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4 Replies to “China: Leak at Nuclear plant of radiation, explosion wipes out city block”

  1. My guess and it is a guess is that they are using the same design as Chernobyl, there is not containment building around the reactor itself. Reactors with that design are much more likely to leak then those with a thick leaded reinforced concrete building around the reactor. We don’t know how bad the leak is but the fact that the CCP admitted to the leak says it was probably pretty bad.

    What is most worrying is the fact that the reactor was probably build with the same type of quality control as the “tofu” buildings and bridges that you can break apart with your bare hands. This “tofu” construction is probably the reason the natural gas explosion destroyed so much of the city where it occurred.

    • Concrete ‘Made in China’ with reliable (?) Chinese materials. They have non-stop fissures in their dams also.

      • I use to work for a company that supplied HVAC parts for nuclear plants, I got to see the inside of reactor 2 at Palo Verde nuck plant before it was finished. The OCD on quality control there and what we know about Chinese buildings, dams and bridges makes me wonder how long before all of the buildings collapse?

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