A quick totalitarian pulse check: Links 1, August 7, 2021

1. No idea if it’s true. But until proven otherwise at this point, given the stunning amount of deception from authorities…

2. Joe Rogan has a thiing or two to say about tyranny and Covid measures. As to Den Lemon, it isn’t stupidity. It’s greed.

(He is still optimistic on the shot though. Israeli data appears to show that after 6 months your chances with Covid are equal but with the shot you have the added risk of the shot)

3. Melbourne protests its SIXTH lockdown

4. This is what “Informed concent” means in Australia.

(Well its kinda true. “We inform you that if you do not get injected with what we call a vaccine, then you can’t have any part of your life back. There. Now you are fully informed”.)

5. The globe and Mail: A vaccine-only strategy won’t prevent a fourth wave of COVID-19

(The G&M asks us to pay for their explanation of why government tyranny is the only way forward. Unrelated: The Trudeau government gave $600M to “media it could trust” that it admits to.)

Thank you M., Sassy, Johnny U., Richard, Hellequin GB., and all who are manning the fort this weekend.

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