Curious CNN footage with AOC from Proj. Veritas and other items: Links 1, July 28, 2021

1. PJ Watson gets it really well here. The authoritarian push to ban humour that is a threat to authoritarianism

2. I wonder if maybe now they will stop calling it a “vaccine” and change its name to something more accurate. Like a giant mistake.

3. We are in the middle of a communist revolution pretty much in every sphere. Those who have not seen the movie, The Killing Fields, maybe should see it after reading this tweet.

4. Project Veritas releases footage of CNN interviewing “AOC”. Not sure what the leak is here, I thought i had seen this all before. Still, Project Veritas missed two things about this clip that are important in terms of understanding why its a threat.

A. CNN creates a narrative where what someone claims she feels, is as good as a historical fact. She claims she felt a certain way, and thats just as bad as if it was real or actually happened. When she claims she felt that the security team came in to protect her was actually a white supremacist mob coming to rape and kill her, then there really was a white supremacist mob coming to rape and kill her.

B. The second thing PV missed, is that this woman is a true red communist and means nothing but harm to the US and its people. Please watch this video in full. A truly leaked video from a meeting of the COMINTERN at the EU Parliament where the Democrat Socialists of America are explaining how their well placed assets in government are actually communist agents.

For those pressed for time, start at 3:15

5. David Wood on the attack of Hatun Tash

6. Registered Nurse in Baltimore describes deaths and seriously weird adverse vaxx effects on her watch

Thank you M., Miss Piggy, EB., Johnny U., KAF. and MANY more as well as some new people who took shelter here today.

There is one good thing about Fauci. If you and your friends, colleagues or families disagree strongly about masks, at least you can say that all of you agree fully with Tony Fauci.

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11 Replies to “Curious CNN footage with AOC from Proj. Veritas and other items: Links 1, July 28, 2021”

  1. Lying corporate psychopath
    Protecting his half million a year salary
    Plus expenses
    And of course all the perks, shares in big pharma companies

    Creepy little man
    With Napoleon type drive
    Compensating for his teeny penis

    • Science and Politics.

      Total quarantine vs getting a vaccine out as soon as possible.

      No deaths vs acceptable collateral.

      To stop the Public’s restlessness, the mask became the symbol of resistance.

      To attract wealthy investors for mRNA research, all chemical inhibitors were restricted.

      Politicians at work. Using their favorite front person who lies for good, (and can’t help their smuggness showing through, to how stupid they think we all are with our conspiracy theories).

      While the population is kept facinated with the daily news about weapons of mass destruction, they can get on with forming coalitions and determining who needs to get bribed.

      Right or wrong, their job does get done. Manipulation is the game.

      Booing sock-puppets is the national sport of cleverness. The judgements that enables demoralized people to rise to the occasion.

        • She wasn’t speaking about you, Johnnyu
          (Sheesh, let’s keep the personal stuff out, lol).

          Fauci, the sock-puppet spokesman, may actually be a despicable person or just being character-assassinated for having all their flaws cherry picked, but the issue of choice remains crucial. Because if it’s let slip, then forcing ethic groups to be sterilized as in China will be next.

          Governments demand that everyone cannot travel, or must be tested, in this emergency is one thing. To force an experimental vaccine to be injected, is another.

          The arguments and counter arguments must be heard. This may delay the jab, that is an ernest attempt to block the virus jumping and mutating amongst us. But a mistake can also leave a zombie apocalypse. (I took it in December 2020 due to the nature of my work, and the research I had done regarding the risk of long term disability vs short term death. Alive wrong or dead right was my choice because colleagues had died).

          Alas, there are Communist agents posing as contributors, who wish to create a cognitive dissonance that does not reach a logical pragmatic conclusion, but proudly declares: “no vaccine and I will. go unmasked anywhere I want!” Setting themselves up to catch it and spread it. Home grown suicide bombers.

      • To stop the Public’s restlessness, the mask became the symbol of resistance.

        Yes, that’s it.
        Take out our frustrations on the symbol, the mask. (Hand-sanitizers, too.)

        Booing sock-puppets is the national sport of cleverness.

        Yes, again.
        We focus our rage on this despicable creature, while puppeteers are slithering away.

    • I think it’s his very ‘teeny’ height, the problem. He was most probably ostracized while growing up and in school, he had no social life and nobody wanted to hang out with him, he most surely even had problems with girls. So he’s making up for it now that he has much power and is very popular with CNN.

  2. ITEM 1 – Paul Joseph Watson video addressing the Biles female athlete. YouTube shut it down on orders of the International Olympic Committee. I would like to see it on another media platform.

    • It is suddenly back. What a surprise! I swear to God the notice was Video not available, white words on black screen.

    • Brilliantly describes emotional echo-chamber of the narcissist.

      I feel, therefore I am.

      The spoilt child of entitlement.

      The Useful Idiots demanding their fair share.

      Until the slavery of Communism settles things once and for all.

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