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One Reply to “Tucker Carlson opener from August 13, 2021”

  1. Isn’t it obvious? Joe Biden is a corrupt bribe-taking politician who won his crown by election fraud and the enemy has enough damning evidence against him to send his whole family to prison so he has to do whatever they say or they will release that evidence and ruin his life. They were running Obama and now they’re running Sleepy Joe.

    He is currently under direct orders to do as much damage to the Great Satan as possible and to do whatever he can to facilitate the global ascendancy of The People’s Republic of China among others. There… That’s what’s going on. Everything Biden has done since the day he took office has been damaging to the United States from canceling the pipeline to opening the border. If it’s not obvious to you, you are suffering from severe congenital retardation and should be living in a special facility for idiots…

    Hint: Anyone who would be against their country having “energy independence” is clearly on the side of the enemy. That’s what the attack on Pearl Harbor was all about, for God’s sake. No patriot wants to see their country lose energy independence and only a traitor would encourage that the way Joe Biden has…

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