Tucker Carlson for August 30, 2021

As far as I have watched it so far, its asking for accountability on Afghanistan, and pointing out how the political officers sacked a Colonel for asking for accountability, while giving none. The whole Covid/Vaxx/Mask segment is excellent and important as well.

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5 Replies to “Tucker Carlson for August 30, 2021”

  1. Methinks WA DC is in Dhimmi Status and the Black Suit Jihadis are in control. The departure from the Sandbox and the leaving of all that kit was simply the Jizya required as payment. Now that …weakness… is on stage….watch for the local attacks to begin…

  2. I would put the chances that Biden didn’t know this would happen at approximately 0%. I could have figured it out by the age of six that you don’t move the troops first followed by the hostages. He knew. He also knew that the Chinese plan to rule the world would be greatly aided with an American defeat in Afghanistan and a nice friendly Taliban to do all kinds of deals with. I just can’t count all the ways this is incredibly convenient for the Chinese and the Iranians and the Pakistanis and all the other denizens of the Rogues Gallery…

    If you think Joe isn’t compromised and firmly in the Chinese pocket you are extremely stupid and blind as a bat, or worse, a typical liberal arts college student…

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