Canadian soldier charged with MUTINY: Links 3, May 30, 2021

1. Arizona Senate Considering Expansion of Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit

The Arizona Senate is mulling an expansion of the 2020 election audit taking place in Maricopa County.

Senators are considering hiring a California-based nonprofit to analyze ballot images to create a third set of numbers to compare with the tabulation from Dominion Voting Systems machines and the hand recount being done by Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based firm in charge of the current audit.

If the plan is finalized, the Senate would pay $5,000. The rest of the money would be obtained through a grant or through private funding, Ken Bennett, the former Republican secretary of state who is the Arizona Senate’s liaison for the audit, told The Epoch Times.

The firm being considered is a nonprofit called Citizens’ Oversight. The firm was brought to the attention of the Senate by John Brakey, a Democrat who works for Audit USA and is working as Bennett’s assistant during the audit.

2. Revealed: Chinese weapon scientist has been working at the heart of Cambridge University’s crucial research into new battlefield material

A Chinese military scientist has been conducting research with a team at Cambridge University on a revolutionary substance discovered in Britain.

Dr Junzong Feng, 38, has been working as a ‘visiting fellow’ with Cambridge’s NanoEngineering Group on graphene, a material two hundred times stronger than steel, more stretchy than rubber and which conducts electricity better than copper.

Experts believe it could offer a huge advantage on the battlefield. It was first extracted from graphite by a team at the University of Manchester in 2004.

Dr Feng is dressed casually in an open-necked blue shirt for a photograph used on NanoEngineering’s website but he proudly wore his Chinese People’s Liberation Army uniform for a picture taken in 2016 after winning first prize in a defence technology competition in his homeland.

(This fellow was working on the meta-material, Graphene. The substance that was in the cheap Chinese masks that the Canadian government recalled because they contained graphene, which caused serious respiratory issues.)

3. Controlled opposition, National Post: ‘When do we round up?’ What if the vaccine-hesitant block our hitting thresholds to reopen?

Until now, the biggest challenge limiting vaccination rates has been supply. Soon, it could be the hesitant and reluctant

Canada’s path back to normality hinges on getting enough people vaccinated.

Some provinces have even announced specific targets, including Ontario, where hair salons and amusement parks can reopen when 70 per cent of eligible adults are vaccinated with one dose and 20 per cent with two. Gyms, theatres, bingo halls and indoor dining are allowed once 70 to 80 per cent have received one shot, and a quarter are wholly inoculated.

But vaccine targets are at least partially arbitrary. The threshold needed to achieve population immunity against SARS-CoV-2 is still being debated, the goalposts ever-shifting. Once 60 per cent, now 70 to 80 per cent — and maybe higher. “What if we get stalled at 78 per cent,” said Peter Loewen, professor of political science, global affairs and public policy at the University of Toronto. “Do we just keep holding off? When do we round up?”

(Generally I have difficulty reading or listening to something past a false premise. In this case, it is the following bit of sophistry: “Canada’s path back to normality hinges on getting enough people vaccinated.” No. It doesn’t. To go back to normal all we need to do is, go back to normal. Like every other pandemic short of the Spanish Flu, we just need to do things normally and get herd immunity. Which is the second problem with this article. Let’s say that we decided, which we didn’t, that we had to stay prisoners and poverty stricken until we reached a certain level of immunity. Then do T cell tests and count the naturally immune, which has to be at least 30% or more by now, instead of just the injected which all doctors agree is a much inferior form of immunity than the mRNA injections. The National Post is really just the CBC for people who think its an alternative at this point.)

4. Ontario is planning to extend the emergency measures act until DECEMBER. The vote is tomorrow. People must take note of who votes to extend it.

(Back in the early part of this century, or perhaps it was in the late 90s, leftists where howling about global warming as man’d fault and showing phoney and cherry picked data in the papers and. TV every day. Meanwhile, astronomers at NASA noticed that Mars and Jupiter also warmed at the same time and rate relative to distance as did the Earth. This was proof positive that warming was from natural phenomenon, unless burning gas and leaving soda water bottles open causes warming on Mars.

The exact same thing can be applied to lockdowns. Areas that did nothing or ended lockdowns a long time ago, had the same curves as places that implemented draconian measures. Perhaps even better because of more rapid natural herd immunity, which is far better than any kind of vaccine immunity. Like warming on Mars, this should be enough data to end these measures everywhere. But Ontario is pushing for mRNA injections without even testing for T cell immunity. So the only question left is, malice? Or incompetence.

I would put 500 on malice at the top, and incompetence and lack of character for the rest of the way down.)

5. This one we have been delaying posting for several days now. I was hoping to speak with some members of the Armed services on or off record about this one as it seems so bizarre and there are questions of chain of command I would like cleared up. As I understand it, a soldier may not follow an illegal order. So this officer might have been doing the right thing by refusing it and asking others to do so. In fact, it may be required. Which might explain the arcane and antique charge of mutiny he is facing.

Hopefully some members of the Armed Forces can comment. And I hope to get an interview with someone soon.

Military officer facing mutiny charge after anti-vaccine speech

The Department of National Defence says a military officer is facing charges after allegedly urging other members of the Canadian Armed Forces not to help with the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

Officer Cadet Ladislas Kenderesi has been charged with one count of persuading another person to join in a mutiny and one count of behaving in a scandalous manner unbecoming of an officer.

The charges follow a speech at an anti-lockdown rally in Toronto in December in which a man appeared in full military uniform and spoke out against what he called “killer” vaccines.

The man, who is introduced as Kenderesi and is wearing a name tag with that surname in a video of the speech posted on YouTube, calls on other military members to disobey their orders and not distribute the vaccine.

Meanwhile, no charges against this man who was part of an anti-Israel demonstration on May 15, 2021. No idea if he spoke or not.

Thank you M., ET., EB., Z., PC., Johnny U. and many more who are appreciated even if I misplace a name now and again.

This new campaign gives some hope.



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5 Replies to “Canadian soldier charged with MUTINY: Links 3, May 30, 2021”

  1. Item 3 — “the hesitant and reluctant”: notice that there is no room for refusal.

    The word ‘NO’ does not exist the Corona-dictionary. There can be no people who say NO, and it means that those who want to say NO are not regarded people any more. In other words: since NO is non-existent in the new word list, people who say NO become non-existent too because they do not fall in any category that could be attached to them in the Corona-Excel-sheets. These people are being ignored; but there is much more to it:

    The lack of NO on the word list is psychological deletion and dehumanization.

    The bottom line is that this method is a sofisticated psychological COERCION because if NO is missing from the offered options the subconscious mind does not take it into consideration before it makes a decision. A stealthy force.

    Also notice that “the hesitant and reluctant” are ADVERBS. This means that they describe characteristics of people and thus BRAND them. Therefore they suggest that there is something inherently wrong with these people that makes them “reluctant”.

    “Reluctant” is even stronger than “hesitant’ because it presupposes the existence of an outer will that one is reluctant to submit to, while “hesitant” is more about inner will. “Hesitant” is more about internal locus of control and “reluctant” is more about external locus of control:

    This quiet shift of denomination may signal that THE SYSTEM is now out of stock of subjects who have been successfully brainwashed to take the jab and whose inner experience was that they took it voluntarily. They of course did not really take it voluntarily: they just have had their own rationalizations why to take the jab as a result of the omnipresent fearmongering and brainwashing. They have internalized the will of the VAXXINATORS.

    Now THE SYSTEM wants to start coercing a NEW GROUP of people: those who have not been successfully convinced that they had to be jabbed. They are they ones with an OUTER LOCUS OF CONTROL within the framework of the “vaccination system”. These people do not really want it and this makes them RELUCTANT in the face of power. They are not hesitant because if left alone they would never take the jab. Therefore they need to be handled by stronger pressure; and this is exactly what is happening: GUILT TRIPPING and EXCLUSION from the society which is one of the strongest method of coercion.

    So the ADVERB forms are branding the people because they are about characterisitcs; contrary to the VERB forms that would be about ACTIONS. You are more identical with your characteristics than you are with your actions which are more temporary.

    The verb form “people who hesitate” or “still hesitating” would mean that those people and their actions are not the same and their decisions are TEMPORARY. But they dare to be obstinate enough to LASTINGLY BE “reluctant”, which is outrageous in the NWO.

    Therefore the conclusion is that the adverb forms IMPLY that (1) the “reluctant” are BAD and DANGEROUS (2) they must CHANGE if they do not want to be branded dangerous.

    Moreover, the even deeper implications are that (3) if these dangerous people do not want to change then it will be their OWN DECISION and therefore they will become (4) CRIMINALS which means they will have to be (5) PUNISHED and PENALIZED at some point and this means that these “reluctant” will even be declared (6) FREE GAMES if the state categorizes “reluctance” (or being unvaccinated) a crime against which self defence is lawful or at least righteous. This means that the unvaccinated could be beaten up on the street by anyone while even decent people would look away.

    At the very end of the story the remaining miniscule minority who still would not get jabbed will simply be branded TERRORISTS, so they will be hunted down and put into concentration camps, perhaps even exterminated, while nobody will bat an eyelid.

    At least this is where this logic leads.

    • There may be exemptions.

      A Haitian woman works for me. She has three kids, looks forward to having more.
      She tells me she has no intention of EVER taking this shot.
      I asked her if she was being encouraged, prehaps even pressured…?
      She says no. Nor anyone in her large, extended family. Respect, she says. She’s entitled to respect.
      ____End of discussion.____

      Whereas The Vaxx Squads have hunted down just about every arm in every last highrise apt in this part of town…

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