Sent to all the Ottawa catholic school board directors

Due to formatting issues, I have to put it as a downloadable PDF here. I tried pasting all the text and it was not pretty.

Vaccine Notice of Liability

Click above to download the PDF. A small sample is below:

Re: COVID-19 injections recommended or administered to employees This is an official and personal Notice of Liability.

You are unlawfully practising medicine by prescribing, recommending, and/or using coercion to insist employees submit to the experimental medical treatment for Covid-19, namely being injected with one of the experimental gene therapies commonly referred to as a “vaccine”.

To begin with, the emergency measures are based on the claim that we are experiencing a “public health emergency.” There is no evidence to substantiate this claim. In fact, the evidence indicates that we are experiencing a rate of infection consistent with a normal influenza season.1

The purported increase in “cases” is a direct consequence of increased testing through the inappropriate use of the PCR instrument to diagnose so-called COVID-19. It has been well established that the PCR test was never designed or intended as a diagnostic tool and is not an acceptable instrument to measure this so-called pandemic. Its inventor, Kary Mullis, has clearly indicated that the PCR testing device was never created to test for coronavirus2. Mullis warns that, “the PCR Test can be used to find almost anything, in anybody. If you can amplify one single molecule, then you can find it because that molecule is nearly in every single person.”

In light of this warning, the current PCR test utilization, set at higher amplifications, is producing up to 97% false positives3. Therefore, any imposed emergency measures that are based on PCR testing are unwarranted, unscientific, and quite possibly fraudulent. An international consortium of life science scientists has detected 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level in a 3-peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV-24.

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2 Replies to “Sent to all the Ottawa catholic school board directors”

  1. Thank you R, much appreciated. The case could not have been better laid out. Where I live, I’ve tried to find out the number of cycles used to determine a ‘positive’. It’s a well-kept secret.

    So many people are under dishonest media hypnosis, may it be C-19 or said global warming or the switch to green renewables (yes, they must be renewed aka replaced) and how the national debt was financed and so much more, all election issues. It’s quite discouraging that so many people don’t think out-of-the-box.

  2. Do you happen to know whether this was emailed or given in person? I’m told from the Action 4 Canada Ottawa Chapter that, if it was emailed, it does not apply.

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