So once people demand freedom and an end to the Covid measures, what’s next?

Below, a related interview from February 2021

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    • thanks. I expect Dr. Tedros to fade into oblivion – we should rejoice if that the best that the PRC can do to subvert human productivity.
      See George Carlin:
      “the planet the planet isn’t going anywhere – we are and we won’t leave much of a trace either thank God for that …. – just another failed mutation just
      another closed-end biological mistake an evolutionary cul-de-sac the planet will
      shake us off like a bad case of fleas a surface nuisance – you want to know how
      the planets doing – ask those people at
      Pompeii who are frozen into position
      from volcanic ash how the planets doing
      …i t’s a self-correcting system
      the air and the water will recover the
      earth will be renewed and if it’s true
      the plastic is not degradable well the
      planet will simply incorporate plastic
      into a new paradigm the earth plus
      plastic the earth doesn’t share our
      prejudice towards plastic ”

  1. Somalian criminal calls for Emergency Health measures for all countries to continue
    No rights for those who elect the imbicles to run our countries

    Corporations and oligarchs in charge
    Creating more and more billionaires

    Soon several hundred of these corporate oligarchs will go to war amongst themselves over priorities

  2. I wonder what they’re going to choose to be the very first “climate lockdown” item. There will eventually be thousands of such things but it has to start with just one… Will it be travel? Barbeques? Leaving your lights or heat on? I see all these obedient people dutifully wearing their masks and staying home for the COVID-19 hoax and I realize that the government is going to have an easy time of making us all dance to their fraudulent climate change tune. The teachers’ unions have wrung the last drop of pioneer spirit out of people leaving them gutless, obedient, and afraid to speak up. The goal? Destruction of the West and ascension of the Chinese Axis…

    Think about it. There are just so many things that they could call non-essential. Will they ban hair dryers? How about a big tax on electricity? Travelling on vacation? Eating meat? Owning a personal automobile? Lighting campfires? So many ways… It’s going to be pure heaven for the funwreckers.

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