely had little to do with gain-of-function engineering. And they saw little proof it was birthed in a Wuhan virology lab.

    Yet, scientific opinion, emerging evidence, and basic logic have suggested the opposite.

  2. BOMBSHELL Info During Todays FDA Vax Meeting

    Dr Rose States Based on The VAERS Data… The Risks Far Outweigh The Benefits Especially For Children

    Over A 1000% Increase In Adverse Events In 2021!

    Questions If The Shots Are Driving The Variants

    Clear Failure of These Products

  3. Doctors can judge if under-16s can give informed consent to puberty blocker use, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

    The appeal was brought by the Tavistock Trust, which runs the UK’s only youth gender identity clinic.

    The decision reverses a 2020 ruling that under-16s lacked capacity to give informed consent to the treatment, which delays the onset of puberty.

    The original case was brought by Keira Bell, who says the clinic should have challenged her more over transitioning.

    She said she was disappointed by the decision, and will seek permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.

    Court of Appeal judges said they recognised “the difficulties and complexities” of the issue, but that “it is for the clinicians to exercise their judgement knowing how important it is that consent is properly obtained according to the particular individual circumstances”.

    Note: so, you are too young to have consensual sex, but you are old enough to agree to self-castrate. Yeah…

    What would the-now-jailed-for-paedophilia US gymnastics coach have to say about ‘properly-obtained-consent’?

    • “…so, you are too young to have consensual sex, but you are old enough to agree to self-castrate…”

      Attachment is part of growing up. Bullying can transfer it on to an outlet of hope. An authority not of your own. If popular, deemed culture’s sacred and royal fixations.

      Forgive your whole family. Kick this stool away and you will never wake. Blood has always been thicker than religion.

  4. “Clive Palmer has indicated that he has personal knowledge that the Premier of NSW is being controlled by pharmaceutical lobbyists”
    FOS-SA – September 15, 2021

    “Clive Palmer Press conference – Freedom of choice – Important information for all Australians” United Australia Party – September 14, 2021

  5. USA: More than 600,000 white flags honour COVID-19 victims at National Mall

    More than 660,000 white flags have been put on display at the National Mall in Washington DC in memory of COVID-19 victims across the country, as seen on Thursday at the National Mall in Washington DC.

    The display is called ‘In America: Remember,’ a project organised by artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg.

    “Outrage, pure outrage, caused me to create that art. I was outraged at the devaluation of the lives of the elderly and the lives of color,” said Firstenberg, adding, “That outrage drove me to buy a quarter of a million flags before I even had a place where to put them.”

    The opening of the exhibition has been preceded by a ceremony where invited guests such as Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser voiced out the need for the people to be fully vaccinated.

    The exhibit will remain open to the public until October 3.

  6. Today it started in Australia

    Note: I would like to call your attention to one little thing he says. “They cancelled Public Transit.” In order to prevent people from joining the protests…

    Having grown up behind the Iron Curtain, this is a HUGE thing for me to hear, because, that is exactly what they used to do there. Cars got extremely expensive – and even if one had one, the cost of gas was prohibitive. So, ‘regular’ people relied on public transit to travel…which, of course, was government controlled.

    It was not unusual for a 60 km trip on the train to experience a 4 hour delay… Not normal, but also not unusual.

    And, if the government did not want people to travel to a certain place at a certain time – well, then, there was no means to get there using public transit.

    Another ‘way’ to limit travel was with railway crossings.

    If you were lucky enough to have a private car and gas to travel, then the level railroad crossings might just have the bars come down as if there is a train coming…and you could wait, and wait, and wait…sometimes for hours, if the train was late.

    This is bad.

    The shortage of chips for trucks (the vehicle that gives the most independence), the rising cost of fuel and electricity, the move towards electric cars which can only be powered up if the government does not cut off electricity…

    This is bad.

    Very bad.


    Blunder he says?

    It wasn’t a blunder. It was deliberate. The Covid-19 vaccine was supposed to fail like all the coronavirus vaccine before it. That’s the point. That’s why the drug companies skipped the animal testing and long term safety trials. That’s why the FDA rushed it through the regulatory process and suppressed the other life saving medications, and silenced all the critics of the policy, and pushed for universal vaccination regardless of the risks of blood clotting, cardiac arrest, stroke and death. and that is why the world is on the threshold of an “international catastrophe of mass mortality”. It is because how the strategy was planned from the very beginning.

    The vaccine isn’t supposed to work, it’s supposed to make things worse. And it has. It has increased the susceptibility of millions of people to severe illness and death. That’s what it has done. It is a stealth weapon in an entirely new kind of war, a war aimed at restructuring the global order and establishing, absolute social control. Those are the real objectives, it has nothing to do with pandemics or viral contagion. It is about power and politics. That is all.

  8. TUNIS, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Several hundred demonstrators gathered in Tunis on Saturday to protest against Tunisian President Kais Saied’s seizure of governing powers in July, which triggered a constitutional crisis and prompted accusations of a coup.

    The protesters gathered in the centre of the capital chanting “shut down the coup” and “we want a return to legitimacy”, while a few dozen Saied supporters held a counter demonstration chanting “the people want to dissolve parliament”.

    The protest, accompanied by a heavy police presence, was the first since Saied declared on July 25 he was sacking the prime minister, suspending parliament and assuming executive authority. read more

  9. The Biden administration worked Saturday on plans to send many of the thousands of Haitian immigrants who have gathered in a Texas border city back to their Caribbean homeland, in a swift response to the huge influx of people who suddenly crossed the border from Mexico and congregated under and around a bridge.

    Details were yet to be finalized but would likely involve five to eight flights per day that would begin Sunday, according to an official with direct knowledge of the plans who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. San Antonio, the nearest major city to Del Rio, where the migrants have gathered, could be among the departure cities.

    The official said Friday that operational capacity and Haiti’s willingness would determine the number of flights, but that “good progress” was being made.

    Another administration official who spoke on the condition of anonymity expected two flights per day, at most, and said all migrants would be tested for COVID-19.

  10. Doctors Refused to See Woman in Person for Fear of COVID, Failed to Notice Signs of Fatal Cancer: Report
    Kipp Jones, The Western Journal By Kipp Jones, The Western Journal
    Published September 17, 2021 at 7:12pm
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    The global obsession with the coronavirus — and only the coronavirus — has cost countless lives over the last 18 months. One mother is lashing out at the U.K. health system after her daughter died of cancer after being refused an in-person doctor’s appointment for months.

    According to her family, Jessica Brady might still be alive today if only doctors had seen her face-to-face last year.

    But Jessica didn’t have COVID-19, so she was left to languish at home, according to reports and one online petition. She died at the age of 27 after doctors failed to spot her tumor in virtual appointments.

  11. The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has moved to end its practice of requesting the social security numbers of civilians officers question, after immigrants’ rights advocates raised concerns about potential violations of sanctuary laws meant to protect undocumented residents.

    The Guardian reported last week on internal documents showing that LAPD was instructing officers to collect civilians’ social security numbers via “field interview cards”, which police complete after they stop or question someone, including civilians who aren’t under arrest.

    Copies of the cards, obtained through a public records request by the Brennan Center for Justice, further showed that the department had advised officers to tell interviewees that the social security numbers “must be provided” under federal law. Experts, however, said there was no law requiring this disclosure to local police in everyday encounters.

    On Friday afternoon, LAPD released a proposed policy revision and redesigned field interview cards, which remove the social security numbers section. The new policy says social security numbers “shall not be requested from subjects or witnesses interviewed and shall not be noted” on the cards.

    Note: the LAPD was perfectly happy to lie to the citizens about there being a federal law in order to get them to reveal information they are not entitled to. But, will stop the practice altogether because of illegal aliens.

    • sane people should know that only that the tax id gets used by the IRS and the social security administration. Any other request in California requires a Buckley Amendment disclosure.

  12. Pro-lifer cleared of stalking claim based on body cam footage

    Charges against a pro-life advocate – brought by an abortion industry worker who claimed she was threatened – have been dropped following revelations from body cam footage that showed what really happened.

    The allegations of stalking had been brought by India Gibbs, who claimed that pro-lifer John Ryan acted inappropriately against her, according to a report from the Thomas More Society.

  13. twitter @RanIsraeli

    The 1st dose category has recently been hidden from the iMoH dashboard.

    How many of the deaths were in Fragile/Immunocompromised/House-confined/Demented people?

    How many have died because of the vaccine?

    Assessing efficacy without this information = a joke

    “Most of the COVID19 deaths in the current Israeli wave->unvaccinated people”
    This is false.

    Our MoH is dividing the vaccinated deaths into three categories:
    “3rd dose”
    “2nd dose”
    “1st dose” (hidden)
    1/07/21 – 15/09/21:
    Deaths, Vaccinated (any dose)->625
    Deaths, Unvaccinated->427

    Prof. Retsef Levi FDA committee key points:

    *Booster campaign was anything but a carefully designed study
    *Booster shots in Israel – mandatory for everyone over the age of 12 (Green Passport)
    *The iMoH is not addressing properly adverse events and worrying safety signals
    *Vaccine-induced herd immunity? not possible
    *Infection rates are among the highest in the world
    *Very short-term vaccine protection against infection
    *Same chances of severe illness regardless of booster shots.
    *Deaths spike, 95% are over the age of 60


    New concerning results, Israel 2021 (Prof. Retsef Levi)
    MDA Emergency calls:
    <25% increase in Cardiac arrests & Heart attacks (16-29).
    83.6% increase in Heart attacks (Women 20-29).


  14. Professors are forcing healthy students to take COVID shots. But can they answer any of these questions?

    (LifeSiteNews) — Students at nine post-secondary schools in Alberta were told Monday, after they registered and paid their tuition, that they have few options but to take a series of experimental injections or get off campus and give up their life plans.

    The legal definition of coercion in Canada is the use of “intimidating behavior that puts a person in immediate fear of the consequences in order to compel that person to act against his or her will.”

    It specifically refers to the fear of “reprisal (such as discharge from employment).” Certainly, the fear for a 19-year-old of being evicted from her campus in first year, or of a 23-year-old in fear of losing the last credits of his degree, would qualify.

    It might be worth reminding our health ministers and premiers like Alberta’s Jason Kenney, who never experienced this sort of abuse when they were students, what coercion means. It’s using authority and fear to bully.

    Big-league bullies like Kenney, Justin Trudeau, and Theresa Tam don’t even flinch when they tell people that they can’t go to college or board a plane or go to church or take the kids to the rodeo unless they’ve all had the right number of experimental injections from a Big Pharma career criminal like Pfizer.

    They also put in place rapid testing programs that violate section 3 of the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, which makes it a crime to require an individual to undergo a test that analyzes DNA for purposes such as the prediction of disease to provide goods or services to that individual.

  15. Germany: Windows smashed, firecrackers thrown at police station during Antifa march in Leipzig

    Thousands of Antifa supporters and left wing demonstrators took to the streets of Leipzig on Saturday to demand the release of the student Lina E., on trial for allegedly attacking far right activists.

    Although the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution stated in advance the event would be largely peaceful, demonstrators were seen smashing windows. A large police presence including units from neighbouring federal states accompanied the march.

    The protest was organised in support of student Lina E. and three co-defendants from Leipzig and Berlin, on trial for allegedly attacking far right activists between 2018 and 2020.

  16. PRAVDA – If current numbers hold, “we’re looking at a Liberal win. Period. Full stop.”

    The Liberals are in winning territory with votes coming from mail-in ballots heavily in their favour, according to projections from Nanos Research.

    With only one weekend left before Canadians head to the polls, Nik Nanos, the founder and chief data scientist at Nanos Research, said they have been crunching the numbers in their seat projection and modelling data over the last few days.

  17. BREITBART – Exclusive Video: Canadian Populist Leader Says Party Will Win Seats, Force Freedom Debate

    TORONTO, Canada: Populist People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier is confident his party will win seats in Canada’s federal election on Monday and believes the PPC will force other parties to enter a debate on freedom.


  18. Indonesia’s most wanted militant with ties to the Islamic State group killed in jungle shootout
    Ali Kalora was one of two militants killed in the raid, said Central Sulawesi’s regional military chief Brigadier General Farid Makruf. He identified the other suspected extremist as Jaka Ramadan
    Indonesia’s most wanted militant with ties to the Islamic State group was killed Saturday in a shootout with security forces, the Indonesian military said, in a sweeping counterterrorism campaign against extremists in the remote mountain jungles.
    Ali Kalora was one of two militants killed in the raid, said Central Sulawesi’s regional military chief Brigadier General Farid Makruf. He identified the other suspected extremist as Jaka Ramadan.
    The two men were fatally shot late Saturday by a joint team of military and police officers in Central Sulawesi province’s mountainous Parigi Moutong district, Makruf said. It borders Poso district, considered an extremist hotbed in the province.
    “Ali Kalora was the most wanted terrorist and leader of MIT,” Makruf said, referring to the Indonesian acronym of the East Indonesia Mujahideen network, a militant group that pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in 2014.
    He said that security forces were searching for four remaining suspected members of the group.
    Saturday”s shootout occurred two months after security forces killed two suspected members of the group during a pre-dawn raid in the same mountainous district.
    The East Indonesia Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for several killings of police officers and minority Christians.

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