Canada seeks full authoritarian thought control with C-36: Links 2, June 24, 2021

1. If this wasn’t a doctor, it would be a lot less concerning

2. CCF Victory: charges dropped against lone protestor in Kingston

TORONTO: Following a preliminary court appearance, the Crown has agreed to drop all charge against Robert Bristol of Kingston, who had received a ticket for protesting alone and mased in front of Kingston city hall. The Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) was assisting Mr. Bristol in fighting these charges.

“Ticketing a man for standing outside alone outside in a mask is completely outrageous. Mr. Bristol has a constitutionally protected right to express his political views, and we are pleased that the crown has agreed to drop these charges. We urge the Crown to drop other similar tickets that have been issued to Ontarians across the province who have been ticketed for exercising their right to protest,” said CCF Litigation Director Christine Van Geyn.

On April 21, Mr. Bristol attended outside Kingston City Hall with an “End Lockdowns” sign to protest the province-wide lockdown. Mr. Bristol was alone, and wearing a mask. He was nevertheless approached by two Kingston municipal police officers and issued a ticket for failing to comply with the stay at home order. Mr. Bristol filmed the entire interaction.

(The facts: He was not breaking any laws. He was alone, masked, and in all ways compliant except he was objecting to the ultra-vires measures being deployed against the constitutional rights of Canadians. While in this instance, and after the efforts of an entire law firm dedicated to the preservation of classical liberal rights in Canada the charges were dropped, it shows that politicians have re-tasked police from enforcing the law, to being thugs of the state with zero concern about the law. The direction is clear. What we do about it is not. Please see the next item for where we are going in Canada next.)

3. Canada’s C-10 was just the beginning. The government in true Orwellian fashion, actually lets be less coded, Lenin-MArx-Maoist fashion, wants to criminalize hate speech online with major fines and jail. They do not want to define hate speech of course, because they need that tool to determine from one day to the next what represents an obstacle to their total power. That will be hate speech. We already know that you can say and council hatred and death against white people and it isnt hate speech but say a true word about the ideology of Islam and it is. This will get more refined and powerful as a tool with the proposed bill C-36. “To ban speech that chips away at government institutions” and much more.

4. Lone British woman tries to warn the public lining up for the magnetic goo to rethink it based on publicly available data and probably underestimates of the ‘side effects’. It would be fun to think of a list of lone people who took it upon themselves to try and warn the public and were arrested, killed, or at least ridiculed and suppressed as a result. I suspect that it is one of the threads of the tapestry of history which binds it together into a pattern.

5. Edward Snowden says Julian Assange ‘could be next’ after John McAfee dies by suicide in jail

Former NSA consultant and data privacy advocate Edward Snowden tweeted on Wednesday that Julian Assange “could be next,” after antivirus mogul John McAfee died by apparent suicide in a Barcelona prison cell following news that he was being extradited to the US on criminal tax evasion charges.

Spanish outlets broke the news of McAfee’s death by suicide on Wednesday.

“Europe should not extradite those accused of non-violent crimes to a court system so unfair — and prison system so cruel — that native-born defendants would rather die than become subject to it. Julian Assange could be next,” Snowden tweeted.

“Until the system is reformed, a moratorium should remain,” he added.

(In our opinion, Assange’s captivity in the UK without trial and for no crime, in fact for the opposite of crime, is proof positive of the death of anything like democracy in the UK. That is to say, if the jailing and “suicide” in prison of Keven Krehan isn’t enough.)

Thank you. MissPiggy, M., Hellequin GB., ML., Richard, Maplewood, ET., Johnny U. and MANY more who’s understanding stays that much larger than their fear.

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  2. Regarding the tweet about 60-80 American Airlines commercial pilots disabled due to Covid injection injuries…consider also recent reports:,4%20See%20more%20stories%20on%20Insider%27s%20business%20page.

    American Airlines has canceled hundreds of flights this weekend, ABC News reported Sunday.
    The company canceled flights due to staffing and maintenance issues.
    American plans to cancel dozens more per day through July amid a surge in travel.
    See more stories on Insider’s business page.

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