More doctors speak out and DETAIL mRNA adverse effects: Links 1, June 2, 2021

1. Dr. Cristiane Northrup OBGYN on mRNA injection spike protein shedding. (48 minutes.)

(There is some horror in this video. Be warned)

Her advice appears to be in contradiction to the Harvard Health information. Which appears to be in contradiction to every doctor that has come forward in terms of pregnancy and these injections.

2. Canadian Doctors speak out on Liberty Coalition

3. BLM activist sets fires, then claims to be victim of hate crimes.

4. June 1 interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

5. Dapto asks a question for which this is the answer:

Thank you Johnny U., M., ML., Michelle, PC., MarcusZ1967, EB., Dapto and many more who are paying attention and staying on topic.

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