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5 Replies to “Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue for August 20: “The Entire US Military has just been humiliated by illiterate peasants in turbans””

  1. Idle industrial military complex back at work. It was all planned. IMHO, the Pentagon is in on it as they gave him fake info.

    I also think he’s willingly part and parcel of the Plan and I don’t think he’s all that far gone re senility. (Obama: “Joe, you really don’t have to do this”)

    He’s playing along as he never wanted to be President. He wanted all these investigations into Hunter and the Big Guy gone and retire peacefully. Notice how his ‘senility’ is getting worse by the day.

    (Remember Inauguration Day when Obama was laughing and smiling for the entire duration? That doesn’t happen very often.)

    Joe is a happy guy, he’s on his way out.

    Wouldn’t it be something if Kamala proposed Liz Cheney as V-P?

  2. “The deepest, swampiest part of the Deep State is protecting its interests against the outcome of a crisis in Afghanistan they collectively created. The picture has now emerged of their plan to blame the White House, and by extension Joe Biden along with the Pentagon.

    “That dynamic is why Tucker Carlson was perplexed yesterday saying “something is going on here.” Tucker knows, but he has to pretend he doesn’t know, while simultaneously outlining the ‘curious media duplicity’. Indeed, if you don’t travel the deep murky water of the swamp, it is weird to see CNN (really the State Dept.) turn against the White House. However, once you know the connections it makes more sense.

    “Team Barack H Obama is curiously silent as this dynamic plays out. I would advise to watch for signs of Obama aligning with Team State Department.

    “The ideological alignment between Team DoS and Team Obama is much stronger than the Pentagon; and Team Obama would like nothing more than to see the U.S. military weakened on the international stage, because that makes their forward efforts (think United Nations) easier to achieve.”



  3. Down with Cuomo, Down with Biden. Bella Dodd Knows.

    “Bella Dodd: From Communist to Catholic”
    by Patrick – November 2, 2015


    Confusing Changes

    Earl Browder, the most powerful Communist in the American Party, had always worked for unity among diverse national groups within the Party – on instructions from Moscow, of course. Now, a reversal came about – on instructions from Moscow, not to Browder, but to a newly favored group – that Browder’s thinking was wrong. National differences were to be favored. Browder was expendable and ousted; a new group was taking over. Suddenly, Browder’s former friends turned on him and spoke ill of his direction of the Party. Bella began to realize that everyone at some point could be shunned by the Party and dumped in disgrace without even being told what was happening or why. In Bella’s words: “Close friends of many years’ standing became deadly enemies overnight.”

    It took Bella quite a while to realize and then accept that the turnaround in attitude of the new Party higher-ups was not merely a local phenomenon, but was dictated by Moscow. Conditioning had been so thorough that for her “the last illusion to die was the illusion about the Soviet Union.” Communists worldwide considered Russia the great workers’ paradise. In 1946, the National Board of the Party expelled Earl Browder in disgrace. Several other high profile members, friends of Bella’s were also expelled for the slightest criticism or deviation from policy – a policy which shifted in the wind.

    Bella could detect a stealth campaign being conducted against her, since she was outspoken against the mistreatment of Browder and others who had been loyal. Several times she was accused of “white chauvinism,” apparently a terrible crime by Party standards. Of all things, this was one “crime” of which she was not guilty; she was the only Party official who lived and worked in Harlem with poor people of all races! When she tried to quit the Party, she was told “No one gets out of the Party. You die or you are thrown out.” By the end of 1947, Bella knew that her former colleagues were out to destroy her; she had seen it happen to others. Her office was under constant surveillance; her every move was watched. All the while she saw more clearly how the Party used people – rich and poor, black and white – only for what they could get out of them. Several of her acquaintances committed suicide. Bella had her doubts that those deaths were actually self-inflicted. Others she knew were murdered…

    “Veteran Journalist Exposes how Obama is in Control of the Taliban’s Real Agenda” The Alex Jones Show – August 19, 2021

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