Ontario warned to get ready for more draconian measures: Links 3, September 14, 2021

1. Average Covid victim age 86

New data by Statistics Canada yesterday confirmed most pandemic victims were over 85. The figures mirror research by other groups indicating a majority of deaths occurred among octogenarians: “The Covid-19 mortality rate for the 85 and older age group outpaced the overall increase in the mortality rate.”

2. Canadian “journalists” secretly paid $61M before election.

Read this shameful 29-page list of EVERY media outlet — nearly 1,500 companies! — who took from Trudeau’s $61M pre-election “emergency relief”.

I have in my hands the list of journalists who secretly took a $61-million pre-election pay-off from Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau shovelled it out the door to them just before he called the election. And he kept the list a secret. Until now.

You can see the list for yourself at RebelInvestigates.com — seriously, go there and take a look.

The list is 29 pages long. If I’ve counted right, there are 49 names on each page, and it’s 29 pages long.

That means there’s nearly 1,500 news media took the bribe. It’s actually more than that, because this doesn’t list individual reporters, but rather companies.

I won’t even call these 1,500 companies corporate welfare bums — because all that means is that they’re mooches.

(Video at link above of Ezra detailing this payola and its meaning)

3. All this guy needs is a little moustache. He has the right haircut though

4. Ontario reveals newest coercion strategies and tactics to force people to take experimental mRNA gene therapy, which will kill some of them, and injure many more.

(They are not safe by definition, as they are not tested. I think we all know about how effective they are by now. And wouldn’t it be good to know the politics of the doctor at the end? He appears to be putting Ontario on notice that despite all the vaccinations etc. etc. there will be lockdowns and harsh measures and we should be prepared for them.)

5. Trudeau on Islamic terrorists and their rights as Canadians Vs. Trudeau now on the rights of unvaccinated Vs those who took the clot shot

Thank you ET (for all the materials in item 5) M., Johnny U., PC., Yucki, EB., Chris Jones, Kontrarian Kim and everyone who keeps their balance in a windstorm

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6 Replies to “Ontario warned to get ready for more draconian measures: Links 3, September 14, 2021”

  1. 3/ He might be surprised.
    Many people I know who *chose* to be vaxxed – a *personal* decision – oppose universal vaxx. And totally, publically reject mandates.

  2. 4. Is it just me, or does this lady’s mannerisms, tics and facial expressions remind anyone else of Dolores Umbridge from the 5th Harry Potter movie?

  3. 5- Dear Deer Leader, if I’m a man and I throw up in my purse because just listening to you makes me sick can I have an exemption for diversity’s sake? Just askin’.

    • The government has already said they will pay for the funeral costs of anyone who dies as a result of the vaccine. Canadians have been paying since the day this divider, narcissus was elected.

      It’s time to say goodbye la la la la

      Did you hear the joke about wanting to go back to the days when the Prime Minister and the village idiot were not one in the same? The joke has been on us and cost Canadians dearly, not just financially but many poor souls paid with their lives because of this reckless little son and still he whips more hate and divisions.

  4. 5. ‘If you are an immigrant, and you make good citizenship a requirement to stay, you devalue citizenship.’

    ‘If you are unvacinated, and you make good citizenship a requirement to be vacinated, you devalue good citizenship.’

    Only one of these is true.

    • If you are a Socialist (International or National) character doesn’t count, only the virtue slavery. So the first is true and the second false.

      If you believe character does count and mankind is made in god’s image to free everyone, then the first is false and the second is true.

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