A genuine cyber sleuth live tweets the experience at the My Pillow Lindell great reveal

“blah blah blah” is an unusual form of data.

There is no chain of custody on his data, and logs do not come in rich text format.

Mr. Lindell is in our opinion, an impediment to uncovering the actual election fraud. And fraud there was.

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  1. I was reading comments by equally perplexed listeners. In the Background Lindell was saying – and let me repeat the phrase verbatim – that someone was:
    “…doing perverted things with a pillow.”

    I’m not trying to come down on the guy for an out-of-context quote, but the man cannot get out of his own way. You are correct: this was a naked power grab and it is a disservice to muddy the waters, even with the best intentions.

  2. I followed the thread when you posted it in a link on another page. I was never into the Mike Lindell saga and I still keep wondering why he didn’t stick to pillows instead of wasting $Millions trying to prove something that is completely unrelated to his field of expertise.

    I figure emotions got the better part of him and then, he got had by a fraudster.

    I’m waiting for the Cyber Ninjas’ audit on Gateway Pundit. That’s the real thing. Poor Mike Lindell, he got had.

  3. Having watched presentations today (including an independent presentation from a mathematician), ridicule of Mike Lindell’s efforts IMO is completely unwarranted. (I have a degree in mathematics – data analyses so far are quite compelling.)

    This symposium goes on for two more days. Give the experts an opportunity to present the data. Also, listen for yourselves …give the various guests a chance to speak and present their cases.
    Jovan Pulitzer is watching with commentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0xS7lsm3o4
    War room (Bannon on Rumble) is putting up related videos. FYI.

  4. “Video During Cyber Symposium Shows Forensic Perspective of Who, What and How U.S. Voting Data Was Modified”
    by Sundance – August 10, 2021

    MUST SEE: Damning Video Explaining How, Why And Who Stole Election
    Bannons War Room – August 10, 2021

  5. I am shocked and appalled at the comments by know nothing trolls who are here posting their nasty comments about the brilliant Lindell Symposium.

    Unlike these keyboard geniuses, Mike Lindell is one of the most successful businessmen in the USA, but first and foremost he is a true patriot who loves his Country and supports our real President Trump.

    Mike Lindell put himself on the line and has risked much, including his own life, to work for the cause of election integrity. He is spending millions of his own money to get to the bottom of what happened with the greatest crime in US history.

    There is not one Congress person willing to do this work, even though they would have unlimited money and power to do so.

    Mike Lindell has more courage in his little finger than some of the nasty morons who are trying to take him down.

    By the way, I wonder how many of the trolls work for the FBI.

    • You are correct in all you say, His motives aren’t at question. His methods and the results of those methods are.

      He is, in our opinion, derailing genuine efforts to expose the evidence for the election fraud. And he is doing so by showmen who are making bold claims and are stony silent when asked for the evidence.

      One man, a genuine hero and helped expose a lot of plots against President Trump went to the event and was never allowed to see the evidence directly at all. If I understood his tweets correctly. He has a long track record as we posted yesterday of exposing plots against Trump. So both his credentials and his desire for truth are not in question.

      Yet he was not allowed to verify any logs or technical data that could have ended this thing and exposed election fraud.


      Read his thread from last night. He wrote the book on log and packet analysis. Literally.


      Here was/is Lindell’s chance to get an expert to verify the claims.

      Remember the guy who invented the QR code and wore a gold tie back around the election in 2020? He claimed he hacked the voting pads or some component of the machines?

      He never produced a log. If he had done as he said, he would have had logs and this issue would be over. We would know the machines could have been hacked to do as he claimed.

      Lindell, who clearly has his heart and money in the right place, is pointing the ball in the wrong direction. He is scoring an own goal by running a side show and never showing any real evidence. This lowers the chances of a real outcome. And we ALL know what really happened last November.

      • I am no scientist, engineer, PhD or math whiz. I am a simple citizen, well educated in the 1950s and up to date on every aspect of US politics thanks in no small part to bloggers like Vlad Tepes who work their butts off to try and save Western civilization.

        I have been an avid reader of this blog for many years and fully appreciate all the work that goes into it and the danger.

        That being said, here’s one of Sundance’s links to the symposium- you may have posted it elsewhere, I’m not sure.

        There are other great links at Conservative Tree House as well.

        I do believe that there is much valuable and irrefutable information that these scientists have revealed. Even I can understand what they are talking about!

        So looking at the totality of our horrible situation, I think it is disgusting that we have commentators who are what we call “care trolls” trying to discredit Mike Lindell.

        This is the problem with the whole “conservative” freedom fighting movement. Unlike the Left/Dem/Commies the people on “our side” think nothing of tearing one another to ribbons.

        There is NO loyalty, NONE. They will come after Vlad or Sundance or Kane for some perceived transgression while the Left Marxists are destroying our entire civilization.

        The Dirty Dems in this country ALWAYS stand together, no matter what the crime. They never stop working. They walk in lockstep. They want to see all freedom loving patriots DEAD.

        I am sick and tired of fake conservatives letting the perfect get in the way of the good.

        We are at a turning point- it’s now or never. Satan himself is on the loose throughout the land. There can be no turning back.

        We must stand together or we will hang together- it’s that simple.


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