Off script sports manager? Parent speaks to school-board with ANTIFA teachers and more: Links 1, September 3, 2021

1. One sports pundit, (Owner? team physician? I don’t know who this is) goes off script.

2. Parent speaks to school board caught with ANTIFA teacher by Project Veritas

At this point people should probably understand that he was not hired by mistake, but BECAUSE he was ANTIFA. Please watch the video below on how the communist, DSA has been planting people into the educational system in the West for decades. This is a significant part of the Gramsci project of the Long March through the Institutions.

3. Egypt pumps toxic gas into Gaza tunnel, three Palestinians dead – report

(Just imagine what watching CNN would be like on a day where Israel did this exact thing. The hysteria generated would be so loud that several countries would be forced to launch some kind of attack against Israel for the chemical weapons attack etc. One just has to say the name, “Kashogi” to prove that one)

Egypt has destroyed more than 3,000 tunnels along its border with the Gaza Strip in the past six years.

Three Palestinians died on Thursday as the Egyptian military pumped toxic gas into a smuggling tunnel, Palestinian media reported.

The tunnel stretches from the Gaza Strip to the Sinai peninsula.
In 2019, two Palestinians died and several others wounded after Egyptian troops pumped toxic fumes into a smuggling tunnel stretching into the Sinai Peninsula from the Gaza Strip. In February 2017, three Palestinians were killed in a tunnel between Gaza and Sinai in similar circumstances.

Egypt has destroyed more than 3,000 tunnels along its border with the Gaza Strip in the past six years, Egyptian Army Spokesperson Tamer Al-Refai said in 2020.

“In 2015, the [Egyptian] government took a decision to establish a buffer zone along the border [with the Gaza Strip]. These tunnels were used to threaten Egypt’s national security, including the infiltration of terrorists, smuggling of weapons, ammunition, goods, narcotic drugs and vehicles. We established the buffer zone in stages because residents had to be relocated. They have received compensation,” he said in an interview given to Egyptian news channel Extra News in 2020.

4. People for freedom try to get into London Medical offices for protest over Vaxx Pass

5. Pay close attention to this one. Let me write a short dystopian science fiction scenario here, with the understanding that the following is fiction and not a serious proposition.

[Activate Rod Serling voice] Imagine if you will, that governments administered a vaccine to everyone in the world which basically compromised your immune system such that after the initial 2 shots, you would need another one called a “booster” every 3 to 6 months afterwards. But before you could get that booster, which would be necessary not because of a viral threat so much as because your own immune system had been taken down by ADE, you’re social credit score, Chinese or now Australia fasion, would determine if, when, or under what conditions you could have that booster. Even though this is a ludicrous sci-fi/Black Mirror hypothesis at best, it sure explains why natural immunity doesn’t seem to matter and only the two shots do, for re entry into a brave-new, and highly highly controlled society.

Thank you Pauline, M., ML., Pym Purnell, EB., RAIR, Richard, Johnny U., Wonderfruit and all who keep at least one digit on the button for freedom.

When was this, the 80s?


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    • Just thank you very much V11 – If people would just tell the politicians to go to hell – – I suggest we start with Justine Trudeau

      • Yes, thank you. MY BAD! Shame on me. I blame it on info overload.

        I just saw it on Vlad’s new post. As a loyal reader of this website, although quiet sometimes, I knew about the process.

        “The prominent virologist explained that “there are antibodies, created by the vaccine,” forcing the virus to “find another solution” or die. This is where the variants are created. It is the variants that “are a production and result from the vaccination.” “

  1. 1) Umm, that’s Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, you might have seen him once or twice if you watched any football over the past twenty years or so.

    Not a fan of the Patriots, but I have to admire what he said considering the NFL has been acting as an adjunct propaganda arm of the US Fed Gov for years, especially when it comes to COVID.

    • My knowledge of pop culture, and especially sports is woefully poor. I appreciate them both for what they are, and their importance. But personally never was able to devote the time to it.

      Thank you for the clarification.

  2. This guy is brilliant!!, that’s why we are Taos out !!”immune-system” that’s your protection, not some kind of so called “. Vaccines “ my ass ..

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