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5 Replies to “Dr. Malone, inventor of mRMNA tech: “CDC is purposefully under-reporting and editing adverse Vaxx effects”

  1. “Woman Has Both Legs and Hands Amputated After COVID Jab”
    Populist Press – July 24, 2021

    “Minnesota Woman Has Both Legs and Hands Amputated After Receiving Experimental Pfizer C-19 Jab” by daniel_g – July 24, 2021

  2. The link to the video.

    Founder of mRNA Vaccine: CDC Purposely UNDER-REPORTING and EDITING Adverse Affects of COVID Vaccines
    6 mins 09 secs : July 24, 2021 : War Room. Steve Bannon.

    — Govt. Suppressing Information!

    The “noble lie” being in the “best interests of the public”.
    The delay in recognizing heart problems.
    Fauci’s control of the narrative, when to announce that a 3rd vaccine may be necessary.

  3. There’s a lot of talk of “Critical race theory” going around these days but I wonder if everyone knows what it means…

    CRT is derived from “Critical Theory” which was a technique for demoralizing a free society developed by the “Frankfurt School” and its members after the War, notably Communists Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse. The definition of Critical Theory is stupefyingly blunt and basic:

    What Critical Theory means is to simply knock the hell out of absolutely everything that has to do with the United States or the West in general. “Criticize everything”, chanted Marcuse to the stoned hippie students hanging in adulation on his every disingenuous word. Whether it be the government or the TV or the education system or hot dogs or Walt Disney, Critical Theory demands that it be minutely examined with perfect prejudice and then put down and down and down. Imagine if I took a piece of paper and wrote all the good things about you on one side and the bad things on the other. Then imagine that I took the side with the good things and threw it in the fire. Then watch as I embellish and refine the “bad side” until I have a complete book of crummy things to say about you. “Remember that time you peed your pants in class and everybody laughed. Well, I do…”.

    Well, Critical Race Theory is the same thing only aimed specifically at Caucasians instead of America. They call it “education” but I guarantee you it will just be an endless litany of horrible things that white guys did to blacks without any background or balance. I looked up the “Tulsa Massacre” and found it a hell of a lot more nuanced than they’re saying – it was an unfortunate little race-war, not a “massacre”. With them, it’s always the innocent perfect black person being murdered in cold blood by the evil white man for no reason whatsoever other than racist evil. Know that all CRT will at all times be at least as slanted and biased as that…

    If people knew what Critical Race Theory actually meant they would absolutely flip out and exile anyone who supported it…

    PS… Herbert Marcuse is known as “The Father of the New Left”…

      • In my mind, Critical Theory is about the evilest thing I have ever heard of. I could really see taking someone out and shooting him for spreading its hateful message. Imagine you married into a very happy, prosperous, and loving family and then, once in, dedicated yourself to setting everyone against each other with subtle little lies and comments designed to make people want to fight.

        “You don’t look gay to me,” says Mr. Critical Theory.
        “Hey! What d’ya mean?”, says the tough guy.
        “Well, that guy over there says you’re gay. See all the people laughing as he speaks?”
        “Grrr…”, says the tough guy…
        Then you go over to the gay-caller and…etcetera, etcetera…
        Sounds a bit like Meghan Markle, doesn’t it…?

        The only “theory” involved in critical theory is the theory that continually talking down an enemy country or culture can be extremely damaging to that entity’s health. That’s the theory. There’s nothing beneficial or well-intentioned about it. It is an enemy covert warfare tactic and about as beneficial as an incoming tank round…

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