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One Reply to “Canada’s Covid regulations written by Monty Python”

  1. I’m coming to the conclusion that the way to beat covid-related mandates: masks, lockdowns, vaccines, and all is to refocus on the “disease.” And let’s not forget the totally meaningless PCR test used to hype “cases.”

    Does Covid even exist? Did we see a dramatic (or any measurable) increase in deaths in 2020 over 2019? Has the CDC and FDA been lying to us, just like the media and our inept if not also venal politicians have been?
    Apart from the initial hotspots of Northern Italy, NY, and Seattle, etc., was the human toll any worse, on an annual basis, than any other flu season? In other words, were flu deaths being counted as Covid deaths — the flu that claims the vulnerable each and every year?

    I think if we focus on the pretext for mandates and not on the mandates themselves that a lot more people will be fuming mad at the organizers and implementers of this global hoax.

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