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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

This is the new Samizdat. We must use it while we can.

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  1. CANADA’s Bill C-10 : Remain Vigilant, The Fight Against Dangerous Legislation Like Bill C-10 Has Only Just Begun

    Now, the government will want you to let your guard down. They want to wait until attention shifts elsewhere, and then they will push forward again in their effort to restrict freedom.

    So, we must continue to be vigilant.

    As noted in the Toronto Sun, Steven Guilbeault is now trying to tell reporters how to do their jobs:

    “The latest concerning news is that Guilbeault has now issued a guidebook for reporters and news organizations on what they should do to combat “disinformation and misinformation.”

    Guilbeault’s department – as described by online news organization Blacklock’s Reporter – will detail “concrete action they will take to implement the guiding principles” within a year.

    The minister said: “We have to act now.”

    This is disturbing language from a politician who has already displayed a shocking degree of ignorance when it comes to the nature of freedom of expression.

    This new guidebook is bad news. While the issue of misinformation is a real one and news organizations would be right to concern themselves with the subject, this is not the domain of government.”

    So, while many of us are rightfully celebrating the temporary defeat of Bill C-10, Guilbeault and the radical left are already moving forward with more efforts to expand their power.

    • The Star Chambers of Human Rights (with a Bill of Rights never to be seen), followed by priests called Empaths.

      Star Chamber:

      “Wolsey used the court to prosecute forgery, fraud, perjury, riot, slander, and pretty much any action that could be considered a breach of the peace.

      After the Reformation, the Star Chamber was used — and misused — to inflict punishment on religious dissenters.”

      Thought Crimes.

  2. I wish I was smarter. Or should that be WERE smarter. There is so much to understand.

    To our credit, we conservatives saw it coming. Vlad saw it so well he started his own blog to try to warn people. For most it started with their fathers telling them the truth about how things worked. Our fathers got us on the right track and we have continued on this track, trying to keep our own little corners of the universe moving in the right direction.

    What we don’t know, exactly, are the details of how our world will present tomorrow, or the next day. How can we know exactly the sharp edges of our fuzzy imaginings? Fact is, we understood the dangers of the collectivists well enough. The part I find astounding and untelegraphed is the Keynes-made leftist billionaire class. Makes perfect sense, however, because commies really are just ruthless elitists. Excellent summary:

  3. – As everywhere, BRITAIN is truly into pushing the fully-jabbed drive. –

    * Return to normality could only last for weeks amid the surge in Delta variant cases, scientists warned *

    Millions more healthy people face putting their lives on hold after Sajid Javid revealed the requirement for the double-jabbed to self-isolate will not be dropped until August 16.

    The Health Secretary said the ‘protective wall’ thrown up by the vaccine drive meant that ministers can ‘look afresh’ at rules when people are ‘pinged’ for contact with an infected individual.

    From the middle of next month people who have received two doses – with the second administered at least two weeks previously – can take PCR tests rather than self-isolating. Under-18s will also not be subject to the restrictions from the same date.

  4. – And now, let’s head to ISRAEL –

    * Pfizer vaccine efficacy drops in Israel amid rapid spread of Indian variant… but No10 insists two doses are still highly effective *

    Israel has downgraded the efficacy of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine amid the rapid spread of the Indian variant.

    Health chiefs there now claim the jab blocks 64 per cent of infections, compared to 94 per cent in May before the mutant strain took hold.

    Ministers reportedly described the data as ‘disturbing’.


    * Afghan troops are filmed laying down arms as US general overseeing NATO exit says he’s shocked by how quickly they’ve surrendered to the Taliban and 1,000 are caught fleeing the country *

    – The Afghan army is collapsing across the country, with videos posted by the Taliban showing troops laying down their US-made weapons and handing over the keys to their Humvee armoured cars

    – The US left Bagram Airfield last week – its fortress in the country for nearly 20 years – by slipping away in the night without telling the base’s new Afghan commander who discovered they had gone the next morning

    – However, General Austin Scott Miller, commander of US and Nato troops in Afghanistan, said he was shocked by how quickly the Afghan National Army had surrendered to the resurgent jihadists

    • Covid 19 coronavirus: Ultra-contagious Lambda variant detected in Australia

      The world’s most transmissible Covid-19 strain has found its way into Australia – with worrying research revealing it may be even more infectious than the Delta variant.

      The Lambda strain has puzzled World Health Organisation scientistsafter it spread to nearly 30 countries in the last four weeks. The mutation was originally discovered in Peru and is related to 81 per cent of the country’s cases since April.

      Peru currently has the highest Covid mortality rate in the world.

      In Australia, the variant was detected in an overseas traveller who had been in hotel quarantine in New South Wales in April, according to national genomics database AusTrakka.

      Lambda has just started to make its way into the community in the UK, with six cases reported on Monday.

      It is a worrying sign for the UK, which has recently relaxed Covid-19 restrictions after 37 million people received at least one dose of a vaccine.

      The country had returned to normality in recent weeks, with pubs flooded by revellers enjoying their country’s recent success at Euro 2020.

      However, these civil liberties could change if the highly transmissible Lambda strain spreads across the community.

      Professor Pablo Tsukayama of Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru, said the strain has exploded in Peru, suggesting “its rate of transmission is higher than any other variant”.

  6. Moscow police prevent terrorist attacks in the city

    Federal Security Service of Russia officers reportedly detained accomplices of ISIS who were planning two terrorist attacks in Moscow’s public places.

    According to the officials, the suspects were to blast a bomb in a crowded place and to attack people with firearms and cold weapons.

  7. Venezuela: Country celebrates 210 years of independence with military parade

    A military parade was held close to Paseo Los Proceres monument in Caracas on Monday, to commemorate the 210th anniversary of the Venezuelan declaration of Independence.

  8. * Censored COVID Vaccine Victims Demand Answers In Private Facebook Group *

    Despite the unrelenting effort to censor “vaccine hesitancy,” thousands who are experiencing the vaccines’ ill effects are resorting to a private Facebook group to sound the alarm on the medical malpractice.

    In post after post, over 25,900 members of the private Facebook group “The COVID 19 Vaccine Victims & Families Group” detail the horrific health abnormalities they have suffered, including strokes, blood clots, excessive bleeding, needle-like pain in their limbs and paralysis, after receiving Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines.

    * *
    * *
    * *

    This is a must-read and check out the group’s FB page:

  9. sky news australia – ‘You don’t need a big immigrant population, you need governments who can run the country’

    One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson says you don’t need a big population boosted by immigration to “prop up our GDP,” but rather “good governments” that know how to run the country.

    The remarks come following the federal government’s release of its 2021 Intergenerational report.

    Ms Hanson said if the government is “relying” on immigration to “prop up our GDP” then they’ve “lost it” because Australia has the resources to “increase industries and manufacturing productivity”.

    “If you look at Norway, they actually have four million people there yet they’re such a rich country with $1.7 trillion in the bank for the people,” she told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

    “So you don’t need a big population, you need good governments who know how to run the country.”

  10. Vlad, Rita, Yucki, Johnny I am back,Yes I was in the hospital for 6 days but I am much better now. I doubt you want the gory details.

    Here is some intel I picked up in the Hospital.

    I posted the articles about Texas forming their own State Militia separate from the National Guard, well Missouri is doing the same thing. They are recruiting people who getting our of the Regulars and the Guard, this unit will not be in DC’s Chain of command. It Texas and Missouri and Texas are going this how many of the Red States are doing this?

      • I just got back form the grocery store, while there I met one of my sources and he said he and heard that several of the Red States are forming Militias. He also said that Biden and company are trying to find a way to make therm illegal.

        We will know soon how fast I will get better hopefully I will be home for most of the time and won’t have to catch up another week. I have well over 1,000 papers in my email account that I have to sort through.

          • Thank You very much, my prostate rotorouter operation suddenly started bleeding and clotting in my bladder. It took several days to get the bleeding under control but at no time did my blood levels drop to critical levels. In fact the Doctors were surprised at how high my blood count was.

            I have the #$^@#^%$* catheter in as a pressure bandage and it will remain in place for another week before they try taking it out again.

            Thank You for your prayers, at 73 I need all the help I can get but being this sick and getting better at 73 says that he probably has a plan for me that isn’t finished yet.

    • Deutsche Pravda – Should we be scared of virus variants?

      … the highly transmissible delta variant could spark another COVID wave and overwhelm health systems.

    • Rural vaccinations still lagging in Kentucky

      Still lagging in vaccination rates, public health officials in places like Spencer County, Kentucky have shifted the emphasis away from mass vaccination clinics toward getting more information out in a more targeted way.

    • ARKANZAS – ADH: Widespread vaccination only way to protect kids

      Children under the age of 12 can’t get the vaccine, so the only way to protect them is to make sure everyone around them has been vaccinated, the ADH and governor said.

    • Study finds lottery-style incentives don’t boost COVID-19 vaccination rates

      A second vaccinated North Carolinian will win $1 million and a teenager will get $125,000 toward a college education Wednesday as the state holds its second COVID-19 vaccine lottery drawing.

      In total, North Carolina will have four cash drawings with prizes meant to encourage more people to go out and get the COVID-19 shots. Despite that intention, research shows incentives don’t seem to be working.

      Vaccine providers in the Charlotte area haven’t noticed a bump in demand since the lottery was announced, or since the first winner was introduced.

      Gov. Roy Cooper touted the success of a similar lottery in Ohio when he announced North Carolina would give it a try, but new research shows the state’s program really didn’t have an impact on vaccination rates.

    • sky news australia – Greater Sydney lockdown set to be extended for a week

      A New South Wales crisis cabinet meeting has reportedly agreed to extend Greater Sydney’s restrictions until at least July 16.

      […]a need for balance is required given the nature of the Delta variant.

      The premier says she wants this to be the last lockdown until most of the state’s population is vaccinated.

    • Charles Woods – Benghazi @ 3:14:20… Alan Howell Parrot – Falconer @ 3:38:25…

      February 24, 2006 – John Gibson interviews Allan Parrot.

  11. China’s ‘Billionaires’ Are Fake
    Anders Corr
    Anders Corr
    July 4, 2021 Updated: July 6, 2021
    biggersmaller Print


    Alibaba’s Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai apparently can’t afford their own private jets. They had to borrow money from Credit Suisse to get them, despite each having cashed out over $5 billion in stock since 2017. Where’s all that cash gone? Is it even real? Do they keep it in banks for which they have to get Chinese Communist Party (CCP) permission for withdrawals? That is to say, is it really their money, or not?

    According to Kyle Bass, chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management, “Tsai and Ma are only billionaires because the CCP says they are. As the world has already witnessed, it can and will change in an instant.”

    Bass stated that Ma and Tsai’s “need to borrow from western banks to fund their luxurious lifestyle” is a mystery. “It’s entirely possible that any US dollars they harvest through share sales must [be] paid to CCP party members,” he wrote.

    (Richard: China is on the ragged edge of a collapse that will make the collapse of the Soviet Union look small. If the Dems hadn’t stolen the 2020 election China and Iran would be in much worse shape, as would Russia. Of the three Russia is the only one that Bidens help will save, the other two are economic toast and it is only a matter of time before internal pressures destroy them.)

  12. ITALY – Raffaella Carrà, Iconic Italian Pop Star, Dies at 78

    Italian singer, actor, dancer and TV host Raffaella Carrà — who over the course of a 60-year career became a national pop culture sensation, sold millions of records across Europe, and found TV success in Spain and Latin America — has died, Italian national news agency ANSA and multiple Italian media outlets have reported.

    Carrà, who was 78, had been suffering from an unspecified illness.

  13. Letter written by Irene Andreas. COWESSES First Nation

    Dear Folks, our leaders today are addicted to media sensationalism. I can see how the Marieral graveyard news is causing a lot of heartbreak and emotional breakdowns. Please listen to your Elderly folks as well.

    We respected the Church, we respected the dead, we buried our people with a proper funeral. then we allowed them to Rest In Peace.

    Please be aware that this cemetery with all races and ages of people buried there. The headstones were removed in 1966-1967, as a first step in refurbishing as the old markers were damaged by weather, age or animals.

    The second step of replacing the old and broken headstones wasn’t completed. Parshioners has moved away or had passed on or were simply unable to put up a marker for various reasons.

    Please know that it is the obligation of the family to put the marker there for their deceased. This is not the responsibility of the government or the Church.

    To assume that foul play took place would be premature and unsupported. There is no “discovery” of graves. All the Elders have knowledge of every grave. The band office has records from the Bishop’s office, the Church board and from cemetery workers who were in charge of digging the graves and burials.

    The band office received a list of over 750 registered burials from the Bishop’s Office. Information is being put out there that doesn’t recognize these facts.

    So please, people, do not make up stories about Residential school children put in unmarked graves. No such thing ever happened.

  14. DAILY MAIL – Afghan troops are filmed laying down arms as US general overseeing NATO exit says he’s shocked by how quickly they’ve surrendered to the Taliban and 1,000 are caught fleeing the country

    – The Afghan army is collapsing across the country, with videos posted by the Taliban showing troops laying down their US-made weapons and handing over the keys to their Humvee armoured cars
    – The US left Bagram Airfield last week – its fortress in the country for nearly 20 years – by slipping away in the night without telling the base’s new Afghan commander who discovered they had gone the next morning
    – However, General Austin Scott Miller, commander of US and Nato troops in Afghanistan, said he was shocked by how quickly the Afghan National Army had surrendered to the resurgent jihadists
    – ‘I don’t like leaving friends in need,’ he told ABC on Monday. ‘We should be concerned. The loss of terrain and the rapidity of that loss of terrain has to be concerning. You look at the security situation, it’s not good’
    – More than a thousand Afghan National Army soldiers fled into Tajikistan from the northern province of Badkhshan following clashes with the resurgent jihadists on Sunday
    – Tajikistan said that the Afghans were allowed to enter on the principle of ‘good neighbourliness’ but called up 20,000 reservists to bolster its border guard and prevent further flooding of the frontier


    Unseen images from Bagram Airfield

    Has America’s 1% become our version of the CCP?”
    by Jack Posobiec – July 4, 2021

    “Episode 1,075 – Fact Checker Gets War Room Struggle Session”
    (w/ Jack Posobiec, Natalie Winters, Alan Duke)
    War Room – July 6, 2021

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