Curious video of UN trucks at curious location, HCQ plant, in Toronto

This video, which claims to be shot yesterday, gives an address which is pretty much next door to the giant pharmaceutical manufacturer, APOTEX. This is the firm which was owned by a couple, the Sherman’s, who were both murdered but initially, the murder of the wife was blamed on the husband, and then he suicided. Both somehow by “neck compression”. That changed to a double murder some time later. They are the only manufacturer of Hydroxychloroquine in Canada.

No idea what these UN marked vehicles are doing there, but they look militarized rather than transport.

*UPDATE* A friend of a friend tells me we make these vehicles in Canada and they are stored there for some reason. It is an explanation. Will look further.

*UPDATE 2* Link to news story on the manufacture of these vehicles in Canada.

H/T Joel.

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  1. The Moment I see “UN” I get a nasty feeling in my guts.
    And I learned to trust that gut-feeling, because I’m still alive.

  2. QUESTION: By now, 15 months later, were the clinical trials carried out, and if so, what are the results?

    Canada’s Apotex Donates Two Million Dosages of Hydroxychloroquine to the Public Health Agency of Canada

    Supply will Support Clinical Trials and be Part of the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile

    Toronto, Ontario, April 21, 2020 – As researchers around the globe and across the country accelerate their efforts to study the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating COVID-19, Apotex, Canada’s largest pharmaceutical company and the only manufacturer of hydroxychloroquine in the country, announced a donation today of two million dosages of the medication to the federal government.

    The company shifted priorities several weeks ago to scale up production and repurpose its plants to manufacture even more hydroxychloroquine, while ensuring Canadians currently being treated with the drug for approved indications have continued access.

    “Our goal from the outset has been to protect the supply of this product for patients currently using it for approved indications,” said Jeff Watson President & CEO, Apotex. “At the same time, we recognize the importance of building a clinical profile of this medicine to determine its efficacy in treating COVID-19, and we are fortunate to be able to meet both needs.”

    The donated medication will be set aside for current and future COVID-19 related clinical trials that are approved by Health Canada’s Office of Clinical Trials at the Therapeutic Products Directorate. Researchers are encouraged to contact Apotex if they require supply of hydroxychloroquine at Some of the donation will also be allocated to the National Emergency Strategic Stockpile (NESS) and provide emergency surge capacity to the provinces and territories in the event of a significant shortage.

    Prior to the donation announced today, Apotex also donated product and placebo to support eight clinical trials taking place across Canada.

    “Our ability to rapidly increase production underscores the importance of having a domestic manufacturing capability,” said Mr. Watson. “The current pandemic has highlighted this fact as the complexity and demand of the global supply chain has come under significant pressure.”

    • Sorry, this time I don’t. It was sent to me on Telegram directly as a video which I had to download to see. As they censor us more and more, the methods of sending and getting info get increasingly sketchy and annoying. Sorry. Maybe check Facebook?

  3. I wonder why this happened? Did the Hungarian government even give it to its own people? If they did why are they such a highly vaccinated population? Is it because HCQ doesn’t work? If HCQ in fact does work, but was not made available domestically, what does this say about the Hungarian gov.? Why did they say it was for the protection of Hungarians but not given out? Or was this just an excuse because big pharma wanted HCQ off the world market? And how does this little mystery fit in with the Apotex mystery vis-a-vis HCQ, if at all?

    • In Africa, the states that had HCQ and Ivermectin freely available throughout the pandemic for “other reasons” seemed to have had an exceptionally low CV death toll.

      So, IMHO it is all far too convenient: the oft predicted global pandemic, the sudden removal of HCQ and Ivermectin from the west, the evidence of a Wuhan leak, and while accidental is possible, on purpose fits better with the response of the Chinese to its release(blocking local flights out of Wuhan but allowing international) and add to this the funding of that same lab by the globalist stooges in the west.

      Add to this the sudden emergence of a test, which seems to have had its faults ignored by all and the equally sudden emergence of garbage called “vaccines” but which are not anything like a vaccine
      (a magic word for the mugs) and all of whom have been shoved onto people well before their “safety” has been even mildly established

      This was deliberate, well planned and extremely organized at many levels and the strange deaths/murders of those who obstructed the plan rhetoric in arkancide style backs it up.
      They must be proud of themselves in that it worked so well.
      I was always against a death penalty until I saw murderers and rapists walk away laughing but now feel that we must remove any and all behind this and a nearby tree or lamppost is probably too kind to those responsible.
      Call me a conspiracy theorist but even though I am mostly housebound the federal government suddenly seem to have taken an interest in me.
      My skill when young was in relating data sets to find out patterns and to then deduce sources. There is insufficient data to prove my suspicions but so far they do seem to fit and when you think about this was long on the way always, certainly since 1995, and “when” and “how” were the only variables.
      This has always been the way that the ruling elite treated the rest of the population and why should now be any different? The only difference is that so far they have to hide it all.

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