A non-expert gets a lot right by research and thinking about them

Only started this video so far, but his concept of “vaxxidents” as caused by what is established fact by MIT studies on how the spike protein in fact does act like a prion and causes a disease much like “Mad Cow”, or Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and these proteins are actually made by our bodies after we get either the disease, or the mRNA injection for the disease, is very interesting.

No idea about the rest of what he says but in the spirit of ‘we know the official narrative is polarized lies’ we may as well listen to this guy. Personally I still don’t buy the magnetic thing at all. I’m sure enough readers of this site have had the shot and know if magnets stick to them in any unusual way.

Thanks Johnny U.

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  1. I don’t buy the magnetic key or coin story. If you know anybody that was jabbed and has an electro-magnetic brain issue, it could be linked.

    There are ways of creating an electrostatic or magnetic situation and certain people, I am one of them, are highly sensitive to such.

    A key won’t stick to me but I can change a TV station by simply walking in front of the TV. This occurs when I’m due for a brain accumulated electricity discharge issue, it’s a warning. The same with radio.

  2. This is important. Why should we need an exemption, deferral or excuse of any kind to refuse an experimental medicine? Especially when there are proven effective therapeutics available? Is it for the “greater good” of no-one? Remember the rights of the individual over the collective is what has empowered western civilization. This judge has lost his way:


  3. “Antivax immunologist J. Bart Classen published a paper claiming that mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines can cause prion disease leading to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s dementia. What are prions, and can these vaccines cause prion disease? (Spoiler alert: The answer to the second question is almost certainly no. It’s speculation based on highly implausible biology.)

    David Gorski on February 22, 2021”

    • I was really hoping this was a good article and we could lay that aspect to rest. But as I started it, I cant help but notice it reads like angry leftist propaganda.

      Many of the claims, but not all, that it asserts are “crankery” are already established as fact. Even somewhat by the CDC. So its hard to read the whole article.

      I wonder if this can be gotten to the woman who wrote that whole prion article for MIT and what she would say.

      Again though, really prefer that this position is correct. If they could just write with a little less contempt for the other side…

      • “The New England Skeptical Society is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1996 to promote science and reason.


        NeuroLogicaBlog is a daily blog authored by NESS president, Steven Novella, covering science, skepticism, neuroscience, and critical thinking.

        Science-Based Medicine is a blog dedicated to issues of science and medicine and fearlessly tackles controversial topics in medicine. SBM features a long list of health care experts in a variety of fields.


        The NESS Co-hosts, along with the New York City Skeptics, The NorthEast Conference on Science and Skepticism – NECSScon – an annual conference held in New York City. NECSS 2009 was held on September 12, 2009, NECSS 2010 on April 17. NECSS 2011 is an expanded event that will take place from April 9-10.”

        So yes Vlad, their slant is Canadian.

  4. “The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, is significantly more contagious than the seasonal flu… … “They discovered that, unlike other closely related coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2 contains prion-like domains in its receptor-binding spike proteins. These prion-like domains may contribute to a nearly 20-fold increase in affinity for the protein receptor found in human cells, ACE2. This unique structural element may contribute to the human-to-human communicability of COVID-19. So what are prions and why does it matter?”

    “Unlike the related viruses behind SARS and MERS, which have fully structured spike proteins, the COVID-19 virus has a structured spike protein with a disordered region…”

    “I think of it like a dumb game my family used to play: throwing noodles at a wall. A piece of uncooked spaghetti is rigid and will bounce right off the wall, but a well-cooked noodle is flexible and will stick firmly. To put this in terms of coronaviruses, the SARS and MERS viruses have more rigid spike proteins, but they are still sticky enough to sometimes bind ACE2 and enter our cells. However, the COVID-19 virus has a more flexible, “well-cooked” spike protein that binds to ACE2 more frequently and effectively. Unfortunately for us, the tighter these coronaviruses stick to our cells, the more easily they can infect us. In this way, the novel coronavirus can transmit COVID-19 from person to person with fewer viral particles. In the game of “spaghetti throw” the person who sticks the most noodles to the wall wins…”

    “Prions are a very specific kind of misfolded protein that can be caused by a genetic mutation, like the misfolded hemoglobin underlying sickle cell anemia. But what is particularly scary and unique about prions is that their misfolded conformations are contagious.”

    “Once ingested, a misfolded prion can convert other proteins into the misshapen prion form”

    “…many viruses contain proteins with prion-like domains, but the novel coronavirus has started to use them to enhance its communicability… … In other words, the COVID-19 spike protein may use the zombie-esque features of prions to convert human proteins into binding targets.”

    “The respiratory symptoms and resulting death rates of SARS, and MERS are bad enough. And although COVID-19 is less deadly, the contagiousness it has gained from becoming more prion-like may be even worse. Hopefully, scientists will develop a vaccine and natural herd immunity will decrease the danger that this disease poses to society. But, until then, all we can do is learn and wait”

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