Govt vaxx letters confirmed, Jihad Watch now on Biden enemies list? Israel demands 3rd dose: Links 2, July 29, 2021

1. Yesterday we posted a video of a man in BC who got a letter from the state suggesting his medical privacy was violated.

Narrative News network, Global confirms this happens.


Dr. Silvina Mema, a medical health officer with Interior Health, said its Patient Care Quality Office has received several complaints about the letters.

A team is reviewing the concerns. More than 100,000 letters were sent out to residents in the Interior Health region.

Those are the only two lines that actually deal with the issue. The rest is pro-vaxx propaganda, and an unrelated video which attempts to make a Canadian look like a knuckle dragging racist when race had exactly nothing to do with the issue in the video.

2. Social media giants’ Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism classifies Jihad Watch as ‘violent extremism’

(As one may have come to expect now, the people who warn us of violent extremists are the threat to be shut down, while the actual violent extremists, a stupid name for jihadis, are to be ignored at best.)

This is pure libel. We have never advocated or approved of any violence or any illegal activity of any kind. And if we are “extremist,” so is the U.S. Constitution, for we are trying to defend the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law. But with these groups, there is no discussion, no appeal, no opportunity offered to defend oneself or argue one’s case. They will be shutting us down soon, and I may go to prison or worse, but remember: if that happens, it will be for no crime. It will be wholly and solely for enunciating truths that the elites prefer to hide. Not only can they not truthfully charge me with any criminal activity; they can’t even show that anything I say is inaccurate. But they have all the power, and they mean to shut down dissent, and that means our days here are numbered.

3. Israel approves THIRD dose for all above 60 years old

4. Main clinical trial for the vaccines show there is zero reduction in deaths because of its use.


Whole thread is interesting. Much competing opinions in the thread. Many people interpret the data differently than does Alex Berenson.

5. LA Unified will require all to get weekly Covid tests REGARDLESS of vaccination status.

Thank you Grimly_Fiendish, MarcusZ1967, PC., Richard, EB., M., Coram Deo, and all who made the effort to try and sort through the mountains of conflicting materials out there to try and help this community make the best decisions for themselves.

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2 Replies to “Govt vaxx letters confirmed, Jihad Watch now on Biden enemies list? Israel demands 3rd dose: Links 2, July 29, 2021”

  1. 2. Social media giants’ Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism classifies Jihad Watch as ‘violent extremism’

    If they can classify “Jihad Watch” as an extreme right-wing white-supremacist hate group then it is just a matter of time before they shut down MEMRI TV and thereligionofpeace Prager U, and, I hate to say it, but Vlad Tepes blog would be right on that list.

    If I say that Muhammad Abdullah married his wife, “Aisha” when she was six years old and that he consummated that marriage when she was nine, it would be nothing but historical fact, but that wouldn’t stop Muslims from going hysterical at me for saying it. And if those Muslims screamed loud enough the Southern Poverty Law Center would be only too willing to put me on the blacklist and shut me down forever, truth or not truth.

    If I say, perfectly accurately, that there is a Quranic Revelation that reads, “Oh, Believers. Make not friends with Christians and Jews,” no one can tell me I’m not telling the truth, but I’ll be they’d find a way to call that white-supremacism just for saying it, no matter how true it is. If truth is no longer a defense in freedom of speech then we are in a whole heap of trouble and should probably be stocking up on ammunition…

    If they can shut down Jihad Watch then it is now simply illegal to say anything that the Democrats don’t want you to say – nothing more. Plain and simple. The Democrats are now the holy arbiters of truth. If the people buy this then we’ll finally understand how the Germans were foolish enough to elect Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

  2. 2 having been kicked off JW once and having had posts deleted for saying that IMO the code of Hammurabi should be applied to muslims when they follow koranic violence, I can assure all that JW has never advocated violence or retaliation in any form and in fact really annoyed me how they constantly turned the other cheek. I realize why they did so, and why they had to do so, but at the time it rankled.
    I just hope than I am around when come-uppance, for all of those responsible, occurs.

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