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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. – Another one, fully-jabbed, bites the dust. We only hear about these cases when the victim is a well known individual –

    Civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, 79, and his wife Jacqueline, 77, are hospitalized with COVID in Chicago: Former presidential candidate is fully vaccinated

    Rev. Jesse Jackson, 79, and his wife, Jacqueline, 77, have been hospitalized
    Jackson was vaccinated with Pfizer in January and urged others to get a shot
    ‘Doctors are currently monitoring the condition of both,’ their son said

  2. The day humour died i just had to laugh. When its eulogy came by consecration in Section 5, paragraph 2, subparagraph B of The Code back in ’23 I laughed again but didn’t quite slap my knee. Actually, I got caught once and it was enough. I don’t like to admit it because it’s embarrassing, but there you have it. Judge Kathleen Barns sentenced me to seven days at the Innes Road jail. She didn’t have to be so harsh but in her lecture she said she had to make an example of me. I would have gladly done an extra week if only she’d spared me that dressing down. See, I’m not embarrassed because this humourless bitch had a single molecule right about her, because she–and they–don’t. I didn’t care one bit about what anyone watching from the stalls thought about me. I don’t care much about anything anymore, but suffering her sanctimony was more than I could take. My problem was I’d rather deliver the wisecrack that popped into my head than think twice. Until I opened my big mouth she was only giving me three days under house arrest and one month of Sensitivity. I may have said something about her hair-do that set her off. I mean, like I was going to take it from this half-shaved, fat, sour, tattooed dyke. She was a dime a dozen. It may have been her line about my white privilege that inspired my remark. I don’t quite remember.

    Turns out the “edginess” of the woke was just more theater. Real mojo came from people presenting the least affectation. The furthest thing from rebels turned out to be the new orthodoxy. And notice how all the kings of comedy faded away? What happened to Seinfeld? Coward. Just when the world needed cutting wit the wits waned. That’s when the court jesters ended up being simple wiseguys. We were more sarcastic than funny. We were just regular people who wouldn’t take the bullshit lying down. And don’t get me wrong there were women, too. They were twice the man any woke male could ever be.

    One last thing about appearances. Body art was not art at all. Self-mutulation was merely an expression of the rudderless domain of the fatherless. I knew we were doomed the day they said judges did not need a law degree, and could be political appointments in the service of the collective. That’s when we started getting these judges whose fathers you swore were parrots.

    After things changed it became an excersize of mine to look back while it was all still fresh. I thought about people who died not long before, and wondered what they’d have said about it all. Somehow I thought the old guys would have kept their courage. Maybe it was wishful thinking. I mean, can you imagine a guy like George Carlin holding his tongue? Joan Rivers? The last comic to make me laugh was that guy Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes. That guy was a real genius. He knew he was on a one-way ticket to nowhere and said so right from the start.

    Humour is like the vaxx, only it sheds truth by design. This is why they can’t risk it. God forbid we point out the unspoken obvious and someone snickers. God forbid we give sanctimony the punch in the mouth it deserves.

  3. Afghanistan: Taliban patrol Helmand province as shop owners rebuild

    Shop owners in Lashkargah in the province of Helmand were seen rebuilding their damaged storefronts on Saturday as Taliban forces entered the city.

    “This market was burnt, even its doors has been burnt, the glass was burnt, even iron was burnt, there was fire for days,” stated local shopkeeper Bismillah Marofi.

    Taliban flags could be seen erected in parts of the city. According to a local Taliban representative, “Patrols and watch will continue during the day and also at night.”

    The recent Taliban offensive followed the announcement in April that the US and other NATO states would be withdrawing their forces from the country. Former president Ashraf Ghani has since fled Afghanistan and the US has evacuated its embassy staff from Kabul, as have many other NATO states.

    Prior to the Taliban’s seizure of power, China, India, Pakistan, Russia and the US, among other world powers, had been pushing for an end to the conflict in Afghanistan.


    SOT, Bismillah Marofi, Shopkeeper (Pashto): “This market was burnt, even it doors has been burnt, the glass was burnt, even iron were burnt, there was fire for days. The people remained jobless, and it is about one month the people remained jobless. Here people were busy and worked.”

    SOT, Hedayatullah, Trader (Pashto): “There were a lot of shops, as it happened the people became tired and sad, and also there was some people who emptied their shops that burned, right now the people start working regularly here, and there is no problem for them.”

    SOT, Abubaker, Taliban member (Pashto): “We have come to serve our people in this city, the people of the city are very happy with us. We have better lives with them. We have come in this area, Allah willing it has been captured, and we will receive its reward.”

    SOT, Mawlawi Mohammad Qasim Reyaz, Deputy of Ministry of Information and Culture in Helmand (Pashto): “We are responsible for at least 10 security districts of Helmand city. Our patrols and watch will continue during the day and also at night. Allah willing, by the coming of the Islamic Emirate the security situation in the Lashkargah city of Helmand province is continuing better than normal.”

  4. Biden administration calls illegal aliens ‘undocumented citizens’ – Liberty Unyielding
    Hans Bader
    5-6 minutes

    Biden administration calls illegal aliens ‘undocumented citizens’

    Image: Emory University

    The Biden administration has come up with a new euphemism for illegal alien: “undocumented citizen.” Law professor Josh Blackman notes that on August 12, “the Department of Justice published a press release, titled ‘Young soldiers admit to transporting undocumented citizens.’” [Emphasis added] The “first sentence of the release” made clear that “two military men stationed at Fort Hood” had admitted transporting illegal aliens. Blackman suspects “undocumented citizens” was used because a “DOJ press person was following a policy to strip the word ‘alien’ from all documents.”

    The Biden administration’s use of the term “undocumented citizen” is misleading because illegal aliens are, by definition, not citizens. “Illegal alien” is the correct term. Federal law uses the term “illegal alien,” not “undocumented citizen.” Two examples of laws using the words “illegal alien” are 8 USC 1365 and 6 USC 240.

  5. A reminder of how we got the Biden presidency – Liberty Unyielding
    J.E. Dyer
    12-16 minutes

    A reminder of how we got the Biden presidency

    Biden goes marching in. Oct 2020 campaign event in Warm Springs, GA; staged by M. Night Shyamalan. Fox News video via Twitter

    The calamitous developments in Afghanistan in the last week have made one thing abundantly clear. There is no national security leadership, as Americans are accustomed to having it, at the helm of state.

    That formulation holds true whether you believe the responsible pubic officials are lost in a fog, in which case they are not acting as leadership; or believe that the leaders – whoever they are – have deliberately fostered this situation, in which case their leadership is decidedly not what Americans are accustomed to.

    Note that “lost in a fog” does not mean incompetent. The individuals at issue have for the most part been in and out of public service for some time, and have varying degrees of competence in foreign and security affairs. Some of them know very well what they are about. In this case, “lost in a fog” is a colloquial way of expressing something more like institutional derangement.

    The inputs from reality are there; we can all see them on our TV and computer screens. There’s no lack of decision-making “knowns.” The speaking-part people in their various posts keep speaking in complete sentences, with noun-verb agreement and, for the most part, pertinence to the overall topic. They just seem to be in a daze that delays and fatally limits action – perhaps even cognition? – day after day. They also keep blurting out impolitic utterances that obviously convey the truth about their perspective, but leave the American people appalled, incredulous, and increasingly wounded.

  6. Papal vaccine campaigns offered punishments, rewards 200 years ago

    By Cindy Wooden
    May 9, 2021
    Catholic News Service

    Pope Pius IX, the last of the popes with temporal power over the Papal States, continued a smallpox vaccination campaign begun by Pope Pius VII and offered a small financial reward to those who were vaccinated. (Credit: CNS.)
    ROME — When popes were king, they ordered all their subjects in the Papal States to be vaccinated, using punishments and rewards to convince the hesitant and making sure the poor and the prisoners were inoculated as well.

    Vatican News recounted how, as a smallpox epidemic swept central Italy at the end of the 1700s and beginning of the 1800s, Pope Pius VII threw the full weight of his temporal power behind a vaccination campaign.

    The text of a law promulgated June 20, 1822, by Pope Pius’ secretary of state, Cardinal Ercole Consalvi, described the new smallpox vaccine as a gift “put in place by divine providence” as a sign of God’s “paternal love to save his children.”

    But the text noted that not everyone saw the vaccine as a gift, and it denounced appearances that “a deep-rooted prejudice was stronger in some parents than the love of their offspring.”

    “The legislation specified that to obtain subsidies, benefits or premiums, it was necessary to provide the ‘certificate showing that the applicant, being the father of a family, has had the vaccination,’” said the Vatican News report May 7.

    Refusing the vaccine was defined as “reprehensible conduct” punishable by a loss of benefits.

    The pope set up committees to oversee the vaccination campaign and tied the licensing of physicians to their willingness to vaccinate patients, the report said.

    But two years later, Pope Leo XII, who succeeded Pope Pius in 1823, removed the vaccination obligation.

    And his efforts drew the praise of one of Rome’s most famous poets, Giuseppe Gioachino Belli, who wrote a sonnet extolling the virtues of the new pope who “liberated” his people from an invention of “the Freemasons” and restored the possibility that God alone would decide when it was time for someone to die.

    Pope Gregory XVI, elected in 1831, restarted the vaccination campaign and extended it to all prisoners as well. Pope Pius IX, the last of the popes with temporal power, continued the campaign and designated a financial reward of “two paoli” — 20 cents of a scudo — for those who returned eight days after being vaccinated to have its efficacy checked, the Vatican News report said.

  7. Justice Amy Barrett denies appeal from Indiana University students fighting COVID-19 vaccine mandate
    Barrett denied the request without consulting the full court

    August 12

    By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News

    Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett denied an appeal from students at Indiana University to block the school’s vaccine mandate.

    Barrett, who has jurisdiction over the appeals court involved in the case, denied the students request for an injunction against Indiana University’s vaccine mandate on her own without consulting other colleagues on the court and without hearing from the school. 

    Indiana University told students and employees that they are required to be vaccinated by the start of the fall term on August 23. Students who don’t comply will have their registration canceled, and employees who don’t comply will lose their jobs.

    A three-judge federal appeals court panel, including two judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, was one of two lower courts to side with Indiana University and allow it to require vaccinations. The plan announced in May requires roughly 90,000 students and 40,000 employees on seven campuses to receive COVID-19 vaccinations for the fall semester.

    USA follows Rome’s lead on everything now.

  8. Government orders arrest of Bishop Gwajima over Covid jabs remark

    TUESDAY AUGUST 17 2021

    By Beldina Nyakeke
    More by this Author
    By Bethsheba Wambura
    More by this Author

    Butiama/Dar. The government has ordered the police and Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB),to arrest and interrogate Kawe MP Bishop Josephat Gwajima to substantiate his statements against Covid-19 vaccines.

    The order was issued today August 17, 2021 by the Minister of Health, Dr. Dorothy Gwajima in Kyatunge village in Butiama district noting that Bishop Gwajima has been issuing deliberate misrepresentation which is disrupting his ministry and government efforts.

    Biden’s conspicuous ignorance of the facts in Afghanistan is alarming – Liberty Unyielding
    LU Staff
    3-4 minutes

    Biden’s conspicuous ignorance of the facts in Afghanistan is alarming

    CNN interview with Jake Tapper and Kamala Harris, 3 Dec 2020. CNN video, YouTube

    It’s one thing for Joe Biden to deliberately lie about the situation in Afghanistan to serve his own self-interests, as he appeared to do during his interview with George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday when he flatly denied that his top military advisors warned against withdrawing on this timeline and insisted “no one is being killed right now.” But when he drops a gross misstatement of fact into the middle of an exchange with the media, it becomes (or certainly should become) a grave concern to all Americans.

    Yesterday, as a case in point, he declared during a White House briefing that al Qaeda was “gone” from Afghanistan. In the video of the incident that follows, you can hear him plainly ask rhetorically, “What interest do we have in Afghanistan at this point with al Qaeda gone.”

  10. Why does American foreign assistance fail so often?
    Brad Johnson
    17-21 minutes

    Why does American foreign assistance fail so often?

    Looking beyond Afghanistan

    Ronald S. Mangum, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Retired)

    Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

    The recent collapse of the Afghan government after receiving billions of dollars of assistance from the United States and its allies over the past twenty years demonstrates the endemic weaknesses of the U.S. foreign aid program. Americans from the President down are scratching their heads in disbelief. Veterans are asking why they made the sacrifice of blood and lives lost, only to face an ignominious withdrawal and defeat. Unfortunately, this end of our “longest war” could have been foretold from the days that a lone Special Forces “A” team heroically routed the Islamic fighters of the Taliban.

    While all eyes are focused on dissecting the U.S. failure in Afghanistan, the challenge is not limited to that involvement – it is much broader and hides deep endemic structural faults. U.S. foreign aid is a short-term fix at best, and our enemies have decades to react and resist. Typically, a U.S. agency identifies a target country that needs “assistance” and sends a team to assess the situation on the ground and to identify the assistance needed. The team may be two or three people – usually just those who are available, and not necessarily expert, or even familiar with the country, terrain, politics, religion, language, or any other basic identifying feature of the potential target country. The assessment team spends only a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks to make their assessment. What does the assessment team look for? Typically, they look at what the United States has and which the target country does not have. When they finish their assessment, they write up what is “missing” from an American point of view, and their recommendation is to put what is “missing” into our assistance program for that country. This superficial assessment then becomes the basis for throwing money, lives, and resources at the target country.

  11. Today I tuned to a talk on Mazin Abdul-Adhim ‘s, Facebook page, the Canadian leader of the terrorist group, Hibz it-Tahrir.

    Afghanistan – – Does America’s Failure lead to an Islamic Future?

    The Taliban defeat of a so-called superpower, after 20 years the Taliban replaced the Taliban with the Taliban.

    Lots of smirking. Now there must be no negotiation game, no concessions, nothing. They MUST rule with Islam.

    • Absolutely amazing to watch and listen to Mazin Abdul-Adhim, the migrant from Iraq, the leader of a terror group, Hibz ut-Tahrir, plotting the demise of Capitalism— Implement Islam.

      Justine should be listening on his day off from the campaign trail. He would learn that Islam is not compatible with the Canadian way of life. (sarc)

    Donald Trump Slams Twitter for Allowing “Stone-Cold Killers” Freedom to Speak
    3-4 minutes

    Donald Trump Slams Twitter for Allowing

    ( – Social media companies considerably ramped up their censorship of conservatives since January 6, kicking their anti-conservative campaign off with Twitter’s suspension of then-President Donald Trump from its platform on January 8. The social media giant says it continues to censor Trump and similar people under its policies on “incitement of violence” and “keeping people safe.” Somehow, those same policies haven’t gotten the Taliban kicked off Twitter yet.
    President Trump Criticizes’ Twitter’s Atrocious Double Standard

    On Wednesday, August 18, Trump spoke with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo about Twitter’s refusal to ban the Taliban from its site. Despite their horrific track record of beheadings and terrorism, the social media giant refuses to suspend the Taliban spokesperson’s account permanently. Trump highlighted that Twitter allows “stone-cold killers” to circulate information on the internet without any pushback.

    Trump contrasted this to the site’s censorship of him, highlighting that Twitter canceled him “for a very innocent statement.”

  13. Hey, let’s give weapons to illiterate 3rd world junkies, what could possibly go wrong!?

    Footage shows US military claiming many in Afghan army were taking drugs

    Top Google Engineer Reveals Their Anti-Trump Algorithms
    4-5 minutes

    From removing a “don’t be evil” clause in their code of conduct to wrongly firing an ethics researcher, Google has been caught in a web of scandals over the last few years.

    And now, top engineer Zach Vorhies is quitting Google. He worked for the company between 2008-2013 and later returned in 2016 as a Senior Software Engineer, where he wrote code for Google’s YouTube app. The reason Vorhies decided to quit Google is what caught everyone’s attention. It’s not a surprise that former president Donald Trump was fighting media in every corner for four years, but little did we know how much Google algorithms had it out for him too.

    According to Vorhies, Google had tweaked its algorithms to ensure that people only saw negative stories from the mainstream media about former president Donald Trump when they used the search engine. He admits that the Big Tech platform altered its news algorithms to harm the president’s reputation, as well as the 2020 presidential election.

  15. Healthcare Workers Pack Hearing to Support Bill to Ban Vaccine Mandates in Michigan
    By Steven Kovac
    August 22, 2021 Updated: August 22, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    LANSING, Mich.—A public hearing on a proposed new law to ban employers from requiring workers to be vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus drew hundreds of people, many dressed in hospital scrubs, to the state capital on Thursday morning.

    The overwhelmingly supportive crowd jammed into a hearing on the bill conducted by the House Committee on Workforce, Trades, and Talent, filling the spacious committee room and four overflow rooms to capacity.

    Democrats Vote Against COVID Testing for Illegal Immigrants but for MORE COVID Mandates for You
    4-5 minutes

    Senator Marshall from Kansas has taken the time to put forth an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution. He is asking for illegal immigrants who are being apprehended at the southern border to be tested for COVID-19 before they are taken away. If these immigrants test positive, they are supposed to remain in quarantine at the border until they can provide a negative test.

    This amendment is slated to be a part of Section 3 of S. Con. Res. 14. Senators John Cornyn, Susan Collins, and Jerry Moran have already offered up their support. Senator Marshall is not speaking from a place of malice, either. He is an actual doctor! His public health expertise is informing this decision.

    Section 3 is designed to establish “a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to protecting migrants and local communities against COVID-19.” This amendment should have been an absolute no-brainer but there are a wide range of Democrats who are against it. It’s a common-sense decision that should have everyone’s support.

  17. Taliban in U.S. Military Gear Mocks Iconic WWII Photo of Marines Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

    Antony Blinken Admits Diplomats Sent Cable Warning of Potential Swift Taliban Takeover … He Ignored It

    Young Child Among Seven Killed in Crowd Stampede at Kabul Airport

  18. Biden Administration Activates Emergency Civil Reserve Air Fleet for Afghanistan Evacuations
    By Jack Phillips
    August 22, 2021 Updated: August 22, 2021
    biggersmaller Print

    The Biden administration activated the Civil Reserve Air Fleet on Aug. 22 to help with the evacuation of people from Afghanistan, although the flights won’t directly head to the beleaguered Asian nation.

    Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, according to a statement from the Pentagon, activated the fleet and is asking U.S. airlines and charter carriers to take Americans, Afghans who worked with the U.S. government, and other “at-risk individuals” to other locations.

  19. State Department hit by cyber attack, source says
    Jacqui Heinrich
    2-3 minutes
    The extent of the State Department cyber breach remains unclear

    The State Department is the latest to fall victim to a cyber-attack and notifications of a possible serious breach were made by the Department of Defense Cyber Command, a source told Fox News Saturday.

    It remains unclear if any department operations were affected by the breach, but a source familiar with mass evacuation of thousands of Americans and Afghans from Kabul said Operation Allies Refuge has “not been affected”.

    The extent of the breach and the perpetrators behind the attack remains unclear at this time.

  20. We Are Going To Leave Behind Thousands Of Americans In Afghanistan
    John Daniel Davidson
    5-7 minutes

    President Joe Biden finally took a few questions from a handful of reporters Friday after delivering remarks on the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan.

    What he had to say did not inspire confidence, and in fact seriously calls into question Biden’s connection to reality right now.

    For example, the president is either lying or completely misinformed when he says that any American who wants to leave Afghanistan will be able to leave, or that any American who wants to get to the airport can get there.

    Americans trapped in Kabul right now are saying the opposite. A deluge of news reports coming in from Afghanistan indicate it’s almost impossible to get into the Kabul airport, even for Americans and Afghan with Special Immigrant Visas, for SIVs. There have even been reports, for days now, that some Americans have been beaten at Taliban checkpoints, and that contrary to Biden’s claims, showing a U.S. passport doesn’t guarantee anyone passage to the airport.

  21. global pravda – Why many Canadians may be going through compassion fatigue

    83 per cent of vaccinated Canadians say they have “no sympathy” for unvaccinated people who get sick with COVID-19.

    Experts say this is because people are concerned the pandemic will drag on longer than it needs to and we may have more lockdowns – something many Canadians are frustrated by, leaving them with compassion fatigue.

    • CNBC Pravda – The majority of delta is being spread by unvaccinated people, expert says

      Naor Bar Zeev, statistical epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, discusses the spread of the delta variant and vaccine efficacy.

    • ABC Pravda – Hospitals struggle to find beds for mostly younger, unvaccinated COVID-19 patients

      Health officials are reporting overwhelming situations, driven by the highly contagious delta variant in states where vaccination rates are low.

    • New vaccine machine to help create Australian-made mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

      A million-dollar machine to help make mRNA coronavirus vaccines has arrived in Melbourne.

      The technology will help Victorian scientists begin human trials of a new Australian-made COVID-19 vaccine before the end of the year.

    • Deutsche Pravda – How long does COVID vaccine immunity last?

      Israel is hoping that booster shots will slow down COVID infections.

      A fourth wave is raging in Israel, fast approaching the difficult days of last January.

      Many hospitals have been forced to re-open coronavirus wards.

      Most Israelis thought the worst of COVID-19 was behind them, but infection rates have doubled in the past two weeks.

      So how long does coronavirus vaccine immunity actually last?

    • sky news australia – Sydney seeing a ‘police response like we haven’t before’ to stop COVID spread

      New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says after the recently granted increase in police powers, there has been police presence “like we haven’t seen before”.

      “Operation Stay at Home commenced over a week ago now and obviously at midnight last night we’ve seen an increase in our police powers,” he told Sky News Australia.

      “I think what the public have seen is a police response probably like we haven’t seen before on the streets of Sydney.”

      Commissioner Fuller said the heightened police presence would be around the clock to ensure “people are complying with the health orders”.

      Commissioner Fuller also said there had been “tens of thousands of Crime Stoppers reports” and south western and Western Sydney still had high noncompliance levels, even with the introduction of the curfew.

      “Having a curfew just sends a really clear message to everyone in those 12 LGAs that this is a problem, we all need to take it seriously,” he said.

  22. “Satoshi ?mura – Nobel Lecture: A splendid gift from the Earth: The origins & impact of Avermectin”
    Nobel Prize – December 8, 2015

    Satoshi ?mura delivered his Nobel Lecture on 7 December 2015 at Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

    • “William C. Campbell – Nobel Lecture: Ivermectin: A reflection on simplicity”
      Nobel Prize – December 8, 2015

      William C. Campbell delivered his Nobel Lecture on 7 December 2015 at Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

    • Prof William Campbell – The Story of Ivermectin
      Trinity College Dublin – October 8, 2012
      The story of ivermectin: a drug for the control of River Blindness and other parasitic diseases.

      In domestic animals, ivermectin and related compounds are used in the control of most diseases caused by roundworms and many caused by arthropods. In human medicine, periodic treatment with ivermectin (made possible by donation of the drug) has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the prevalence of River Blindness, and is contributing to the international effort to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (the major cause of elephantiasis) from the tropics. The drug is characterized by extraordinary potency and breadth of spectrum, and is unusual in its origins and mode of action.

      Bio: Prof. Campbell, a Natural Science graduate of Trinity, was formerly Senior Director of Parasitology at Merck & Co. where he was involved in the development of several drugs used in human and veterinary medicine. For many years he lectured on parasitology at New York Medical College. Upon retirement from the pharmaceutical industry, he became a Fellow of the Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti at Drew University. In 2001 he was elected to membership in the National Academy of Science of the United States of America.

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