A dark snapshot of our current location as democracies: Links 3, September 16, 2021

1. Local Detroit TV Asks for Stories of Unvaxxed Dying from COVID – Gets over 180K Responses of Vaccine Injured and Dead Instead

The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart, perhaps faster than they even expected.

WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if they lost a loved one due to COVID-19 if they refused to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is a clear indication that they are getting desperate to find these stories, and are having a difficult time finding them.

I don’t know if they got any such stories through direct messaging, but the post on their Facebook Page, as of the time of publication today, had received over 182,000 comments, and they seem to be all comments of those who have lost loved ones after receiving a COVID shot, and comments asking them why they are not covering that story.

2. White House offers direct call to Nicky Manage to lie to her about vaccines.

(Spike proteins in fact do target ACE2 receptors, found mostly on the endometrium and testes. I know personaly a few women that experienced highly unusual and voluminous bleeding after the shots. So Nicky’s  friend’s experience is 100% within what is expected from these experimental mRNA gene therapy treatments.)

3. Australia One offers some harsh truths but a great marker of where Australia is, and where we all will be soon.

4. Chinese PLA general collaborated with fired scientist at Canada’s top infectious disease lab

(If the G&M is willing to go this far, imagine what the truth is!)

A high-ranking officer in the People’s Liberation Army, recently lauded by President Xi Jinping for developing a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine, collaborated on Ebola research with one of the scientists who was later fired from Canada’s high-security infectious disease laboratory in Winnipeg.

The joint research conducted by Major-General Chen Wei and former Canadian government lab scientist Xiangguo Qiu indicates that co-operation between the Chinese military and scientists at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) went much higher than was previously known. The People’s Liberation Army is the military wing of China’s ruling Communist Party.

Maj.-Gen. Chen Wei and Dr. Qiu, who until recently headed the vaccine development and antiviral therapies section at the Winnipeg lab, collaborated on two scientific papers on Ebola, in 2016 and 2020.

Those papers did not identify Maj.-Gen. Chen as a high-ranking officer and the Chinese military’s top epidemiologist and virologist. Instead, she is identified as Wei Chen, who held a PHD and worked at the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, part of the Academy of Military Science.

The Globe and Mail has confirmed that Wei Chen and Maj.-Gen. Chen are the same person. Author Elaine Dewar first reported the links between Dr. Qiu and Maj.-Gen. Chen in her recent book, On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 Years: An investigation.

5. Democratic Lawyer Michael Sussmann Indicted, Accused Of Lying To FBI In Russia Probe

A federal grand jury has returned an indictment against cybersecurity attorney Michael Sussmann, who represented the Democratic National Committee in connection with the 2016 Russia hack, accusing him of lying to the FBI about who he was representing.

The grand jury indictment accuses Sussmann of lying when he “stated to the General Counsel of the FBI that he was not acting on behalf of any client in conveying particular allegations concerning a Presidential candidate, when in truth, and in fact, as the defendant well knew, he was acting on behalf of specific clients, namely, Tech Executive-1 and the Clinton Campaign.”

The indictment, as The New York Times reported yesterday, was sought by John Durham, whom the Trump administration named special counsel to investigate the Russia probe. The indictment was returned just before the five-year statute of limitations expired.

In a statement to the Times ahead of the indictment, Sussmann’s attorneys said he “has committed no crime” and that a prosecution “would be baseless, unprecedented and an unwarranted deviation from the apolitical and principled way in which the Department of Justice is supposed to do its work.”

(The election steal started way before 2020)

Thank you all for your dedicated efforts on behalf of all who read these pages

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  1. ITEM 5: for years, the MSM was fixated on the Trump-Russia scandal. Many people were glued to their TV sets and mocked Trump supporters. And now that the whole issue was a hoax, MSM barely grazes it. Now, they are focusing on ‘crazy’ Trump that wanted to start a nuclear war with China aka another hoax.

  2. ITEM 5: Dirty Hillary is involved in everything. The same can be said of all these women that showed up suddenly to accuse Trump of sexually assaulting them. Very convenient timing. Hillary had gathered them in June 2016 and opened the gates six weeks before the 2016 election. Notice how fast they disappeared when Trump was elected.

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