New mask mandates for the double jabbed? Links 2, July 28, 2021

1. New mask mandates coming into place for people who are fully vaccinated. The question was asked to the Biden admin, why is this necessary. The answer could not be more confusing if it came from President Obiden himself.

2. This video was sent to me directly. So I do not know a thing more about it than anyone else who watched it. But it does seem to indicate a movement towards mandatory vaccinations soon. Which leads to the question:

If we accept mandatory injections without a real fight for our rights until it is no longer on the table now or ever, why would they not then implement other mandatory medical proceedures for those who resist the new Communist order? Prefrontal lobotomies? Heavy medications for the libertarian. Confinement in reeducation or sanitary facilities? Somewhat like is already happening where legal non-criminal travellers dare go somewhere and come back and have to stay in facilities with awful food and no freedom and no ability to get things like cigarettes or even use a damn balcony. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of illegal, unmasked and unvaccinated people are crossing borders into Western nations this year. The UK, Canada, US, but no quarantine or denial of basics for them it seems.

3. Realizing that truth is moving from unfashionable to illegal, and eventually to a death penalty offence, this is interesting.

I should add, its already a death penalty offence to differ on some things from megacorp and the COMINTERN. At least it looks that way for around 5 national leaders who have been assassinated, died mysteriously or are targets of foiled attempts and all were against the Vaxx and in Haiti’s case, didn’t even think Covid was much of a problem.

4. Even Senator Rand Paul seems not able to grasp what is actually happening. Or hopefully chooses to express it in simpler terms. Either way, without understanding what is really taking place, there is no fixing it. You are controlled opposition so long as you think its a double standard.

5. Two NYPD cops are fired for having sex with troubled teen, 15, to ‘satisfy their depraved interests’ after she joined the department’s Explorers program – but they dodge rape charges

Two NYPD officers were fired for having sex with a 15-year-old while she was enrolled in a teen program at the department, but they will probably evade charges because the victim won’t cooperate with prosecutors.

The unnamed minor said that Officer Sanad Musallam asked her to perform oral sex on him in his car. When she refused, he asked for alternative sex favors.

She also said she had sex with Officer Yaser Shohatee ‘four or five times at his apartment in the winter of 2015- 2016,’ according to court documents.

The former officers will not face charges as the victim ‘refused’ to cooperate with prosecutors, a district attorney spokesman told the New York Daily News.

Thank you Seneca, Richard, Johnny U., Sassy, PC., Coram Deo, MarcusZ1967, Michelle and MANY more.

There is a great wealth of material in the Reader’s Links and more coming in via other means. More to come later.

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  1. ‘Two NYPD officers were fired for having sex with a 15-year-old..Officer Sanad Musallam asked her to perform oral sex…asked for alternative sex favors…she had sex with Officer Yaser Shohatee ‘four or five times at his apartment..former officers will not face charges …’

    Massive, nasal coffee ejecting, kek. When all is looking humorless, trust the engineers of cultural enrichment for a gut buster!

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