More people take a stand, how conformity is spread, Supreme Ct. blocks anti-eviction CDC orders: Links 2, August 27, 2021

1. We all know about the Stanford Prison experiment and the Millgram electric shock experiment and how they demonstrate how you can turn people into monsters with the illusion of authority. But who knew about the Candid Camera experiment that shows you don’t even need that.

2. Lt. Col. US marines demands accountability

3. US Supreme Court sides with landlords as it blocks federal eviction moratorium, putting millions at risk of homelessness

(Now we get to find out if in our new fascist utopia, the courts, especially the Supreme Court, actually has any authority when it passes a counter-revolutionary judgement)

The US Supreme Court has vacated a stay on a lower court’s decision to end the latest federal eviction moratorium, arguing that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) far overstepped its authority by imposing it.

In a majority opinion, the nation’s highest court granted an appeal by a realtor association to enforce a lower court ruling that found the CDC lacked the authority to impose a wide-ranging eviction moratorium. The Supreme Court had already dealt with the moratorium in June, allowing it to remain in effect until July 31, when it was set to expire.

However, at the time, the court signaled that any further extension should be greenlit by Congress. That ultimately did not happen after a frantic, last-minute effort by House Democrats to round up enough votes to pass the measure failed, prompting backlash from progressive members of the party, as well as ordinary citizens, distraught at the prospect of being kicked out by landlords. 

“It would be one thing if Congress had specifically authorized the action that the CDC has taken. But that has not happened,” the court ruled, adding that, instead, it relied on a “decades-old statute that authorizes it to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination.” 

If the court accepted the powers asserted by the CDC, it would give the agency a “breathtaking amount of authority,” the justices continued, saying it would far exceed the language of the statute.

“It strains credulity to believe that this statute grants the CDC the sweeping authority that it asserts,” they said. 

4. Trudeau, like Obama, really shows it when he means something. When it matters to him. With Trudeau its like watching a kid in acting class when he is lying or doesn’t care. But when he does, you can see it. With Obama when he talked about Islam, he waxed ecstatic. Nearly swooned. When he talked about America…

5. California Captain of LA Fire Dept. speaks to how the Vaxx Pass is destroying and dividing us all.

Thank you Hellequin GB., KAF., Johnny U., M., PC., Richard and Rich, ET., MissPiggy and MANY more who make the effort, most of us every day, to try and put the brakes on the runaway train of what this site believes is a global communist revolution.

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