ANTIFA ramp up their role as commie-cops and now we know why Sweden didn’t have to lock down: Links 1, August 8, 2021

1. A nation committing suicide: Sweden

(Now we know why Sweden wasn’t made to commit suicide over Covid when the rest of the West was. They already had by multiculturalism and open borders.)

At the end of May, a crowd of around a hundred young people from African or Middle Eastern minorities began fighting in a square in Hjallbo, a suburb of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city.

A man in a grocery store was shot in the back of the head.

Then a policeman in Biskopsgarden, another suburb of the city, was killed.

A few days later a man was murdered in a barber shop in Frolunda, another suburb.

To add to this litany of recent violence, two young children were lucky enough to survive last week after being caught in the crossfire of another gang shooting, this time in Visattra, on the outskirts of Stockholm, the capital.

Thus opens a dramatic account in the weekly The Economist on Sweden. According to a recent report by the National Crime Prevention Council, Sweden has recorded the highest death rate from shootings in Europe in the past 15 years. Analyzing data on 22 European countries provided by Eurostat and the World Health Organization, council researcher Klara Hradilova-Selin calculated that Sweden ranks first. Most of the victims are men between 20 and 29 years old.

“The murder rate per firearm in Sweden is two and a half times the European average”.

(This is a good opportunity to restate the belief that there is no such thing as multiculturalism, it cannot exist, and no one believes in it at all, least of all its architects. It is purely a tool of cultural extinction leading only to a global culture of communism, which is to say, no culture at all.)

2. More evidence of ANTIFA as future-cops, enforcing communist rules before they are written. Note current cops do nothing.

Full thread here.

3. RT covers the protests in France yesterday. Watch this to the end. While they do mention that firefighters have to get the vaxx, they don’t mention that according to Oz-Rita, police and members of parliament and the senate are exempt from mandatory vaxx. Which speaks volumes.

(There are already residential buildings in Ottawa where you have to scan a QR code to use a patio or even a lobby. Now we see where this is going. Canada, France is the immediate future.)

4. What happens when a society descends into mass delusion?

5. Apparently President Obiden attempted to take a page from Trump’s rhetorical tactics. At some point he reffered to Florida’s governor as “Governor who?”. I haven’t seen that but its a prelude to this clip. Trump used that when a communist propagandist repeatedly pestered then President Trump with questions about something inane that Rep. Cortez had said. Trump responded with, “Who”?

But it didn’t work as well for ol Joe Obiden.


Thank you M., Pauline, KAF., Johnny U., Sassy, Richard, RB., Xanthippa, and MANY more who are staying focussed this weekend.

While listening to this narration of such a famous book, it might be worth looking at this Government of Canada website first. Note the official logo and URL.



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  1. ITEM 3 – FRANCE: If non-jabbed, they’ll require a PCR test before entering the premises. And you pay for it. A negative result will be valid for three days. Cost of the test is 5,20 €, aka $6.12 US or $7.68 Cdn.

    The government is feeling the pressure as the protest marches are increasing in numbers, something they didn’t expect.

    – And in case Richard didn’t cover all cities yesterday, here are more countries from different angles.-

    TEL AVIV, Israel:

    KATOWICE, Poland:

  2. Now I have seen everything. I remember hearing when I was a kid that the United States was the most Christian country in the world and now we see evil violent Blackshirts attacking a Christian event with the police doing nothing to enforce the law. Walking up on the stage shouting violently and throwing PA speakers isn’t freedom of speech. That wasn’t tit-for-tat or a brawl or a melee or a rumble. That was a bunch of very bad men attacking a group of peaceful Christians doing their thing. How could things have changed so much?

    But then… Have you ever seen a Hollywood depiction of a Christian character that was anywhere near positive? I’ll bet you’ve seen lots about priestly child molesters and born-again southern conmen trying to trick you out of your money, but never cool Padres. The best it ever got was Father Mulcahey on MASH but he was nice but kinda silly and the only actual spiritual input on the show came from Syd the Jewish (Rabbi) psychiatrist. Seriously, check it out. From “High Noon” to “Justified” to every single depiction I’ve ever seen the Christian always has stupid advice and disgusting hypocrisy. And after your entire family has just been wiped out in a fire all the Christian has to say is, “Put your faith in the Lord, my son”, or something equally meaningless, ineffectual, and weak… Ministers and Priests used to be a real and visible part of daily life but have you ever seen one on a TV show? They used to come by your house. Christianity got canceled in the United States…

    When Barrack Obama sees a bunch of white people at a church picnic he sees blond-haired devils with little red horns coming out of their heads. And by golly, isn’t he in tight with good old anti-Christian Hollywood…

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