Tucker Carlson on August 19, 2021: UFO’s, Afghanistan and deadly vaccine policies

Thank you MarcusZ1967

Alex short sells himself though at the end. Wednesday the CDC made it clear that those that got the shots “early”, (meaning months ago, not that it was a different drug) are at HIGHER risk of serious disease and death and MUST have a third shot. So, yeah.

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  1. I feel like a Jew must have felt in Nazi Germany
    And if you think that’s a joke
    Try getting a new doctor
    One young so called doc
    Lectured me for 10 minutes and then called me
    Insulted me with names….
    When I refused to adhere to her argument for the shot

    Experienced this several times
    My past doc of over 30 years refused to allow me to enter her
    Clinic if UN vaccinated

    The shots don’t work
    76 and healthy taking zinc,D, C
    And trying never to wear masks

    The moron Trudeau plays to all seniors by a special letter
    A deposit of 500.00 and promise to increase Old Age Pensions
    By 10 %
    A couple months before elections
    What a pig ?

  2. Thanks for the incredible work that you are doing for not just the US and Canada, but the whole of Western Civilization.

    I’m sure it will do your heart good to know that our local doctors and nurses are in the forefront of tirelessly working on the latest catastrophes in the Chi Com Corona disaster.

    Yes, these brave healthcare workers have upped their game and have now advanced to the finals on America’s Got Talent.


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