Sky News: Facebook “fact checking fickleness, and antisemitism

Now that the comrades at Google have decided to block the signal from the counter-revolutionary Sky News in Australia, we thought when we had a chance, we would find some of their material and get it on other platforms. This one is worthy.

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12 Replies to “Sky News: Facebook “fact checking fickleness, and antisemitism”

    • No whining.

      “Hostility” can only strengthen a conservative’s resolve. Gotta toughen up. Otherwise, bootcamp will be savage. And that time is fast approaching.

    • Since October 8, 1971, under the leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Canada has officially held a multicultural political platform. included in the official policy was the federal government’s commitment to “assist members of all cultural groups to overcome cultural barriers to full participation in Canadian society. (Government of Canada,1984,8).

      V) In situations where an individual or group is disadvantaged because of race, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability, discrimination against the MAJORITY is permitted in order to ameliorate the conditions/status of the disadvantaged group.

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