Hypocrisy, Ivermectin and a pedophile imam: Links 2, June 21, 2021

1. Too soon to ease mask requirements in Ontario — even for vaxxed up

(This is dedicated to everyone who demanded other people get the shots to get out of the artificial and unnecessary measures forced on us all using Covid19 as an excuse)

Infectious disease specialist says the province may be able to gradually lift mask requirements once 75% of the population is vaccinated

Ontario is not yet at the point where it can begin rolling back masking requirements even for the fully vaccinated, an infectious disease specialist says.

Several jurisdictions in the United States are allowing people who have been fully dosed with a COVID-19 vaccine to go without masks in some public and workplace settings.

Some major sports leagues have done so too after the U.S. Centres for Disease Control (CDC) relaxed its masking recommendations for the vaxxed up.

Despite rising immunization rates in Ontario, only a relatively small percentage of the population has received two doses.

(This article is propaganda. Texas dropped all Covid restrictions with ZERO vaccine factor. This article attempts to tie regulations to vaxx rates. Its simply not true. This is a political problem not a medical one.)

2. Trudeau and the elites. (Maybe if any artists still have any guts, they can form a band with that name)

3. The FLCCC’s Dr. Pierre Kory: The “U.S. Supply Deal with Merck is a “Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Money for a Drug We Don’t Need.”

(India, Mexico and Argentina for openers solved the Covid19 issue entirely with Ivermectin)

The FLCCC’s Dr. Pierre Kory: The “U.S. Supply Deal with Merck is a “Colossal Waste of Taxpayer Money for a Drug We Don’t Need.” from FLCCC Alliance on Vimeo.

Related: New Study Links Ivermectin to ‘Large Reductions’ In COVID-19 Deaths

A recent pre-print review based on peer-reviewed studies has found that using antiparasitic drug ivermectin could lead to “large reductions” in COVID-19 deaths and its use could have a “significant impact” on the pandemic globally.

For the study (pdf), published on June 17 in the American Journal of Therapeutics, a group of scientists reviewed the clinical trial use of ivermectin, which has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, in 24 randomized controlled trials involving just over 3,400 participants. The researchers sought to assess the efficacy of ivermectin in reducing infection or mortality in people with COVID-19 or at high risk of getting it.

Using multiple methods of sequential analysis, the researchers concluded with a moderate level of confidence that the drug reduced the risk of death in COVID-19 patients by an average of 62 percent, at a 95 percent confidence interval of 0.19-0.79, in a sample of 2438 patients.

4. Pakistani cleric who led anti-blasphemy rallies condemning French cartoons of Prophet Mohammed is arrested for ‘sexually assaulting male student’

A prominent Muslim cleric who led anti-blasphemy rallies in Pakistan has appeared in court after being charged with sexually abusing a male student at a religious school.

Charges were filed against Aziz-ur-Rehman after footage purporting to show him forcing himself on the student went viral on social media.

The case has caused a stir in Pakistan, a mainly Muslim country, and outrage on social media, with many calling for a strict punishment for the cleric.

5. Open VAERS graph of vaccine deaths:

US only

6. CDC revises its death stats from Covid. Downwards. A lot. Again. (This may explain why there is NO surplus deaths during what they tell us was a pandemic)

Thank you EB., Johnny U., KAF., PC., Richard, Sassy, Xanthippa, Michelle and many more who’s willingness to examine evidence exceeds their reticence at the possible answers.

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  1. 2- Just wait until Dear Leader gets home. This issue will slap him in his smug little cake hole like a dead carp. Prancing about with globalists must soothe the savage elite breast, but safe spaces for animal snowflakes is a serious issue requiring his immediate address. Peak postmodern deconstruction? Never!

    Dystopia may have arrived at the day when all flags fly, perpetually, at half mast in lament for the flag, itself.


  2. 4. Caption:
    “This is bondage right? Submssion followed by Dominance as it has always been?

    Q11 “1 morality or 2 science and evidence”?
    Answer: Women are inferior and Muammad split the moon in half. They are both right.
    This is how men learn their Faith.”

  3. Has anyone not yet figured out that the “pandemic” was a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese for the purpose of removing Donald Trump from office and weakening the heck out of the hated West? Trump really stood up to the Chinese and I suspect that we are in a full-blown covert war with them and their left-wing-traitor allies at this very moment. They are as intent as Adolf Hitler ever was to take over the number-one spot on the world stage and Trump called them right out and they don’t like that…

    If what I’m saying is not true then they wouldn’t have slandered hydroxychloroquine when it was found to be helpful in treating people with the virus. They have obviously wanted the disease to be as bad as possible with no concern whatsoever about treating it. Like, haven’t you noticed that there was no “flu season” this year and no flu shot? That’s right. COVID-19 is the flu… What ripe green little suckers we all are…

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