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7 Replies to “CDC presser: People who got vaxxed early, at GREATER RISK of severe disease, must get boosters”

  1. More than once, I mentioned a 78-year old friend who almost died at home after his 2nd jab. An excruciating feeling of compression, like a tightening vice, and burning throughout his entire thorax all the way to his upper throat, this lasted three days, and he never spoke about it to his doctor. Well, he ain’t getting the 3rd jab. It scared the hell out of him.

    So, I explained to him why the CDC is strongly advising to get the booster.

    These people mocked us and now they’re stuck with a compromised immune system. Sad.

  2. My Mother (survived Covid early in 2020, medium symptoms) got her second jab and passed away 3 weeks later. That could have just been a coincidence, but when my MIL ( survived Covid, very mild symptoms) died 6 days after mom, ALSO 3 weeks after 2nd jab, I began to truly doubt the narrative. Currently my brother, my only sibling, who was double vaxxed in June, is very ill with Covid. What the h is going on???

    • I’m sorry for your loss as well. That’s terrible. Please see Dr. Vladimir Zelenko’s website for a Covid protocol. You have to tell the hospital, no ventilator, no Remdesivir.
      Get high dose Vit C and Vit D3. Take Quercetin and Zinc. Even if people don’t have Ivermectin or Hydroxy, but have those, they will be doing a lot against the virus. Dr. Zelenko is a very good doctor. God bless you and yours.

      • Also, if you must go to the hospital, tell them you want oxygen and if needed pressurized oxygen not a ventilator. Make it clear. Make sure your family knows. Tell them you want and DEMAND the above meds and to be treated for bacterial infection by a Z-pack, etc. You also need aspirin. Treat inflammation and clotting.

  3. My sympathies to you, ChaseS. Vaxxed or not we are in this together. I hope your brother is ok. Keep us posted. From now till Christmas will be a very telling time.

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