Marching to Trudopia: Links 1, September 1, 2021

1. Here, people of Sudbury request that Trudeau bugger off in the socks he rode in on.

2. Bernier nails Trudeau perfectly

(I wonder if Trudeau pictures himself on T shirts as the next Che)

3. Ontario Premiere Ford, decides not to interfere with Conservative election chances by announcing fascist measures in Ontario before September 20. Or, CTV’s analysis is correct and Ford really doesn’t like all this authoritarianism under the guise of public health. I am putting it much more kindly than CTV does. We shall see.

4. This may be meaningful in several ways. Afghans line up at banks once US leaves. Is this a bank run? Must be as they limited the amount you can withdraw per two week period. There is no social distancing and not a mask in site and also the line appears to be entirely men. Women clearly have to depend on the largesse of a man who would get her money for her. That would be a lot of depends.

5. Yeah this is some Totalitarian Trudeau policy trialing here. But what I don’t get is, if those who have not taken the mRNA experimental gene therapy is such a threat to those that have, what exactly does it do?

Thank you M., ML., Sassy, EB., ET., Tania Groth, Richard, and all who contributed to this community today.

At this point, resistance is resistance


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2 Replies to “Marching to Trudopia: Links 1, September 1, 2021”

  1. If the Turd-eau pictures himself as the next Che on a T-shirt…….
    I hope he knows what will be required of him to get his smug Visage plastered on cotton.

    Maybe Enfields litte Lee could do the world a favour and make him go all the way of Che .308?

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