“We made a huge mistake” More and more first rate scientists come out against the mRNA shots: Links 1, May 30, 2021

1 Justin Trudeau’s half-brother seems to be one of the good guys?

Ezra Levant, as usual, did excellent work on this. And his points are all worthy. But I do not trust any digital central database that contains information about you that is alleged to be secure. There are no data bases that have not been hacked, or been forced to build in back doors by powerful governments. The Chinese for example hacked the complete profiles of every intel operative in the US a few years ago, and did massive damage on that. We have done a few interviews with Brad Johnson on that. More work needs to be done to understand exactly what Mr. Kemper is selling. Maybe it’s a good thing, and his record, as Ezra points out, is great and accurate and couragious given the level of suppression of truth in operation the past few years. Let’s have a look though and see what we can see.

2. Muslims in the UK call for Muslim armies in Birmingham.

3. DeSantis has it close to perfect. Protecting health though, should be limited to stopping people who would do it harm by clandestine or dishonest means. Like selling bad food without labeling it etc. Our governments have destroyed our cultures and rights under the rubric of protecting health and in the process, done terrible harm to it.

4. You know your government truly cares about your health when they change the expiry date on vaccines cause they are so determined to get them into your arm.

5. Dr. Byram Bridle, associate Prof. on Viral immunology at the University of Guelph. “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize the spike protein was a toxin”.

Twitter excerpt:

Thank you all for your contributions today. Much more to come. More and more doctors, and really top notch scientists are coming out against these mRNA shots. I profoundly hope that readers of this site, if they have not taken one of these injections, will wait at least 3 more months to see what the American VAERS reports will show. (Not the Canadian, we have established that Canada has rigged the reporting system to the point where doctors who report adverse effects can lose their licences, and the Canadian health services often even phone people who had a bad event after a vaccine and bully them into retracting it, even telling people they did not experience what they did. (More on that soon!)

Those that have had a first shot might want to wait as long as possible for the second shot. This is not an “I told you so” issue. If it was, we would encourage people who ‘believe’ in this technology to get it and put up or shut up. This is about saving us for possibly 5 generations from damage from these injections. This 5 generation claim is not arbitrary or hyperbole. It was what Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, Dr. Luc Montagnier says it could effect. We will post those interviews next.


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3 Replies to ““We made a huge mistake” More and more first rate scientists come out against the mRNA shots: Links 1, May 30, 2021”

  1. 2.)

    I assume that this guy will not be on the Governments Watch-list?
    Firstly: he’s one of the protected Species of ideological Retards that is calling for the destruction of Western Values and is not calling for the End of Lockdowns and “Vaccinations” with an experimental Poison.
    Secondly: Muslims are already mentally enslaved for the last 1400 years and don’t need the Jackboots pressing down on their necks.

    5.) I’m pretty sure that there will be DEAD Silence by the Mainstream Media and Government Agencies about these findings.
    They want not only to bury us, but also all the evidence of their “Mistakes”.
    But I don;t believe any longer that they made Mistakes, not with all the Censorship and Jackbooting anyone that asked questions.

  2. 5) – Remember when I posted a comment about the CDC website showing a video clip of how the ‘vaccine’ works? It showed the injection site and a series of virus spikes developing all along the arm’s inner muscle lining?

    I wondered where do all these suddenly appearing spikes end up and will more spikes be showing up elsewhere in the body.

    After looking at it daily for one week to make sure I understood it well, just as I was about to copy the link here, the video was deleted and replaced.

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